AN: The typical post episode fic. Could be a one off, could develop into something longer, I'm not sure yet. Initial reactions to Ten? I don't like it, miss Nine already. Sigh. But I'm trying to overlook that in writing Rose in this fic. Hope it works.

New teeth? New teeth? Regeneration always messes with his senses a bit, but this is ridiculous; this is different from usual. She's different. He can feel everything she's feeling, all the fear and pain and confusion, and he feels like his heart – hearts – are breaking because there's nothing he can do.

New teeth? He could kick himself. Barcelona? What does she care about Barcelona? She's just saved the world, saved him, done and seen things no one ever should and here she stands, staring at him, tears sliding unnoticed down her cheeks as she watches him struggle. He doesn't know what to say.


Still staring, still frozen somewhere between horror and mourning and disbelief. Still glowing, in his eyes.

"Y-you can't be..." Her voice is a hoarse whisper and she begins to shiver as she speaks, fresh tears spilling out of haunted eyes.

He hangs his head, utterly lost. This jacket is too big for him and he feels tiny. Insignificant.

But suddenly she's walking towards him, one unsteady hand outstretched, her face still alight with amazement. He closes his new eyes as her trembling fingers trail across his new skin, lightly, ever so lightly but enough to bring new tears flooding into his eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Rose," he grates out finally. "I should have told you."

"You would have." Her voice catches. "You would have. We didn't have enough time."

She smiles, sadly, tentatively, and flattens her palm against his cheek. The sudden contact, stronger than before, intensifies a link that was established the moment Rose looked into the TARDIS, into his ship. For a split second, all of time and space rush inwards to where they stand, and they are the only two beings in existence. Another split second and Rose gasps, jerks away, the faintest golden glow radiating from her, fading away as quickly as it appeared.

She looks at him, looks into him so forcefully, so heatedly that he can hardly keep his eyes on hers.

"I remember," she whispers. "Jack."

And then he springs forward, just catching her in time as she falls. He holds her, unconscious in his arms, presses kisses into her hair, can't seem to stop whispering,

"I'm sorry."

So...? I have an idea of where this can go if I continue it, but I also like it as a one-off... Advice is welcome!