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Chapter 36: Love you

Lorelai had just started nursing the twins in the main bedroom when there was a soft knock on the door.

"If this is Taylor again, complaining about something, I'm gonna throw him out for real this time!" Luke muttered and stood up, William still in his arms, because he didn't want to put him down. He opend the door just a bit, to see who was in front of it.

"Oh, Emily, come in," Luke said.

"Sorry, I don't want to disturb you. But Rory told me that you are here and I wanted to talk to you before we leave," Emily said uncomfortable.

"It´s fine mom. Will just needed some time away from the crowd and these two were hungry, so here we are." Lorelai smiled.

"I didn't know that you could nurse them both at the same time," Emily said surprised when she approached.

"It was in one of these baby-books and sometimes, when I dont have the time to nurse one after the other, or they are both hungry at the same time, I do it like this. But what did you want to talk about?"asked Lorelai while Luke joined her with William on the bed again.

"As you already know your father and I are going on a cruise for 6 weeks and we already agreed that we will watch these three when we get back, while you are working. I just wanted to know if you know already how often and how long we are allowed to look after our grandchildren?"

"I spoke with Sookie and my sweet husband here and we agreed that I will work three days a week just for five hours, from nine to two or so, depends on what suits you and dad."

"Nine to two sounds good. And do you want to bring them over or should we come here?"

"We also talked about that and we think that it's maybe easier if you come here. They can sleep in their beds, Will has his toys here and we are not far if something is wrong and you need help," explained Lorelai.

"And to make all this easier we have something for you," Luke said and was surprised when William lifted his head, because he thought he would already be asleep.

"Yeah, just a second mom, I have it downstairs", Lorelai said before she turned her attention to her daughter. "Sara you really can learn from your sister! You are not eating anymore,my princess. You are just playing around. And then you will be hungry in some minutes and screaming. So eat baby and don't be so curious!" Lorelai said and tried to animate Sara to start sucking, but the baby just looked around, but stayed latched on her mothers breast.

"She is afraid that she might miss something?" Emily smiled.

"Yes, she´s always afraid to miss something. She fights sleep as hard as she can. Sometimes Laila and William are both asleep for hours and she is still awake and listening to what Luke and I are saying."

"You were like that. Fighting to keep your eyes open all the time. Seems like she´s not only looking like you, but she is also a lot like you."

"All three have so much from her: William his screaming, his temper but also that he is smiling all the time. Sara is curious and stubborn and Laila has her eating habits and her cleverness to get what she wants. I could swear that she already tries to pout," Luke said in a mocking tone and Lorelai rolled her eyes.

"You, mister, better be quiet! William wakes up at ungodly hours every morning, he looks like you and knows that certain look when he is annoyed. Laila is sooo much like you, that it scares me because she is still baby, but I already can hear her grumbling. And Sara here is much too active to be like me. And to make this thing complete: Mum, she already knows how to give me your patented Emily-Gilmore-you-do-what-I-want-right-now-look," Lorelai said.

"Well, she has the right to use it, her second name is Emily," Emily just grinned, but thenturned serious.

"I am so proud to be the grandmother of these three."

"Well, wait how proud you will be when they spit all over you after they have eaten, or when Will screams so loud that you think your ears are gonna explode!" Lorelai laughed and unlatched first Sara, then Laila and placed them both on Lukes chest.

"Here daddy. I'm gonna hand my parents .. you know, and then look after the guests. Should I take Will with me?" she asked and rebuttoned her blouse.

"No it´s fine. I´m sure he´ll fall asleep soon. " William lay with his head in his fathers lap and played with the buttons on Lukes dress-shirt, but had his eyes closed.

"Ok, I'll be back soon and help you" she smiled and kissed him before she walked downstairs with Emily.

Some of the guests had already left and Sookie was just about to go, because Davey and his sister were both asleep.

"So, I see you found her," Richard said when he stood next to Emily and Lorelai.

"Yes, dad, she found me. Just wait a second I have something for you."

Lorelai walked over to a cupboard, opened it and took an envelope out of it.

"Here," she said and handed Emily the envelope.

"What is in there Lorelai?" Richard asked.

"Well open it and find out!" Lorelai said and winked at Rory who watched the scene with a nervous smile.

Emily opened it and took out a photo. It was a picture of Rory, who held Sara and Laila and had William on her lap. Willim wore a small black suit and Sara and Laila were dressed in tiny light-blue dresses. William and Rory were smiling. There was a undertitle under the picture which said "Thanks grandpa and grandma! Rory, Will, Laila and Sara". Emily felt something on the back of the picture and turned it around. A key was glued there with tape. "Dear Mom and Dad. Thank you so much for your help. You have no idea how much that means to us. This is a key to the house, because we think it´s strange when the family has to ring the bell. Love, Luke and Lorelai"

"You give us a key to your house?" Richard asked surprised while Emily pressed a hand on her mouth to hold back the tears.

"Yeah, you' ll need it!" Lorelai smiled and then hugged her parents goodbye. Rory did it as well and the two elder Gilmores left.When they were outside Lorelai grabbed Rorys hands and started to jump up and down.

"They accepted it! And they will look after your siblings! And I will work again! And you can concentrate on college!" Lorelai screamed and laughed while they jumped.

"Sorry to interrupt you, dolls, but it seems like we are the last ones and we are also leaving now. Our cute birthday baby seemed overwhelmed. All these people at his house," said Babette.

"Yeah, maybe he is too much Luke's kid to enjoy such a party" Patty laughed.

"Maybe. But if he wouldn't be Lukes son, he wouldn't be mine either, because he´s the only one I want to have kids with!" Lorelai said and squeezed Rory's hand, hoping that she didn´t misunderstand her statement. Rory just smiled, she knew what her mother wanted to say.

"And he fullfilled his duty, didn't he babe? Bye, see you tomorrow!" Babette grinned and they also left.

"Rory, you know.. I didn't want to say that..." Lorelai started once they were alone.

"Don't worry, mum. I got it. And I think I'm also Luke's kid. I mean, he helped you and he was always there. Chris is my father, but more like an older friend. But when I think of a dad, a real one, I always have Luke on my mind. And I talked with him about it. He said he is fine when I call him dad as well. I mean otherwise it's really confusing for Will and the girls, if they say" dad "and I say "Luke". If I also say "dad" it spares us a lot of questions," Rory smiled and hugged Lorelai.

"Good to have you back, babe. I love you!"

"Love you, too mum! And I'm gonna go get Logan and then we head over to his sister. She throws a party tonight and we promised to come" Rory said.

"You'll come back here afterwards?"

"I think we'll go to Logan's dorm. We don't want to wake you up." Rory said.

"Ok, have fun and don't get too crazy! Night sweets!" Lorelai kissed her on the cheek.

"We won't mum. Lesson learned! Night!" Rory also kissed her and walked outside.

Lorelai walked upstairs and smiled when she realized that Rory, Logan, Richard, Babette and Miss Patty had already cleaned up.

She walked into their bedroom and her smile widened at the scene.

The twins still lay on Lukes chest, William still had his head in Luke's lap, his small hand still at Luke's shirt-button. All four were asleep. Lorelai carefully took Luke's shoes off and covered William with a blanket. She kissed his forehead and stroked over her daughters heads. She crawled on the bed and sat beside Luke. She looked down on him and her children and bit her lower lip when her eyes welled up.

"I love you so much," she whispered and kissed him, then lay her head on his stomach and her arm over William's back.

"I love you, too," Luke whispered back and they both smiled in the dark room, listening to their childrens breathing before they also fell asleep.

The end