Powerlust II: Song of the Executioner
Chapter 6: The Sith Cult, Pt. 3 & the Plan

"So now we know who's leading this cult," Luke said. "And that Anubis is supposedly backing it."

"Malak said that it was possible that Tavion had a separate agenda," Daniel mentioned. "That Anubis wants nothing to do with Ragnos, but Tavion does."

"Then why the Jaffa?"

"He wants the Force Power for himself," Kyle put in. "Tavion wants it for Ragnos. Conflict of interest. Probably not a good idea for either of them to get what they want."

"No, it's not," Luke agreed. He turned to Jaden, who was sitting next to Kyle. "You will need to construct a new lightsaber to replace the one you lost on Vjun." Jaden nodded. "Also, I feel that both you and Toryn are ready to take on a more active role here at the Academy."


"For everything you've accomplished thus far, I believe both of you are ready to join our ranks as Jedi Knights."

"Congratulations," Kyle added.

"Thank you both," Jaden said, sounding a little embarrassed.

"Good work, Toryn," Daniel said.

"Thanks, Mast—er, Dr. Jackson."

Kyle chuckled. "Looks like I'm not the only one who hates being called 'Master'."

"Kyle…" Jaden began. "Has it occurred to you that we haven't discovered whether Byss's Dark Side aura was taken or not?"

"Oh, drat… I'd better go with you. Rosh disappeared there, so…" he trailed off. "Come on." He and Jaden left the room.

"Toryn, I'd like to send you back to Deralia," Luke said. "From what I've read, it may have a sizeable Dark Side Aura."

Toryn nodded. "I'll go get ready to leave."

"Be careful," Daniel cautioned.

"I will."

After Toryn got back from Deralia, he was sent to Kashyyyk to check the planet's Dark Side aura, and the sent to track cult activity.

His first stop on this mission was Taspir III, a volcanic world thought to be a major centre of Cult activity. He was exploring one of the facilities when he came across Rosh.


"Rosh!" Toryn quickly ignited his lightsaber, just in case. Jaden had said that Rosh had fallen to the Dark Side.

"Toryn, you gotta help me…!"


"…Jaden told you I turned to the Dark Side, didn't she?"

Toryn nodded.

"Well, I—I was scared! I wanna go back to the Academy, I want to get help!"

"Okay, Rosh," Toryn said, calmly, "send a message back to the Academy, tell them that. Do you know what Tavion's planning to do with that Dark Side aura?"

"She wants to revive Marka Ragnos. His tomb is on Korriban."

"…Sith spit! I gotta tell Master Skywalker!"

Luke did not take the news well. He sent Toryn ahead to Korriban to scout out the dangers. He spent most of his time fighting the cultists and Reborn, until his fellow students showed up.

Jaden, in the meanwhile, retrieved Rosh from Taspir III and then headed to Korriban to meet the others. She managed to work her way through the tombs to Ragnos's tomb, where she fought Tavion. Tavion was then possessed by Ragnos. Jaden couldn't fight her after that. She was too strong.

Jaden was to the point of collapsing when Anubis showed up with his First Prime and apprentice, Kar'auc. "Sith's blood…" she muttered, falling to her knees. "Not more…" She stood up and tried to attack Anubis with her twin orange and cyan lightsabers, but he easily deflected her. He killed Tavion with his lightsaber, banished Ragnos, then picked up the sceptre.

"Foolish child," He shot at her, eyes flashing. "You cannot hope to defeat me. Not even the most powerful of Jedi can stop me, now that I have the Star Forge!"

With a laugh, Anubis left through a set of Ring Transporters. Daniel, Luke, and Kyle skidded into the room moments later.

"Jaden! What happened!"

"Anubis showed up… He's got the sceptre… He mentioned something called the 'Star Forge'…"

Daniel shivered. "I've got a bad feeling about this…"

"Daniel…" Luke began, "I think it's about time our governments met, don't you?"

Anakin found Revan in the centre of the Valley of Dark Lords, staring intently at Ragnos's tomb. "Rev'? Is something wrong?"

"He rebuilt it…" She muttered absently.

"What? Who rebuilt what?"

"Anubis rebuilt the Star Forge."

"What is the Star Forge?"

"I can't tell you. Not yet. All I can tell you is that it's the last piece of the puzzle, the last thing Anubis needs to attempt to take over this galaxy. You'll find everything you need on Dantooine. Tell that to Luke and Daniel, will you? I need to go. Now." She disappeared without any further warning. Anakin stood there for a moment.

"…Sith spit."

To be continued in… "Powerlust III: Death Shall have No Domain"