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'SSSHHHUUUTTTT UUUPPP!' Bulma yelled, at the people surrounding her. 'Sit!' They sat. 'Now, hands up if you have something to say'

There was a show of hands. Tien was bouncing up and down, as if he needed to pee.

'Tien, what do you want?'

'Ooohhh! Ooohhh! I wanna play the triangle! Geddit TRIangle! You know, three, as in my three-'

'We get it, Tien.' She turned to Vegeta. 'Vegeta honey, how about you?'

'Nothing.' He huffed.

'I know, you can be lead singer!' Bulma started giggling uncontrollably.

'I'll play the kazoo!' Piccolo said.

'NNNNNNNOOOOOOO! It's me who plays the kazoo! Waaahhhh!' Master Roshi ran off, to sulk.

Bulma ignored him. 'Goku! You can be……….. Drummer!' are you good?

Goku scratched the back of his head. 'Uh, I think soo...'

'Great! Chaotsu! You can be.. awww.. you can be one of those sweet little drummer boys, you know, the ones, Where you go ratatatat-'

'Shut up, woman, and carry on!' Vegeta yelled, anxious to see what Yamcha would get.

Bulma cleared her throat, and glared at Vegeta.

'Anyway, 18, you and Videl, can be back-up singers, and- Oolong! Are you writing this down, or not!' Oolong woke up. 'Waah! Oh, yeah sorry. He got the pen and paper, and began scribbling furiously.

She carried on, tucking her hair behind her ear. 'Mirai no Trunks is…. Wait a minute, Mirai no Trunks? What are you doing here?'

'I'm like soooo over that 'future thing' I like, live here now.'

He looked at Vegeta. 'S'up.' He nodded as he said so. Vegeta fumed. Did his future son have to be soo damn annoying?

'Okaayyy….' Bulma carried on, yet again, Man, she was sick of being interrupted. 'Trunks, you can play… the keyboard!'

'Like, no way man.' Trunks yawned. 'I'm like, too cool for that.'

'Okay… What about bass, then?'


'What? Never mind. So, that leaves, Chi chi and Yamcha. Yamcha, you're keyboard.'


Bulma glared at him.

'Yes ma'am.'

'And Chi chi, you can be…………………… you can be………………… ummm….. Cook! Yeah, you can be a cook for our musicians!'

'WHAT! NOOOO! I'll POISON YOU ALL!' she ran off, screaming.

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