Truth Be Told

By: ForbidenMaggiks

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Chapter 2

They continued in silence until he could take no more of it, "I'm sorry." Though he felt like shouting it he could only whisper it still feeling the sham in having been caught in a lie by his best friend. The one human who'd ever stood up for him trusted him enough to tell him everything and anything and he had not bestowed upon her the same level of trust. 'She must hate me.' The thought alone hurt him to know end.

"It's no trouble at all," the young blond answered removing the bowl of bloodied water from sight avoiding his eyes.

"I…I don't…that's not what I meant and you know it Serenity." He only ever used her name when he was serious. There had been only two other times he'd ever said it. Once when she'd gone to deep into the forest to such for her lost necklace, the one he'd given her for her first birthday as his friend. Searching franticly for her favorite gift the young Serenity had failed to see the sun set and the wolves come out.

She'd run as fast as her legs could take her before she'd tripped on a trees roots. And, not having picked herself up fast enough the wolves had caught up, surrounding her. You could ask her now and her answer would be the same as that day, she'd never seen Endy so furious or so serious as when he'd come out of no where scaring the wolves off in a way Serenity did not know.

And though he was unscratched she still held him calling him irresponsible and foolish for acting so suddenly, in stepping gout to guard her with out so much as taking out his sword. And normally Endymion would have taken offense to such comments but she had said it in the safety of his arms while crying tears for him. That day he'd called out her name, he'd held her in his arms carrying her home whispering promises of warmth and protection.

And, he'd never once broken that promise to her, but what was she to say to such a discovery, yet a discovery of what, she was no closer now than in the alley to discovering why they were after him or what he'd done to receives such a wound. The logic in her mind ruled out his being a thief for he was rich or a threat of any kind to women because he'd never once made her feel anything but safe. So what could it be, she bit her lip in wonder.

Slowly she made her way to sit before him in the sit across from his own, promising herself to be open and understanding with a breath of confidence she asked the question that disturbed her mind since there strange meeting in the alley.

"Why were the villagers looking for you?"

"Before…before I answer you must swear to me not to tell a soul what I am about to tell you." He regretted the words as soon as they left his lips at the sight of the woman before him, the woman he new as a girl.

"You…need to ask that of me as if I would ever do anything to hurt or endanger you as if…as if you don't know me at all," She didn't want to know she didn't care to know. If such a secret would make him doubt her, her the one who stood by him through everything he'd ever told her through all the advice she'd ever given him and every problem he'd ever face she didn't want to know it. Blinking away the tears Serenity took one look to the window to see the sun rising, "You should…sleep Endy- Darien," she corrected herself. "You can hide away in the basement incase Detective Diamond comes by later. I'm going to bed."

As she rose to leave Darien called to her, "What about…don't you want to know…anything?"

Dead eyes found his confused ones, "You don't trust me enough to tell me." It was a statement that hurt both parties but neither made a move to stop its pain. Serenity left to her room and Darien stayed down stairs cleaning up any evidence of his arrival before making his way to the basement whose entrance was hidden. It was there that his keen sense of hearing cursed him to hear Serenity cry herself to sleep…totally and utterly by his own fault for asking such a stupid question.

'Damn it, of course I can trust her!' he thought to himself. She was there for me when my mother died, when I felt alone after Ray married Jadeite and when Kunzite left to Germany to study his science and when Nephrite and Zoicite left to hunt down the vampire hunter who'd killed his sister. Even when Andrew got married she was there to fill the empty space in time which his friend would have done if they had not gotten so busy. She never question his motives in seeing her or demanded information of him or even ask for money when she had needed it. Never once did she say his visits were a bother or ask for help when he was with her as she worked in the gardens for her food or gone to town working to fix dresses for ladies or make the dresses herself. At a time she'd even made jewelry but now she mostly worked as a baby sitter for the wealthy when they when to party.

He should have known better than to ask such a question, but now how to solve the problem…As fast as he asked the result landed before him.

Zoicite was to be married to a witch named Ami in France; it was prefect tomorrow night he'd take her to France to for the wedding dance the night away take her shopping to see a show perhaps and than when all was said and done he would tell her, and it would give him a perfect excuse to leave town without suspension.

Yes all would work out well now all he had to do was tell her grandfather and write to Zoicite for his consent and pray everyone act normal for the weekend. 'Pray' being the operative word.

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