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Author's Note: And now for part 3 of 6. Originally this was to be the last instalment, but I had several ideas for stuff to happen afterwards. So it's not.

This instalment was mostly influenced by LucasArts Entertainment and BioWare Corp.'s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Just a warning. Also, be prepared for everything to shift into a slightly more Revan-centric mode. Only slightly. It's still going to be mostly Daniel.

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Enjoy part three!
:Dark Jedi Princess:

Title: "Powerlust III: Death Shall Have No Domain"
Author: Dark Jedi Princess
Category: Stargate SG-1/Star Wars/Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
Reasons: Violence and some language
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Action/Adventure/Epic(?)
Total Chapters: 6
Summary: Anubis has a huge army. Anubis has a crapload of Force power. Anubis has something called the Star Forge. Only problem is… what is the Star Forge?

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Powerlust III: Death Shall Have No Domain
Chapter 1: Politics & The Star Maps

Daniel Jackson had to resist the urge to start scratching his arms. The Jedi robes he was wearing itched like Hell.

Such is a Jedi's lot in life, I suppose.

Beside him stood Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, and General Hammond, each in their best US Air Force uniforms. On his other side, Teal'c stood in his First Prime's armour, glaring daggers at Vice President Kinsey. The President was beside Kinsey, straightening his tie and looking nervous about his first trip offworld.

The Stargate was dialling out to Coruscant, where the meeting between Chief of State Organa-Solo and the President was to take place. The eighth chevron locked into place, and the vortex billowed out from the event horizon with a loud roar. The group proceeded through the Stargate, coming out in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Leia, Luke, Han, Chewbacca, and several New Republic soldiers were waiting for them there.

"You must be President Hayes and Vice President Kinsey," Leia said, stepping forward to shake their hands. "I'm Leia Organa-Solo, Chief of State of the New Republic."

"Pleasure to meet you Ms. Organa-Solo," Hayes responded, taking her hand.

While the group talked, a cloaked figure slipped past them, pausing to watch for a moment. As soon as they turned their backs and set off for the Imperial Palace, the figure lowered its hood, revealing the handsome face of Anakin Skywalker. He continued to watch them for a few moments, then, just as quietly as he had come, slipped into the 'Gate room, removed a datapad from his cloak, and began dialling out to Vjun, muttering the names of the symbols as he dialled them. The Stargate activated, and with a careful look behind him, Anakin stepped through.

Vjun's Stargate, though he hadn't known about it at first, was located just outside the Bast Castle. As Anakin entered his old stronghold, he found it deserted, as expected. He wandered the halls, looking for the throne room. He knew he kept a spare lightsaber there. He paused by a fallen statue of Darth Vader and nudged it with his foot, frowning.

"Guess someone never liked me much…" he muttered before continuing on. He found the throne room and removed a spare lightsaber from the chamber on one end. It was identical to the one he had carried as Darth Vader, which had been lost when the second Death Star was destroyed. He ignited the crimson blade and swung it around a few times before switching it off and heading back the way he came.

The next address he dialled was Yavin 4's. Once he emerged in the Temple 'Gate Room, Anakin set off to find Luke's room, keeping his hood up and making sure to avoid detection. The last time someone had broken into Luke's room, the results hadn't been pleasant. Kneeling down, he retrieved his old blue lightsaber, which Luke had taken from his clone some time ago. He pocketed it and turned to leave, only to find himself face-to-face with Toryn Dana, Jaden Korr, and Rosh Penin, three of Luke's students. Their lightsabers ignited, and Anakin took off at a run, leaping straight over them and hurrying back to the Stargate. He dialled out to Coruscant as quickly as he could, and managed to get through the Stargate just as Toryn, Jaden, and Rosh caught up to him.

Anakin tumbled out of the other end and scrambled to his feet, hurrying to find a ship to get him to the Imperial Palace. Toryn, Rosh, and Jaden were not far behind as he sped through the "streets" of Coruscant to the Palace. Despite his efforts, they managed to catch him as he reached the walkway to the palace. All three held him in place.

"Okay, why were you in Master Skywalker's room?" Jaden snapped.

Straight to the point…

"I was retrieving my lightsaber," Anakin answered, truthfully.

"That lightsaber belonged to Master Skywalker's father," Toryn shot at him.

"And who do you think I am?" Anakin returned, annoyed.

"Anakin Skywalker is dead."

"Well, yeah, see, that's the tricky thing about Ascension. I can come back. I have."

"…If you're Anakin Skywalker, you were there when Master Skywalker killed Emperor Palpatine, right?"

"Actually, I killed Palpatine, not Luke. Threw him down the reactor shaft of the second Death Star."

"…Looks like he's telling the truth, Jaden," Rosh said. The three let go of Anakin.

"Thank you," Anakin sighed. "Luke's here on Coruscant, right?"

"Yes, he's meeting with the leaders of the Taur'i government."

"Thought so. I'd better go." He hurried off towards the Imperial Palace.

He found Luke and Leia speaking to General Hammond, President Hayes, and Vice President Kinsey. Before he could go talk to Luke, however, Daniel noticed him.


"Oh, hi, Daniel," Anakin said.

"What're you doing here?" Daniel asked.

"Looking for Luke."

"He's over there, talking to Hayes and Kinsey. Is something wrong?"

"Well, yes, there's this whole thing with the Star Forge. I have a message to pass on from Revan."

"What is it?"

"She said we can find everything we need to know on Dantooine, and that the Star Forge is the last thing Anubis needs to conquer our galaxy through force."

"Dammit," Daniel muttered. "Why couldn't she deliver it herself?"

"I don't know. She's disappeared. I have no idea where she is."

Daniel looked perturbed. "She do that often?"

"Apparently." They walked over to General Hammond and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Dr. Jackson?"

"Father?" Luke and Leia said.

"Sir, we need to go to Dantooine," Daniel said, without preamble.


"Revan gave me a message, sir," Anakin said. "She said that the Star Forge—whatever it is, she wouldn't say—is the last piece of the puzzle, it's the last thing Anubis needs before he will be able to conquer this galaxy, and possibly yours as well, and everything we need to know about it is on Dantooine."

"Revan's information has always been accurate in the past," Daniel added. "And it's the only lead we've got."

President Hayes turned to Daniel. "You trust this… 'Revan'?"

"With my life," Daniel responded, confidently. "Anakin too." Anakin looked slightly embarrassed at this. "Revan accurately warned me of an impending attack on the Academy several months ago."

"And she predicted that Anubis would find a way to strengthen his connection to the Force, which he did," Luke added.

"Sounds like she's the ultimate informant when it comes to Anubis," Hayes said. He still sounded doubtful.

"She has been so far."

"Are you sure she's on our side? Wasn't she a Sith Lord—er… lady, at one point?" Hammond asked.

"The title 'Sith Lord' applies to both men and women, sir, and with all due respect, so was I," Anakin said. "We both returned to the Light Side, that's why we're friends. I'd trust her with my life too."

"Well, if you believe the information is trustworthy, then I suppose you can go," President Hayes said.

"Thank you, sir," Daniel said.

"How will you get there?" Hammond asked.

"I get the feeling Dantooine won't be the only planet we visit," Anakin said. "We should fly, just in case we have to be on a planet that doesn't have a Stargate."

"Han can take you in the Falcon," Leia offered.

"That'd be perfect, thanks," Luke told her. She smiled at him and went to get Han, who was talking to Jack.

"We should go back and get our gear," Daniel muttered to General Hammond. Hammond nodded, and Daniel went to get Sam and Teal'c. Jack came back with Han and Leia shortly thereafter. Anakin, Han, Chewbacca, and Luke followed SG-1 back to the SGC to get their gear together.

"What's Dantooine's climate like?"

"Temperate. It's a grassland, kinda like Naedene," Luke said.

"Less mountainous?"


"Forest/Jungle camo it is," Jack muttered.

"You might want to bring your desert camouflage just in case, though," Anakin told them.

"Good idea."

Soon enough they had everything together, and made their way back to the 'Gate Room to head back to Coruscant and get the Millennium Falcon.

"Everyone about ready?" Han asked as he sat down in the pilot's seat. Luke nodded, and there was a chorus of "yeah"'s from Sam, Jack, and Daniel.

"I am ready," Teal'c answered softly.

"Okay then, off we go."

"What do think is on Dantooine?" Luke asked Anakin quietly as the Falcon took off.

"I don't know. A map to the Star Forge, maybe. Possibly Revan herself."

Luke laughed.

"Seriously," Anakin said, "I get the feeling she knows more than she's telling."

"She probably does."

"I also get the feeling it's got something to do with her past and that's why she doesn't want to tell us."

"I get that feeling too," Luke agreed, smiling wryly.

"I've no clue why she insists on being such a mystery," Anakin sighed. "I barely know anything about her, believe it or not. She won't tell me. She must be… extremely guilty about some of the things she's done, or she wouldn't be so reluctant to talk about it."

Luke nodded. There was a slight lurch as they entered hyperspace.

"She'll tell us, though, won't she?" Luke asked. "We need to know."

"She'll tell us," Anakin said, confidently. "She wants to tell us, she's just hesitant."

Luke nodded again, but didn't say anything.

The hyperspace trip took about an hour. At last, they left hyperspace and flew towards Dantooine.

"Hey, there's an old ruin here, looks like it's got a few good places to land," Han muttered.

"I wonder how old that is?" Daniel said, as they approached the ruins of some enclave that had been destroyed.

"That's not the old Rebel Alliance base, though," Anakin said. "I wonder…" He trailed off. "There's something familiar about it, can't place what though."

Han set the Falcon down in one of the four "legs" branching off from the main building.

"It does feel familiar," Luke agreed. "Like it was once…"

"A Jedi Enclave," Anakin finished. "You don't think…?"

Luke shook his head. They left the cockpit and joined SG-1 outside. As Daniel stepped off the Falcon, he got the distinct feeling that there was someone else there with them.