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Summary- Being Mokuba Kaiba's nanny did not seem like a hard job. She would get money for dancing and would not have to deal with the self-centered CEO, Seto Kaiba. What Anzu did not realize when she took this job is how much she would learn to love him. Anzu/Seto pairing

Melting the Ice

Chapter 1- I need a job

Seto Kaiba sat in the back of his limousine. His arms were across his chest and his head low. His ice blue eyes were staring coldly at the front of the limo. The limousine was dark, tinted windows, and leather seats. There were several other neat qualities to the car but right now Seto Kaiba could careless. He would be there soon and he knew he would not be pleased when he arrived. Glancing out the window, he saw familiar street signs. For several months, this had been happening and it was beginning to annoy him. The CEO had to leave his office in the middle of an important conference with several important executives of other companies. When his secretary interrupted on the intercom, he knew it was trouble.

"Another block," he muttered solemnly.

The black limousine pulled up to a school. It was an exclusive looking elementary school. There was a large gate keeping the unwanted out and a long around wall surrounding the school grounds. The car moved around the circular road to the front of the school. It stopped in front of the main doors. The driver would have stepped out to open the door for the young CEO but Seto did not have time. He opened the door himself and stepped out into the cool crisp autumn air. His silver jacket swished behind him, billowing in the breeze as he headed up the front steps. After flinging the door open, he found himself in an all too familiar school.

The hallways were now empty of students who were now all at home. Several teachers were still grading papers, or about to leave. Seto ignored them all as he continued to walk down the hall toward the principal's office. Once he arrived at the door, he peeked in the window and saw his longhaired brother slouching in a chair. After giving a simple knock on the door with his knuckles, he walked in. The principal was an elderly woman. She had gray hair tied back in a bun and bobby pins holding sides of her hair. She wore a white long sleeved blouse with a high collar. She also wore a long skirt, down to her ankles, the color grey. On her feet were flat, black, ankle high boots. Her skin lined with wrinkles, and thick glasses covered her green eyes.

"Welcome Mr. Kaiba," she said looking up from her desk. She held out her hand to signify for him to take a seat. Seto took the chair next to Mokuba who did not look up at his brother. Seto was familiar with this office. He noted the shelves lined with books and knick-knacks, a computer on the left side of the desk, and potted plants on the windowsill. On the desk, was her nametag, which read Mrs. Katou.

"What is the problem?" Seto said calmly. Mrs. Katou removed her glasses from her face and looked at the CEO. Letting out a disappointing sigh she glanced at Mokuba. "Mokuba was caught skipping school by one of the faculty members." Her voice was sharp and to the point. There was a no nonsense tone in her voice. The aging principal looked over at Mokuba who had his eyes lowered, still unable to face his brother. Seto took a deep breath and then spoke without turning his gaze from Mrs. Katou.

"Wait in the limo, Mokuba." Kaiba said sternly.

The younger brother did as told. There was no room for argument or protest and the boy knew it. Slipping out of the chair, he walked out of the office still without facing his brother. Once he was gone, Mrs. Katou sighed again sitting back in her chair. She placed her glasses back on and then looked over at Seto.

"This is the third time he has been caught." She continued. "I am sorry Mr. Kaiba but if this continues he will be expelled from Domino Elementary. Not only that, but your brother's grades have dropped from nearly strait A's to C's and D's. Is there any reason why your brother has been acting like this? Is there trouble at home?"

Seto did not like how she probing into his family life. He stood up which took the principal off guard. She obviously wanted to talk more about Mokuba but Seto did not want to. "I will deal with Mokuba." He said turning to leave. Mrs. Katou was about to protest but decided not to. Finished, he left the room heading toward the main doors. Once returning to the car, he found the driver waiting for him. He opened the door and Seto slipped in. Once the driver returned to his seat, he asked Seto where to. Seto ordered him to take them back to the Kaiba Mansion, and then they were off.

Mokuba was sitting next to his brother, head still low, knowing his brother was furious. The silence between them was agonizing. Mokuba turned his head up to finally face his brother, ready for anything.

"Mokuba," Seto said sharply.

The young boy winced at the sound of his name as if it hurt. The way his brother sounded made him feel nervous, too nervous. Then again, he did not do anything to make his brother proud of him. Sighing he looked up at his brother fully facing him.

"This is been happening far to long." Seto said emotionless. "I cannot be following you every second of the day. Today you knew I was in an important meeting yet you still decided to cause trouble. Not only did I have to reschedule the meeting and possible buying of companies, if another offer comes in, I might lose these deals. I am thinking about hiring someone to watch over you while I am away."

Mokuba mouth gaped open. His eyes were wide as saucers. He could not believe what his brother was thinking. He never needed anyone to watch him before when Seto was away. Then again, he never had been in this much trouble before. The younger Kaiba brother knew he was in danger of expulsion. What surprised Mokuba was why Seto did not ask him why he was acting like this.

"You want me to h-have an n-nanny?" the boy sputtered. Seto nodded.

X, X, X,

"Fifty thousand yen," Anzu Masaki shouted in astonishment. Her cerulean eyes were wide as she stared at the woman across from her. The brown hair girl was accepted to a dancing school, a prestigious dancing school. It was exclusive and very few students were accepted but it was one of the best. The school, known for having many of its students become professional dancers, was not a cheap school. Anzu knew that when she applied. Yet, she badly wanted to become a dancer and knew if she were to join this school, her dreams would come true. However, it seemed it would never happen. She could never afford this school.

"Miss Masaki, if you cannot afford the school now, perhaps at a later date when you have earned enough we can accept you." The head of the school board said. She was a well-dressed woman, thin, and in her mid thirties. She wore her hair short and wore black rimmed glasses. She sat poised, holding herself up as if important.

Looking at her through her bangs, Anzu nodded. She then stood up and after saying a quick thank you left the office. She felt ashamed. Not only was she unable to be able to pay for the school, she knew her parents would never go for it. She walked down the hallway, glancing in a room with people dancing. Solemnly she wished she could be apart of it. Yet with no job and little money put aside, there was no way she could join this year. Unable to watch the dancers' pirouette anymore she left, heading out the door into the outside world.

Anzu tightened her white jacket around her. She was dressed in jeans, and a long sleeved black shirt. Sighing sadly, she headed down the sidewalk away from the school of her dreams.

"I need a job," she muttered. "But where can I get a job without someone from school seeing me. If I get caught then I'll be expelled from school." Frustration set in on the young girl. The dancer crossed the street and saw a newsstand selling magazines, newspapers, books, and other things. Deciding to see if she can find an ad in the paper for a job, she bought one and headed for the near by park. Finding and empty park bench, she sat, and began searching for a job. Pulling out the want ads, she began skimming through the jobs she could get.

"Let's see waitress wanted… can't do that it's during school." She muttered mentally crossing it off the list. She read off all the jobs one after another. Another waitress job, a cashier, a movie usher, house keeping, and so on but none of the jobs could fit her time or pay. Anzu knew she could not be choosy about how much pay but these jobs she would never be able to earn enough money. Rubbing her temples, she then spotted the last ad in the paper. It read:


A Nanny

Times: Monday-Friday 4:00-9:00 P.M.

Saturday and Sunday 9:00 A.M. - 7:30 P.M.

Pay: To be determined

Call: 555-1234 to schedule interview

"Pay to be determined," Anzu read it aloud to herself. "The time is perfect too. I get out of school at three thirty!" Anzu was almost too happy. Whipping her cell phone out of her purse, she dialed the number. One ring, then another ring until someone picked up. The person who answered was female.

"Hello, this is Megumi Higarashi how may I help you?" the voice sounded professional. Anzu assumed that the woman was perhaps a secretary. Taking a quick breath the brown haired girl said, "Hi, I am calling for the nanny position."

"Yes, okay well we have several people already sign up for an interview. If you would like one, it will be at tomorrow. You are expected promptly at 4:00 at the Domino Coffee Shop on Two forty three Street. Is that a good time?"

"Yes it is, thank you… um who should I look for?" That was a good question.

"Ask the person working there for S.K. and he will introduce you to him."

"Okay thank you, bye." Anzu hung up her cell phone and jumped up. She was happy that she got the interview and it was right after school. If she got this job, no one would know she was working while going to school. No one would know and get her expelled. The money however was more exciting. She began to dream of how much she would make. She only hoped it was enough to pay for her dance classes. Gathering her things, she walked home in a daze. Yet in the back of her mind, she wondered who this S.K. was.

No matter as long as he pays well and is not a jerk.

X, X, X,

It was nearly the end of school and Anzu felt exited. She could not wait to meet the person who put up the ad. She would run home from school and change so she could look professional. Yugi, Anzu's multi colored haired friend, was sitting next to her. He noticed her excitement. He adjusted himself so he could speak to her, his millennium puzzle falling to his chest. He peeked up at the teacher to see if he was looking and then whispered to Anzu.

"Hey Anzu, what's up? You seem so happy." The short boy asked. Anzu smiled and whispered back to him. "I have an interview for a job." She intentionally kept her voice low. She did not want anyone to hear their conversation. Picking up the ad from under her books, she slipped to Yugi so he could read it. "But after school jobs are not allowed." The boy pointed out. Anzu grabbed the ad back from him and shoved it in her blazer pocket. Placing a finger in against her lips, she let out a soft shush. Suddenly the bell rang and the students flew out the door as if the school was on fire.

Outside the classroom, Yugi and Anzu were at their lockers getting their things. As they packed up to leave, Jonouchi and Honda came up from behind them.

"Hey Yugi," Jonouchi pounced on the boy, wrapping an arm around his neck. He lifted the boy up with his arm and began rubbing hid head. "Come on Honda and me are going to get burgers! Come with us." He let Yugi go so he could respond. The shorter boy adjusted his blazer and shrugged, "Sounds good!" The blond grinned and then gave a thumb up to Honda. They then looked over at Anzu. "You can come too." They offered but she shook her head.

"Sorry I have to be somewhere at four!" she said skipping out the door.

Anzu smiled as she walked down the steps. So happy in fact she was not watching where she was going. The next thing she knew she had crashed right into someone. The impact was not hard but it did make her stumble and fall. Anzu landed on her side against the concrete. "Ouch…" she muttered pushing herself up.

"Why don't you watch where you are going, Masaki!" said a cruel voice.

Anzu looked up through her bangs and found herself looking at Seto Kaiba. He was dressed in the school uniform except right now he had his blue trench coat on. In one hand was a brief case and in the other was a cell phone. He picked himself up and brushed off. Several papers fell from his case, which he quickly shuffled together and placed them in his brief case. "You are a complete klutz. Now because of you I am going to be late for my appointment."

"Sorry!" Anzu replied with a huff.

What a jerk!

Just then, Yugi, Jonouchi and Honda arrived in time to save her from Kaiba's verbal assault. Seto eyed them coldly. He watched Yugi help Anzu up while Jonouchi was yelling things at Seto. However, the CEO did not care and did not even pay attention to the way Jonouchi was shouting. With a wave of his hand, Jonouchi stopped shouting.

"Why don't you stop barking up a scene you mutt?" Seto asked with a smirk. That got Jonouchi all riled up. He was about to go swinging at the CEO when Honda pulled him back. Jonouchi struggled from his grasp, trying his best to break free so he could at least get in a swing. Seto walked off, his trench coat flying behind him. Once he was gone, Jonouchi finally calmed down but was greatly irritated.

"Ignore him Jonouchi." Honda said letting his friend go. "He wants to get you mad." Yugi nodded and then noticed Anzu was rubbing her side. "Are you okay?" Yugi questioned, obviously worried. The short boy's cheeks went a slight shade of red but it went unnoticed.

"I'm okay." She replied. Just then, she looked at her watch and let out a horrified scream. The three boys looked at her. Anzu gathered her book bag she had dropped. "I am late… I have to go now!" Anzu then sprinted across the school grounds and toward the coffee house. She would have no time to go home and she would be lucky if she would make it on time for her four o'clock meeting.

"That was weird." Jonouchi admitted as he watched the girl leave. "Oh well, let's get some burgers!" Yugi cheered and the three boys headed for the nearest fast food restaurant.

X, X, X,

Anzu rushed down the streets of Domino to get to the coffee shop. Even in this cool weather, she could feel perspiration beading down her head. Taking deep breaths once, she reached the coffee shop she wiped the sweat from her brow and looked at her watch. It read 3:56. She had four minutes to spare. Brushing her school clothes, she tried to make herself look more presentable. Taking a deep breath, she entered the coffee house and walked up to the front.

"Excuse me; I am here to meet S.K." Anzu said remembering what the secretary on the phone had said. The man behind the counter jabbed his thumb to a booth in the far corner. She saw someone's arm sticking out from the side but she could not see whoever it was. Taking a deep breath, placing a cheery smile on her face, she headed toward the booth.

X, X, X,

Seto looked at his watch. He arrived seven minutes prior to the interview. He had to pick up Mokuba from school so he could meet the potential nanny. She would be here any minute. Mokuba had scooted off to the bathroom and would return soon. Sighing he picked up his cup of coffee and hoped that this person would be better then the other airheads that called. A few of them were so dumb that Kaiba would fear they would do something stupid. Some were rather lazy and others were suspicious characters.

As he sipped his coffee, he heard the door open and could clearly hear the person entering. He assumed this person was here for him. Straitening up he heard the clicking of her heels against the floor.

"Excuse me are you S.K." said a voice.

Seto Kaiba turned around and nearly spit out the coffee he was drinking. "Masaki!" he gasped. "KAIBA!" Anzu shrilled. The two stared at each other just as Mokuba came out of the bathroom.

"Hey, Anzu what are you doing here?" Mokuba asked. Anzu looked at the boy and then let out a sad laugh.

"I'm here for the job." She voiced.

X, X, X,

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Just a note 50,000 yen is around 500 or something U.S. I just pulled out a number in my head.