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Chapter 11

He sighed deeply. He may be the Lord of all Lords of the Wizarding world, honour bound to uphold their laws and traditions, one of them being the night of the choosing. He fought for those traditions himself, not knowing how bloody annoying they could be. He had to go from room to room, where those available for choosing resided, and talk to them, getting to know them. Theoretically he would choose after talking to every single one of them, returning to their room. In reality most kings and lords already knew who they would choose before, and only rarely switched during that night. And since he knew that he would not be leaving a certain blonde aristocrat's quarters. For a very long time.

So in order to make everybody happy, he had to talk to the others before that happen. He hardly got out of the Weasley infested room with his dignity intact.

Most of the more intelligent candidates already had an inkling who would become his consort. Some tried to persuade him to change his opinion, showing him what they had to offer, others simply talked to him about different things they were interested in. One particular muggleborn witch nearly chewed his ear of about some insane notion of freeing house elves. He nearly agreed to the damn idea just to shut her up.

He had to calm little Neville down for half an hour, insuring him that he did nothing wrong, and that he was a very tempting young wizard. At the latter he started to hyperventilate in fright of being chosen. He really had to talk to his grandmother about her handling of the poor boy. Only talking about the potted plant in his room got him to calm down and open up.

But worst of all were the Weasley twins. Ron had his own room, since he did not wish to be in any form of a relationship that included a brother of his. The twins were known for being rather … enamoured with the idea of a triad, including both of them. Which was the main reason for their continued availability, nobody had yet considered himself man enough to take on both of them. And since they knew hell would freeze over before he chose both of them … well, they were just plain messing with him.

It had started out with him opening the door of hell, only to find both of them drunk and naked, a bow wrapped around each of their cocks, swinging with the movement of what they considered dancing.

As soon as they noticed him they stopped dead in their tracks, and stared at him. Then they started to grin like maniacs and ran towards him.

Not even their devoted father could fault him for slamming the door in their faces. Talking was not exactly possible right now.

Taking a deep breath he continued towards his salvation. The last door, the room were he could finally relax…. or not.

Grinning devilishly he opened the door … and all breath left his lungs. A symphony of black and white leather was laid out like a tableau in front of him. Little Harry lying somewhat on top of Draco, all hot and bothered, while the young aristocrat played him so beautifully.

While leaving his clothing intact he was moving his hands all over Harry's body, massaging, tweaking and stroking in all the right places. Tom could see the bulges in both their pants, and felt his own length answer in kind.

He groaned as he watched Draco draw his tongue in a long stroke up a pale neck to a delicate ear, and heard Harry whimper, while looking directly in Tom's eyes.

Then he saw that damnable brat smirk at him. That did it.

Cursing und his breath, he slammed the door shut, locked it with the most powerful wards he knew how to put up in a hurry, nearly ripped of his robes and dress shirt, and crawled on top of them both. He kept himself at arms length away from his chosen ones, surveying his prize. A wide eyed Harry stared at him with confusion and arousal in his eyes, while a smirking Draco threw him smouldering glances while stroking his own delicate neck with delight. He would have to do something about that smirk.

He let himself drop slightly on top of his chosen ones, making Harry squeak, and took Draco's mouth in a passionate kiss. The boy could hardly keep up with him, submitting to his future husband with a moan.

When he parted from those kiss swollen lips, he noticed with satisfaction that the smirk was gone, replaced by aroused helplessness. So much better.

Turning towards a wide eyed Harry, he smiled like a shark and slowly lowered his lips to debauch the innocent little beauty beneath him. Harry keened with delight, raising his arms and wrapping them around his lover's neck, squirming between the two hot bodies surrounding him.

Moving Harry next to Draco, Tom broke the kiss and surveyed his prizes. He knew that Draco would be his official consort, and Harry their bonded. One for assisting him in his position as High Lord, the other providing him with heirs. Both to be loved, both to be cherished.

He would start with Draco, then take Harry. After all, he had all night.

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