Truth Be Told

By: ForbidenMaggiks

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Chapter 1

Strangers Among Friends

"Darien! Darien Shield's come out this instance," A normally composed and refined Doctor Shield's called out through his manner in frustration at not being able to find his grandson. From one extravagantly decorated room to the next he searched his London manner for the boy that looked so much like his son had when he'd been the same age. It was about the same time 800 years ago his own son had been hiding from him just like Darien was doing this very moment and it brought tears to his ancient eyes, but he put memories aside entering his grandson's study, decorated in deep red velvets and rose wood furnishings his trained eyes searched out its current prey only to fall flat on Andrew Kensington his grandson best friend.

"Andrew," he began with a menacing look in his eyes causing the younger blond to squirm nervously in his sit by the balcony of the study. "Have you seen my wretched excuse for a grandson anywhere?"

"N-no sir, I haven't," he answered eyes intently focused on the book before him as the much older man approached him till there facing were inches apart.

"Are you sure, because it'd be very bad for you if you were hiding him…"

"I-I'll let you know if I see him right away sir!" a very nervous blond squeaked.

With a disgruntled grunt the older man brushed his short gray hair out of his dark blue eyes before examining the room once more only to smooth the material of his silk purple robes and exit the room slamming its rose wood doors closed.

With a sigh of relief Andrew continued to read his book not bothering to turn around and watch his childhood friend come out from behind the book shelf he had adjusted to make into a hiding spot perfect capable of holding one full grown adult.

"I'm so glade I had that installed when grandfather went away to France last summer," Darien announced to no one in particular as he dusted off his white caller shirt and black slacks. "By the way thanks again for hiding me Drew you're the best!"

"Yes well, I just hope it was worth it and just as I said before this is the last time I'm covering for you. You know you need to start studying to become a doctor its traditi-"

"Tradition, yes Andrew I know and I will but for now I want to enjoy my youth. I'll study eventually…when the time comes but for now I'm off."

"Off," his friend echoed in slight panic "off where, I thought you where just going to hide here tonight."

"I have, but now I'm off to the human world."

Despite his already pale complexion Andrew blanched further if possible at the mention of his friend traveling to such a place yet before any protests could be heard an abnormally large bat was already making his way past the main gates.

In a small village a mile from the London manner of Lord Shield…

She giggled at nothing in her half drunken state as she allowed herself to be taken up the brothel steps into one of there more extravagant rooms, reserved only for the wealthiest of costumers by the black haired young man before her. As they reached the top of the steps she gave a shriek of surprised when the gentleman lifted her up throwing her over his shoulder and slapping her playfully on her behind.

"Well aren't you strong," she complemented, her tone husky as she watched him close the door after he'd thrown he onto the king sized bed. With a seductive smile he quickly crossed the room to the bed.

Darien took his time crawling over his unsuspecting victim running his hands over her every cover and crushing his mouth over hers. She gave a gasp of surprise, which Darien used to further taste of mouth with his tongue, when his hands began to pay special attention to her breast messaging them till she moaned in his mouth repeatedly. It was only when her eye glazed over in pure want that he lift her dress past her knees, keeping one hand on her breast as he used the other skillfully to toy with her lower region through her undergarment. The young women rewarded his effort by arching her chest into his body more so panting and moaning in unchecked pleasure.

He mouth finely left her own leaving a fiery path in its wake as he lowered himself down her neck. With out patience he easily ripped at the top half of the lady's corset silently begging for the release of her upper body as she clawed mercilessly at his shirt covered back while tremor after tremor ripped through her body.

"Harder," she demanded and he complied willingly at both ends electing a pleasurable gasp from his lover but now he felt it was his turn for pleasure. Skillful fingers bypassed the lacy fabric before it entering softer warmer moist folds bringing her already heated body to new heights.

Satisfied with her level of distraction the young lord paid host to his own desires. Making sure to keep pace in other areas he began a slow trail of kisses from her creamy shoulder to the fated spot right where her neck and shoulder meet, he inserted another finger to her surprise and joy for good measure before pressing his fangs down into her neck. Her eyes glazed over paying tribute to his ego as he used his mouth to apply small amounts of pressure secreting the substance that made all his efforts worth while.

He stopped himself from rolling his eyes, 'god I miss the days you just took them out back and ended there.' But, such was life and as long as he got feed well who was he to complain.

A bang at the door brought him out of his thoughts and he would have ignored it if it hadn't continued with shouts of retribution from what seemed to be a very angry mob. Quickly releasing his dinner he made an even quicker grab for the cloak he had left on the chair by the door but at the very moment the mob seemed to have bypassed the poor door leaving it to be no more than splinters. Concluding the window to be his best bet he avoided the sharp objects thrown in his direction crossing the room only to throw himself off the second floor of the shady building.

Suffering a deep wound to his left arm, with a cruse and a slight blow to his pride he fled the scene of his crime.

Keen senses picked up the sound of more humans gather in the area, but with the gash bleeding so profusely because of the fresh blood in his system he couldn't transform; gritting his teeth he made his way down an empty alley before collapsing half way down it.

Taking the free moment to heart he checked himself for other wounds. Mild scratches here and there mostly on him arms were healing quick enough but to his displeasure his left upper arm was still bleeding. One fault he would admit of his kind was there somewhat weak condition after feeding; the more blood you drank the more time you needed to rest and he had just had himself a good half of that woman's blood before he'd been rudely interrupted.

The dark haired lord cursed himself for being caught off guard, 'at least it didn't look like they'd seen my face.' He was sure if they had they'd be shouting it out in the streets right now, well not his real name anyway but the alias he went by for when he would sneak into town for anything but a meal. He hated the name but it was his father's and he somehow felt closer to the man he'd never meet using it. 'What an odd name-' before the words even filtered through his mind they left her lips.

"Endymion, is that you?" There she stood in all her simple splendor a floor length dark blue velvet cloak hiding a matching corset and ankle length skirt with a white long sleeved under shirt which out lined the curves he knew were there while ankle high heeled black boots helped to hide her small five foot height. What she lacked it size though she made up for in looks with the clearest blue eyes he'd ever seen and hair that reached pasted her knees with the oddest shape of blond he'd ever seen, it was almost golden. Serenity Hathaway was the only human he'd ever introduced his grandfather to, village girl he loved to tease whenever he visited for fun. He'd been attracted to her the moment his eyes found her own but swore to himself never to taste her blood, an oath he'd broken when she cut her finger in front of him when they were about 15. Darien had taken her finger into his mouth licking it clean to then tie it with his handkerchief. He smiled when he remembered how she blushed never meeting his eyes for weeks after the incident but it faded when he remembered for all the years they've known each other she still didn't know the truth. She was one of his best friends.

"Endymion," she called again worriedly as she stepped closer.

Before a lie could reach his lips trouble announced itself around the bend.

"Search every where! He's got to be close by with as much blood as he left with the broken glass he couldn't have made it far!"

Darien cursed his horrid luck and attempted to stand only to slide back down to his previous position upon the coble stone alley floor. He didn't dare glance up once to see Serenity reaction to all this, 'she must have seen my wound or at least suspect they were discussing me.' He thought in discontent. Suddenly he felt sick to his stomach; he never wanted her to find out like this, 'or maybe not at all.'

He closed his eyes waiting for the inevitable as the foot steps raced closer but expecting everything and anything except what took place. Without a moments thought it seemed, Serenity took her place standing in front of Darien expertly blocking him from view of whom ever came around the very corner the foots steps were coming from.

"Serenity!" instinctively Darien bit down on his tongue to prevent the slue of inappropriate remarks waiting to launch themselves at the rat basturd standing before his sweet Serenity.

"Lord Rubious, I didn't expect to see you about. Is something the matter?"

"Have you seen a wounded man about?" It didn't take a genius to tell Serenity wounded man or not innocent or guilty Rubious Bowshot was in this matter purely for the hunt and maybe even the love of the kill with the way his grip tightened on the ax he carried at the mire mention of the accused. He looked like a boy awaiting charismas and it sickened her more than his presence.

"No I'm afraid I haven't."

"He's a vampire! It's too dangerous for you to be out go home and lock you doors." He commanded than deciding he was wasting time he ran in the direction he heard other men shouting about the accused.

When she was sure her blue eyes could see no trace of him she turned her attention to Darien. "We should hurry before anyone else comes by."

He pulled himself from her grasp disgusted for the first time in his life with his behavior, at least the part about getting caught and having Serenity find out the truth this way. "Serena, he was talking about me!" He bit out in an attempt to discourage her efforts.

She hide her hurt at his reaction to her help but let her stubbornness take over, "I know he was talking about you foul that's why we should get out of here. So get up Endy, we can still make it to my house outside the village with out trouble."

Once more, this time successfully, she managed to help him to his feet and was gracious enough, in Darien's opinion to ignore the blushed that rested upon his cheeks.

"Darien…" it was barely a whisper she wasn't even sure if she'd heard him correctly, "my real name is Darien Shield." It was his turn to be unsure if Serenity had heard but suspicions were conformed when she simply nodded in response. The rest of the walk had been spent in somewhat of an uncomfortable silence and it held up even while as she cleaned his wound and he wasn't surprised at how much it made him hurt.

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