Ok, this is my first attempt to write a Harry Potter fanfic. So please be gentle.

I don't seem to remember the exact colourings of Remus and Sirius. So if it differs from the book I hope you don't mind so much (you can of course give me a hint). You'll read later on that they are magically changed, maybe I'll make their change in colouring (if there is one, might as well got it accidentally right) by caused by this as well.

It was supposed to be a one-shot, but I never seem to be able to limit myself when it comes to writing. I got the idea after snooping in several fic with Voldie being the, more or less, good guy, and Harry's lover. So, here is my own little idea, but I decided to make my two main "couples" a threesome and a foursome. So, I hope you'll like it.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Really!


Chapter 01

His breathing was harsh and laboured. His muscles were screaming for some relief as his legs continued the horrendous pace he was running. He could feel the danger prickling in his neck, the presence of a hunter following his trail. He had been on the run as long as he could think, his body was strengthened by the continuous exercise … running, hiding, hunting.

But this time of the year was the hardest. Spring had just arrived, after a long and hard winter which had taken its toll on him. He had severe difficulties to maintain his weight since the days were the weather permitted hunting were rare, and so were the animals as the winter progressed. At least those who hunted him were unable the reach the mountains he lived at, but after the snow had melted that was quickly remedied.

Too quickly. The long winter had ended abruptly this year, within a week the temperature had raised quickly enough to melt away every kind of hindrance that could have protected him. But wildlife hadn't recovered quickly enough for him to collect enough food to regain his strength. Well aware of that fact a big hunting party had arrived at his favourite valley, catching and killing those who were rare and much sought after.

Like himself…

Sure, he was not an animal, an animagus yes, but not an animal or a magical creature like the unicorns those hunter mages had been able to capture yesterday.

No, he was just an abandoned boy, an orphan who had a long time ago discovered that he had to fend for himself in order to survive. Well, he wasn't completely alone anymore. After some years of loneliness his father's two closest friends had joined him in his isolation. The world hadn't been kind to them as well.

His uncle Remus was a werewolf, shunned by the wizard society, making it impossible for him to work for a living. So he dedicated his life in search for his best friends missing son, and after he found him he gladly joined him.

His godfather Sirius was an animagus like himself, and a hothead who was constantly into trouble. But apart from that the most loyal friend and uncle you could imagine. He had followed his friend in his search for their little one, and he had chosen to live with the people most important to him.

After all the wizarding world had been in an uproar during that time, a rebellion had taken place, many different groups strived for power, and one decided to strike. An immense struggle for power had followed. It had all started shortly after Harry's birth and continued over the years, but according the very few news that got through to them, a new Lord was ruling now. A powerful mage, and under him the wizarding world had been united again and was as much at peace as it could possibly be.

But regretfully the court around this new Lord required amusement, distractions, luxuries…. Like exotic creatures, like himself and his uncles. It seemed that the area they lived in was under strong magical influence, changing everything living there. Well, maybe he was wrong and he was a magical creature after all. He could feel the changes, but not what they evoked.

His lungs started to burn, he hadn't been able to change therefore he was running in his weaker human form. He was fast for a human, but not fast enough to escape, especially now, that it had started to rain, making the ground slippery. And he had a fully trained magical hunter behind him, someone trained to catch any prey at any kind of circumstances. Not like the idiots who wanted to test their male superiority by hunting something dangerous, only to fail miserably after the first night sleeping on the cold hard ground.

This one was different, and therefore it wasn't really a surprise for the boy when he felt something wrap around himself, after he had stumbled for seemingly the hundredth time. He was way to tired to feel rage, only regret and exhaustion as the magical net served it's purpose to sedate him, making him fall into darkness before he could even hit the ground.

Deep sadness surrounded the man sitting in one of the rather small cages piled on several wagons. Who would have thought that they'd ever end up like this? He could see his loved ones still asleep in the some other cages. His only remaining friend from his school time, the only one loyal to him during even the worst of times. And his dead friends' little boy, well not so little anymore, who had come to mean the world to him.

Carried of like animals, towards an unknown future in an unknown world. Sure, Sirius and he had grown up in this so called civilisation, but their world had changed drastically, even more so after they left. They had spied on the few humans coming to this secluded area, stealing newspapers, books and everything else they could get a hold of.

He had been taught to fear the time when this so called Dark Lord would take the reign over all wizards, but the more time passed, the more everything seemed to calm down, and people seemed to be contented with their lives. And he seemed to be one of the best choice when you thought about the other lunatics who had tried to gain power during 'the Dark Years'.

Sure, there was this so called elite ruling over them, and a thing like that was always susceptible to corruption, but he remembered the days of under Ministry of Magic only too clearly, and the way he had been treated being a werewolf.

No, this new world didn't seem to be any worse than what had been before, but he didn't know if the reaction towards a werewolf would be different than in the past. He didn't want to die, he had two people to take care of and he hadn't even really lived. His brown eyes shown with sorrow. The choice wasn't his anymore, he would have to wait and see what the future would throw at him.

He cast one last look at his little cub. Harry had already lost so much. During the uproar his parents had died, and only his mother's sister and her family had been close enough to take care of him. But since they weren't wizards themselves they deemed it too much effort to take care of the unwanted child and quickly abandoned him when the chaos was at its peak. How the little boy had reached this wild area was beyond him, but he was grateful that shortly after he and Sirius were able to find him by pure luck and a weakened tracking spell.

His mournful eyes turned towards the cloudy sky, feeling it resemble the feeling of every caged creature sharing his fate. The wolf within him mourned for his freedom, as did his human side. Who would have thought that for once he would be in tune with himself? Ironic.

The first thing he noticed was the smell.

Then the noises.

Then the cold hard floor he was lying on.

With a low groan he lifted his head, taking in his surrounding while trying to get the world stop spinning. He was in some sort of stable. Many cages lined up at the walls, in every cage some exotic creature or another. He could feel his excitement rising while taking in the strange scents around him. That was one side effect of being in his dog form, the instincts that came with it.

Some men were walking around, looking at the poor beings in the cages. Some were traders, the ones working with the hunters. The others were richly clothed wizards; you could just feel the magic oozing from them. One very dark clothed wizard was wandering towards his cage, an air of bored annoyance surrounding him. His face was sharp and angular, framed by shoulder long black hair, shining like silk.

The face wasn't something Sirius would have thought of as attractive at the first gaze, but when the man stopped in front of his cage he felt himself mesmerized by those dark, intense eyes. He couldn't help but feel drawn towards the man.

After mustering him intensely the man smirked slightly and crouched in front of his cage, holding out one hand to let him take in his scent. Sirius carefully stepped closer and his cool wet nose hardly touched the man's hand. He knew that scent. Despite of the man's unique flavour there was something wafting around him. Herbs, potions. Sirius remembered his time at school, remembering his difficulties trying to brew that damnable stuff correctly. He was way too tedious impatient for such tasks.

Too caught up in his memories he didn't notice the man frown in puzzlement and than uttering a quiet word, a spell. He felt something powerful around him, in him, making it impossible for him to remain in his dog form. Within seconds he kneeled in front of the stranger, naked.

Shocked blue eyes met astonished black ones. He felt himself flush as the stranger took in his appearance with growing awe and delight.

After what seemed to be an eternity the stranger raised, looked around and walked to one of the traders, gesturing towards his cage. After a short discussion the two seemed to agree, and after shooting him a last, satisfied look the man continued wandering around.

Sirius changed into his dog form as soon as the spell would allow it. He had a very bad feeling about this.

He sat at the back of his cage, arms wrapped tightly around his legs, looking around in fright. He did not like this; he so did not like this. He could see his uncle lying in the cage next to his. Full moon was close, and during that time Remus wasn't feeling particularly well. Still, his presence was somehow reassuring, at least something familiar in this strange place.

His cage was very secluded, situated in an area which, as far as he could see, was hardly frequented by the numerous customers who strolled around. Therefore he felt startled when he found himself suddenly eye to eye with the most beautiful stranger he had ever seen. Long blonde hair, nearly white skin, and eyes like ice. Accompanied by his extremely expensive looking clothes he was nearly too much for a boy who had practically grown up in complete wilderness.

He and his uncles only wore what they had brought with them, and what they were able to produce themselves. Automatically he started to compare his rather ratty looking black jeans and green tank top with the clothes of this stranger. His clothes had been ripped during his countless escapes from the different hunting parties. And he was dirty all over.

The scrutinizing gaze of the stranger made him feel even more self-conscious, and he moved closer to his uncle, who now seemed to wake up due to the fear the wolf within him could smell.

Taking in the foreigner Remus growled slightly, consequently drawing the attentions towards himself. The cool, calculating gaze swept over his lying form, and the man started a quiet conversation with the trader accompanying him. After a short exchange the man smiled brilliantly at the werewolf. The trader seemed to be quite enthusiastic himself.

Chuckling deeply the man turned his attention towards Harry once again. He took something out of his pocket, holding it tight within his fist. He stretched his arm towards the frightened boy. When he opened his palm a small round crystal was revealed, which started to glow red, like blood.

Harry felt himself drawn towards the light, and leaned forward slightly, reaching out to touch the glittering jewel. As soon as his skin touched the cool stone, the light changed, from red to a brilliant emerald green. Gasping in fright, Harry jumped back, staring at the stranger, afraid of being punished for messing with the jewel.

To his uttermost surprise a brilliant smile adorned the handsome features of the stranger, and after a short nod towards the trader, Harry somehow felt that he was eye to eye with his new owner. With a satisfied smile and another nod, the stranger rose to his feet and went away, leaving two very wary wizards behind.