"Dad!" yelled a small little girl. SHe had long black hair, with dog ears on her head. "DAD!"

"What is it, Aika?" said a hanyou with long silver hair, and the same dog ears.

"Can I have a piggy-back ride to the sacred well?" asked Aika.

"Well, ok. But dont tell your mother, you know how she doesn't like you to go near the well." said the hanyou calmly.

AS they got near the well, the hanyou smelt a fammiliar scent.

"InuYasha..." said girl in her twenties, very angrialy.(bad at spelling)

"Hi Kagome." said InuYasha.

AS he looked at her, she loked as if she was ready to burst. At an instant he knew what would happen.

"Kagome! Please! Dont!" siad InuYasha.

"Aika," said Kagome calmly, "Get off of your fathers shoulders."

"Kay, mommy."

The minute Aika steppped on the ground, Kagome said "SIT BOY!"

ANd down her father went crashing into the ground.

"What have I told you! Don't go near the well..and yet you...you take our daughter to the well! I cant beleive you!" yelled Kagome.

"Now, Aika lets go to Sango and Miroku's house." said Kagome while holding her daughters hand.

When they got to the house near a river, awoman came out holding a baby.

"Hello, Kagome." said Sango.

"How's the baby?" asked Kagopme softly while looking at the baby with wide eyes.

"Oh, she's good. Its amazing, im barely doing anything. Miroku is doing all the work! I just hope he doesnt grow up like his father was..." said Sango thinking of when her husband was a little..well..very perverted.

"What's wrong with how I was before I married you?" said Miroku as he steppeed out of the house.

"oh nothing." said Sango.

"Well, its time for me to go. Im leaving Aika in your care for the next couple of days." said Kagome.

"Bye Aika, I'll be back in a couple of days."

"Kay mommy."

"Cya!" said Kagome as she walked away.

When Kagome got to the well, InuYasha was their waiting.

"what took ya so long." he asked.

"I was saying goodbye! Hmph. I still cant beleive you took her to the well." said Kagome as she jumped down the well.

"It was her idea!" said InuYasha as he, too, jumped down the well.

"I don't care if it was her idea." said Kagome as she got out of the well.

They were in a small shrine.

"Watever." said InuYasha.

Kagome opened the door and walked outside. She was in modern day Japan.

"Mom! Grandpa! Souta! Im home!" yelled Kagome.

Kagome and InuYasha walked through the front door, and Kagome's mother was there to greet them.

"Welcome home, sweety." she said.

"Hey sis!" said Souta as he ran down the stairs."Hey InuYasha."

"Hey kid." replied InuYasha. "Hey, your gettin pretty tall."

"Thanks!" said Souta shyly.

"Well, we need to get ready. It's almost time."

It was Kagome's High School Reunion that night.Also the nigth when InuYasha turned human. It was an half and hour till sunset.

"Well Kagome, I have your dress upstairs in your room, said Kagome's mom, "and InuYasha, I bought a suit for you, and thats in Soutas room. I dont think you know hoe to put one on, so Souta will help you. And hurry up! The Reunion is in a hour!"

After about an half and hour, Souta let out a terrified scream.


"Souta!" said Kagome while racing towards his room."Whats wrong?"

"Something happened to InuYasha!" he said pointing to InuYasha. Who layed on souta's bed with black hair, normal ears, and brown eyes.