Never Forget Me

By: Midnight Forever

Disclaimer: Alas, I shall never own Naruto

Notes: Hmm, okay, I don't even really remember when I wrote this. I know it was after I read the 'Uchiha Massacre' by Itonami and I had a fight with my dad, so I reread the chapter where Itachi died and I started to cry and this little thing was spawned off of it. Enjoy.

Never Forget Me


It's a simple question.

You're here in front of me, and yet, why does it seem like a lie?

I see the blood.

The fact that I'm covered in it makes me hate myself that much more.

Your nearly lifeless eyes look at me.


You're saying things that just confuse me even more.

God damnit, why?!

You didn't just say that, no.

No, no, no.

As simple as that.

No, stop it.


God Itachi, why?

You do realize what's happening, right?

You're not dying and I'm not the one who did this to you.

I slowly crawl over to you, the tears are falling freely now.

My mask is broken and so is yours.

You smile, just like you used to.

Yet, I know I can't stop what's going to happen.

I fall toward you and scream.

When your heartbeats slow until there isn't one anymore.

Your eyes – lifeless and black.

Your face – pale white with death.

I hear someone call my name as I cradle your body in my arms while rocking back and forth.

The voice is now louder and obviously female.

Warm arms encircle me as she leans on my shoulder, crying with me.

Why do you care Sakura?

It's not like you knew him like I did.

He was my brother, my only family, and I killed him.

But... that's not the worst part by far.

It was your last and most confusing words to me.

"Sorry, Sasuke... There won't be a next time........."

Why, Itachi, why?

A/N: Yeah, really depressing. Sorry. I was just feeling really emotional and, for lack of a better term, emo at the time. Hope you liked it and I urge you all to go read 'Uchiha Massacre' by Itonami. It's a wonderful story.

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