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Mater Roshi collapsed on the sofa. 'Phew! Watching Marron water ski is hard work.' He flicked on the TV.

'-And up, and down, and move it all around! Yeah! Work it girls!'

Master Roshi sat up straighter at the sound of his favourite program. He laughed perversely.

'heh heh heh heh heh'

He was just getting comfortable, when the program stopped and a newsflash came on.

'This just in,' the reporter called. 'The annual Tenkaichi Budokai has been cancelled this year, to be replaced by the ultimate battle of the bands, otherwise known as BANDOKAI! All fighters from around the world, must form groups, and compete for the Bandokai prize!'

'Oohhhh!' said Master Roshi. 'That'd be nice! I remember when I was just a kid, I played the kazoo!'

He closed his eyes, remembering.


Kid Roshi, is with a group of friends at school, laughing wickedly. 'Children!' called his music teacher. 'Pick your instruments!'

Kid Roshi went over to a little boy. 'Gimme that!' he yells, and grabs the kazoo. The little boy starts to cry, but Kid Roshi ignores him. 'Zoooooooo….' He says, as he blows into the kazoo.

Wakes up:

And that was how my love for music started!' he said.

Bulma's house:

Someone is singing.

'And Iiiiieeeeeeiiiii willll always love youuuuuu!'

Vegeta stood in front of the bathroom mirror, singing Celine Dione.

'Hey Vegeta, I-' Bulma stopped mid-sentence. She had just entered the bathroom, and had caught him singing.

'Were you s...singing!' she spluttered, and burst out laughing.

'No, of course I wasn't' he huffed. 'What makes you think that?'

'You were! You were singing Celine Dione!' she carried on laughing.

Vegeta turned away, hiding his red face. 'Shut up, woman!' he yelled, in a feeble attempt to reclaim his dignity.

'This is soo perfect!' she yelled, her eyes watering. 'Yeah! You and Yamcha and everybody else!' she carried on laughing hysterically. '…. and….. Goku!' with that, she fell to the floor, still laughing. 'Great!'

'What are you talking about, woman!'

Bulma explained Bandokai to him.

'Crazy woman with her crazy crackpot schemes.' He muttered.

'What was that!' she yelled from the floor.

'Nothing!' Vegeta sat down, and started to rock back and forth, whimpering.

'Pathetic.' Bulma rolled her eyes. 'So, are you gonna do it?'

'No!' Vegeta yelled, getting up. 'Of course not!'

Bulma sidled up to him. 'Goku will be there….'


She nodded, 'And there'll be beer……'

'Ooohh!' goody!'

'You all know why you're here, don't you?' Master Roshi asked the Z senshi, assembled in front of him.

'What? Has Goku died again?' Krillin asked, smirking.


Krillin got up from the floor, a big bump on his head.

Chi chi stood triumphantly, her giant fan still in her hand. The others held their tongues.

'Now! We need to assign parts-'

Master Roshi was interrupted by Bulma, arriving, as always, in style.

'Wait for me!' she yelled, from the back of a very grumpy looking Vegeta.

'Sit still, woman!' he grumbled.

She jumped off. 'Now you can carry on. Oh! By the way, I've assigned myself manager!' No one argued. 'So,' she carried on, 'Who wants what?

There was huge explosion of voices, as everyone began to talk at once.

Mans voice:

So, the Bandokai tournament is on, and the Z-senshi are ready to take on the challenge.

But with Krillin suffering from serious damages to the head, and Chi chi charged with Grievous Bodily Harm, what will they do? Stay tuned for scenes from the next Episode of... DRAGON BALL Z….

On the next episode of DBZ, Bulma assigns parts, but what's all this fuss about a kazoo? And is Mirai no Trunks too 'cool' to play anything?

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