Chapter 1: Six months pregnant

"Luke, coffee!" Lorelai screamed when she entered the diner. Luke stood behind the counter, smirking at her.

"You know that you don´t get any!"

She stood in front of him on the other side of the counter. "Uuuuh, dirty! And why not?"

He said nothing just pointed to her pregnant belly. She was six months pregnant, and it was pretty obvious.

"Sooo mean! If this kid is not as smart as Rory, then it's completely your fault because you stopped me from drinking coffee during my pregnancy! So if it just sits in front of the TV, with no energy, a couch potato..."

"Lorelai!" he was annoyed now because they had had this discussion every morning since she found out that she was pregnant. Pregnant with my child Luke thought and had to smile at that thought.

"What's that grin on your face mister? You're enjoying torturing me?" she tried to sound offensive, but she had to smile with him.

"So being pregnant with my kid is torture?" he asked and leaned over the counter to kiss her.

"Your kid? Our kid! But now I know why you´re grinning like that. You´re such a macho!" she teased him. But then she became serious. She grabbed his hand on the counter and squeezed it. "And no, actually I love being pregnant with our child. Until now..." He gave her another kiss and then asked her what she wanted for breakfast.

When he disappeared to the kitchen Lorelai sat at a table and looked out at the gazebo, and let her hand rest on her belly, when she felt the baby kick.

She thought about the last year and everything that had happened: Rory dropping out of Yale resulting in their difficult relationship, her proposal to Luke and their marriage, moving into the Twickham house after she found out she was pregnant. At first she wanted to stay in her house, but then she realized how much it meant to Luke and so she agreed.

She also remembered how much she had wanted to get pregnant after Luke had told her that he wanted a family with her. And then it had happened and she was over the moon. And Luke... she would never forget the look on his face when she had told him that she was pregnant. Never.

"Is it kicking?" Luke asked and brought her back in the diner. He had seen the look on her face when she dreamed with open eyes and a small smile on her face. The look he had seen so often since the first time the baby kicked.

"Mmmmh" She took his hand and placed it on the spot where the baby was kicking. He let his hand rest there and put the breakfast on the table with the other and then sat down next to her. They smiled at each other and enjoyed the moment.

Which did not go unnoticed by Babette and Miss Patty who also sat at a table in the diner.

"Oh god, look at them! They are so happy," whispered Miss Patty.

"Yeah, who thought that our Mr. Grumpy could be so cute," Babette whispered back.

"And still so hot!" Miss Patty glanced over to him.

Lorelai started to laugh, when Luke mumbled "Oh Geez!" because they had heard every word of that conversation.

"But she is right, sexy daddy!" Lorelai whispered in his ear and laughed even more, when he blushed.

After their daily morning banter she went to the Dragonfly. When she arrived Michel was already waiting for her.

"Your mother called. Four times this morning and eight times yesterday, when you had your day off."

Lorelai raised her eyebrows, then sighed. "Michel you have been telling me 'your mother called' for nearly a year now! Is she paying you to do that?"

"I have been telling you for nearly a year now that she calls everyday, because she calls everyday. If you would do something against the calls, then I would not have to tell you!" Michel said in his usual tone.

"Michel I will not call her! Whatever she tells you, I will not do that. I changed my cellphone number and my home number and if I could, I would also change the phone number here, but I cant, because then we wouldn't be available for our guests. And I´m really sorry that she calls every day, but if you tell her anything that is happening in my life, you will never be annoyed again, because then I´m going to kill ya! Understood?"

"Yes, yes," was all he said, before Lorelai took the mail and went into her office.

Her mother was really annoying.

After her parents stabbed her in the back with the Yale thing, Lorelai had been crazy enough to think that they would accept her engagement with Luke. She was so wrong. Her mother had called Luke the same evening and attacked him on the phone, until he just hung up. But then she once again had sent Christopher. Luke had thrown Chris out the moment he had got into her house; she had used the speed dial this time.

Since then she had refused to have any contact with her parents and also the fact that Rory had lived a time in the poolhouse changed nothing. But Rory had moved out the moment she was informed about the Christopher thing and Lorelai convinced her to go back to Yale.

They had celebrated the marriage without her parents and her parents did not know anything about her pregnancy. And she wanted it to stay that way...