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Author's Note: Ahh, welcome my friends and reviewers, to part two of the six-part Powerlust saga. Yes, six. I've had far too many brainstorms since the original trilogy was devised. I do recommend reading part I if you haven't already. You might be confused if you don't.

Anyway, the plot of this instalment was based largely on Raven Software and LucasArts Entertainment's Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy games. Well, for the Jedi Academy bit, we'll be following Daniel's students instead of Kyle and Jaden, but those two are still in there. I have to admit, this instalment really only paves the way for part three, which is going to be pretty major. Our dastardly baddie, Anubis, will still make an appearance, but not for a while.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Oh, and, as for my usual reminder… Once again I must ask a favour. If you don't like the story, please do not flame. Instead, politely offer me suggestions as to how to improve the story. Respectfulness, politeness, and suggestions are all I ask for. Surely that is not too much?

Anyway, on with the story! Enjoy part two!
:Dark Jedi Princess:

Title: "Powerlust II: Song of the Executioner"
Author: Dark Jedi Princess
Category: Stargate SG-1/Star Wars/Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
Reasons: Violence and some language
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Action/Adventure/Epic(?)
Total Chapters: 6
Summary: Having failed to become fully Ascended once more, Anubis decides to attempt to seize control of the Taur'i home galaxy and of Luke's home galaxy. Now, if only SG-1 and Luke could figure out exactly what his plans are…

"Foreign or Alien Language"
Stressed Words
Written Text

Powerlust II: Song of the Executioner
Chapter 1 – The Cost of Conquest

SG-1's study was fairly quiet, save for the sounds of the four friends at work. The gentle rapid tapping of Sam typing on her laptop, Jack playing some game or another on a Game Boy Advance, and the soft scratching of Daniel's pen against his notebook as he sought to decipher the set of symbols that served as letters in Luke Skywalker's home galaxy filled the room as they worked, or played, in Jack's case.

It had been a year or so since Luke had first come through Earth's Stargate. The Jedi Master had only been in contact once or twice, mostly just to talk to Daniel. Most recently he had not come through the Stargate himself; rather, he had tossed a datapad through along with a mental message or Daniel. The datapad, apparently, was intended to help him learn Aurabesh, the written language used in Luke's galaxy.

Daniel turned his attention back to the datapad. More symbols flickered across the screen, this time mixed with a few of the Stargate symbols. Daniel raised an eyebrow.

"Well, that's interesting…"

"What is?" Sam asked, not looking up from her laptop.

"Looks like this datapad wasn't just to help me learn the Aurabesh symbols. He put some new addresses on it as well."

"Stargate addresses?"

"Yeah, I assume from his galaxy… Hang on, let me translate the names of the planets…"

"I thought you couldn't read Aurabesh yet," Sam commented, eyebrows raised.

"I can now, I'm just memorizing the symbols. Last step in learning a written language, after finding out what the symbols mean…"

After a few minutes, Daniel said, "Okay, we have addresses for…. Naboo, Dantooine, Corus—"

"Unauthorized offworld activation!"

Daniel sighed, then gasped as pain shot across his forehead.


"I sense a disturbance in the Force…" Daniel muttered. "Something's not right…"

"SG-1, report to the Embarkation Room!" Hammond's voice said over the loudspeakers.

"Let's go," Jack said, switching off his game. They hurried to the 'Gate Room, Daniel unclipping his lightsaber from his belt as he ran.

The Stargate was already active when they arrived, and just moments later Luke stepped through, a worried expression on his face.

From the observation room, Hammond leaned over to speak into the microphone. "Stand down," He commanded the gathered soldiers, who lowered their rifles.

"Something happen while I was gone?" Luke asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No, this is fairly routine," Daniel said. "From your expression, this isn't a social visit."

"I'm afraid not," Luke said, shaking his head. "Something rather urgent came up, I think you need to know about it."

"What is it? Has it—" Daniel stopped. "I felt a disturbance in the Force just before you got here…"

"Yes, I felt it as I was dialling out. I'm certain it's got to do with the information I received."

"Which was?"

"Mon Mothma, the former Chief of State of the New Republic—My sister, Leia, has the job now—said that she recently sent a pair of mercenaries, Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors, to a planet called Kejim that is supposedly in Remnant territory."

"What's this 'Remnant' you mentioned?" Hammond asked, entering the 'Gate Room.

"The remnant of the Galactic Empire that my father helped to build—and destroyed. We usually refer to them as the Imperial Remnant, or simply the Remnant. Anyway, Mon Mothma told me that Kyle found lightsaber crystals there. Inside the base on Kejim. They were also doing some sort of experiment on the prisoners."

"What kind of experiments?"

"I'm not sure, but we both agreed that they were probably trying to find a way to artificially imbue sentients with the Force."

"That sounds unethical," Daniel said, scowling.

"I believe it is. I think that whoever is doing this—Mon Mothma believes it's Galak Fyarr, one of the Remnant admirals—might eventually go after the Valley of the Jedi. She intercepted a message directed to him that mentioned it."

"That's not good," Daniel muttered. "I remember what you said about the Valley before."

"Kyle also found several Goa'uld larvae."

Daniel's eyes widened. "Goa'uld larvae? In an Imperial base?"

"You see why I'm worried, then."

Daniel nodded.

"I'd like your help in getting to the bottom of this. It's very probable that the Goa'uld are involved, possibly even Anubis."

"What can we do?"

"We already know Anubis is Force-Sensitive. He pulled a lightsaber on you on Wu'Iwuox 4…"

"I remember."

"…And his First Prime is also his apprentice. However, I'd like to see if he's been in our galaxy before. We should be able to find that information in the Jedi Archives on Coruscant. Also, I'll need to meet with Kyle to get the details of what he encountered on Kejim—and what he found on his most recent mission."

"Which was?"

"Investigating the planet the Kejim base was getting their lightsaber crystals from. It's a mining facility on a nearby system. Artus, I believe. He was supposed to cripple the operation if he could, as well."

"Right. Sir?" Daniel turned to Hammond.

"You have authorization to go."

"Thank you sir."

"Where will we be dialling out to?" Hammond asked.

"Coruscant. Daniel's got the address."

"Alright. Dr. Jackson, if you could get us that address—"

"On it." Daniel dashed back to the study and retrieved the datapad, handing it to the technician in the observation room. He then followed Jack and Teal'c to the locker room. Luke stayed with Hammond in the observation room, helping the technician enter the new addresses in the computer.

Daniel opened his locker and paused to look at the many photographs pinned to the inside of the door by magnets. Most were of SG-1, but he also had one of his parents, of himself and Catherine, of Sha're and Skaara, of Sarah, and—the most recent addition—one of Luke, taken last year when he had been trapped on Earth. Daniel hadn't given Luke much warning when he took the picture, so Luke was only half-smiling, but it had turned out alright nonetheless.

Smiling to himself at the memory, Daniel removed his uniform from the locker and pulled it on. Jack and Teal'c joined him moments later.

"Daniel," Jack said, "do you think Anubis has something to do with what Luke told us?"


"Why, though? Why would he want to make non-Force-sensitive—" He stopped. "Never mind. I can see the advantage there."

Daniel laughed. "Revan said that our encounter on Wu'Iwuox 4 wouldn't be the last time we fought Anubis. He's not been defeated yet."

"Point. Why won't she show us her face? She always wears that damned mask."

"Doesn't want to, I suspect."

"But why?"

"There is no why."

"…Dammit Daniel!"

Daniel laughed. "Jack, you ask too many questions."

"And you're too cryptic sometimes."

Daniel shook his head and pulled his jacket out of the locker, but paused when something rather unwelcome touched his mind.

Anger… hate… aggression, fear… these lead to the Dark Side… Give in to your hatred and destroy Anubis… He is weak, and the weak deserve their fate… Your hatred will make you strong…

Who said that? Daniel wondered, his eyes darting around the room.


Daniel started, turning to face Jack.

"Something wrong?"

"Nothing… I, uh… thought I heard something…"

"Like what?"

"…Nothing," Daniel muttered, shaking his head. He finished getting ready and moved from the locker room to the armoury. He picked up a Zat and a pair of handguns, placing the former in the holster strapped to his leg and tucking the latter into his belt. He clipped his lightsaber to a belt loop and tied his bandana around his head. He'd decided to let his hair grow out again after returning from Yavin 4 a year ago. It was now about the same length as it had been when he'd first joined SG-1 eight and a half years ago.

By the time the entirety of SG-1 was ready, one-and-a-half hours had passed. Luke and Hammond were waiting for them in the 'Gate Room when they arrived, and the Stargate was dialling out to Coruscant.

"You all know the rules," Hammond said. "Report back every twenty four hours. Best of luck, SG-1."

"Yessir," Jack said, saluting. The Stargate activated with a roar. "Let's go, people."

Five seconds later, Luke and SG-1 stumbled out of the Coruscant Stargate and into the ancient Jedi temple. Jack whistled, adjusting his sunglasses against the sunlight streaming through the windows in the chamber.

"Nice," he said. "Uh… where on Coruscant are we?"

"We're in the old Jedi Temple," Luke explained. "The Archives should be in here somewhere."

"Oh good. Don't have to walk far."

"Not that we'd be able to," Luke said, with a small laugh. "Look out the window."

Jack raised an eyebrow and stepped over to the nearby windows and stared out.

"Holy shit…" Jack muttered.

Luke came up behind them. Sam stared at the cityscape in wonder.

"Is the whole planet like this?" she asked.

"Yeah, it's all one big city," Luke said, amusedly. "There are similar planets around the galaxy. During Revan's time there was a planet called Taris with a similar planet-wide city, and then there's one of the moons in the Y'Toub system, Nar Shaddaa. Of course, they call Nar Shaddaa the 'Smuggler's Moon' for a good reason. But, we should be getting to the archives. We need to find out how long Anubis has been operating in this galaxy, if at all."

"Agreed," Daniel said. "Let's go." They left the Coruscant 'Gate Room and strolled through the halls of the Jedi Temple. Luke turned a corner and opened a wide door, reveal a large, two-floored room filled with many shelves."

"Archives?" Jack asked.

"Yeah. These haven't been used in a while. I've been in here a few times, but I haven't really gone through the archives before."

"Looks like we've got a lot to go through," Sam noted. "We should get going."

"Well, the three of you might have some problems. Everything is written in Aurabesh."

"Is there a way to solve that problem?" Teal'c asked.

"There might be a Force technique to solve it, but I'd rather not risk it."

"Oh, there's a Force technique," A voice said. Daniel started and glanced up. He let out a small laugh as he saw Revan's illusory form seated on balcony railing with a datapad in one hand. The other four looked up too.

"Revan, what are you doing here?" Daniel asked.

"The exact same thing you're doing here," she answered dryly.

"Oh? Made any progress?"

"Not much, but we're getting there."

"Is that a royal 'we' or is Father here too?" Luke asked, amused.

"Yes, Anakin's here. He's back there somewhere." She gestured behind her. "But, as I was saying, there is a Force technique that allows you to learn a new language more easily. It works both ways, too. That's how I was able to learn so many languages by the time I was twenty-eight."

"How many languages to you know?" Daniel inquired, interested.

"I've lost count."

Daniel laughed. "You've lost count? I know I speak at least twenty-three. You've got to have some number you can start with."

"How's one?"

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Are you being difficult on purpose?"


The rest of them laughed. Daniel knew Revan was grinning behind her mask. If only I knew what she actually looked like. Might help picturing it.

"Anyway," Revan continued, "I could help Jack, Sam, and Teal'c learn Aurabesh. Although I'd have to steal written English and Goa'uld from them."

"Does it hurt?" Jack asked.

"Just a bit, but don't worry about it."

"How much is 'just a'—OW!"


Jack glared at Revan, who merely chuckled.

"That should do it," she said. "And now I should have fewer problems reading your handwriting."


"Well, I know the written language now, but that doesn't solve the problem of illegible handwriting."

"We should get going," Luke interrupted.

"Point. Need to know what we've already gone through?"

"Might help."

"We've already gone through everything from around twenty thousand years ago, when the Old Republic first formed. The Goa'uld weren't around then, and I get the feeling that they hadn't even been able to leave their homeworld at that point. We were about to move on to the Great Hyperspace War."

"The Goa'uld found the Taur'i about ten thousand years ago," Teal'c noted. "Perhaps we should look around that time period."

"Good idea," Revan agreed. "Ani!"

"What, Rev'?" Anakin's voice said, sounding somewhat annoyed.

"Check around ten thousand years ago, I don't think we'll find anything from the Republic's early days."

"If you say so."

Daniel seated himself against a shelf and levitated a few datapads towards himself.

"Is it really possible that this has something to do with Anubis?" Sam wondered aloud.

"Think about the advantages of having artificially Force-sensitive soldiers, Sam," Daniel said.

"…Good point. They'd probably be resistant to most Force powers, for one thing."

"I believe I have found evidence of the Goa'uld," Teal'c said abruptly. "They were present in the galaxy around nine thousand years ago."

"Where?" Revan asked, appearing beside him.

"A few planets on the outer edge of the galaxy," Teal'c said, handing her a datapad. "Naedene, Deralia, and several others."

"That's interesting..."

"How so?" Luke inquired.

"Well, I'm from Deralia, and I knew someone from Naedene… the people of Naedene are warriors, very strong fighters. The Goa'uld wouldn't have lasted long there. The natives would've driven them out. The Deral, on the other hand, are a peaceful, non-violent species. Perhaps being forced out of Naedene caused the Goa'uld to withdraw from Deralia, fearing a rebellion…" Revan trailed off.

"Anything in there about Anubis?"

"Not specifically, no…"

"It was probably Ra and his family who occupied those planets," Daniel noted. "He was the supreme System Lord, after all."

"Yeah, before we offed 'im," Jack said, with a small laugh.

"Blew him up, you mean," Daniel muttered.

"You said you had a friend from Naedene?" Luke asked.

"Yes. He died some time before I did. He was a Jedi too. But, it's a painful subject, so I'd rather not talk about it."

"Fair enough," Luke said. "Although I would like to find out some more about you."

"In time," Revan said, sounding very serious now. "Perhaps I'll tell you if I have to descend to help you. I'll show you what I look like then, too, how's that?"

The rest laughed a little. "Why the secrecy?"

"Just the way I am. Daniel, you got anything from the Great Hyperspace War?" She said, hastily.

"…As a matter of fact, yeah," Daniel said. "Anubis was alive then."


"And he was one of the contestants to succeed the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos. Got kicked out by Naga Sadow, though, before he could make a claim to Ragnos's position."

"He returned after that, though. My apprentice and I encountered him once. Decimated half of his fleet. Of course, ours was at least ten times the size, so I guess we had an advantage from the start. Anyway, he sent us a message demanding that we cease our conquest of the galaxy immediately."

"Why would he ask THAT, of all things?"

"Why else? He wanted to do it himself, didn't like the idea of me cutting a bloody swath through the Old Republic. It interfered with his plans. I'd say he's out to do the same thing again."


"And what?"

"And what's he going to need to do that?"

"Mmm… Three things. He's going to need to strengthen his connection to the Force. It has dwindled to almost nothing because he hasn't been using it. He couldn't, he was half-Ascended. Also, he's going to need an army. And a fleet. And a good plan. Palpatine had a good plan."


"Well, he DID, Ani, it worked, didn't it?"

"I think we've found all we need," Luke interjected. "He's been here before, now we know that."

"Off to meet with Kyle, then?" Anakin asked. He had appeared next to Luke while Revan was discussing Anubis's most likely plan.


"Well, good luck with that. I get the feeling Kyle's not going to be in the mood to talk."


"You know he was in love with Jan Ors?"


"She was just killed. By Desann."