A.N.: This is my first C.S. fic, so enjoy!

Ever since their journey to Narnia, Polly and Diggory had changed much. A few years had passed, and Diggory is now seventeen and Polly is sixteen. They had remained great friends, but over the years, they contacted each other less and less, and Polly's trips to Diggory's country house had stopped short. Polly was interested in her own social life now, and was quite busy with boys and parties. Diggory was planning to become a professor, so he started studying more.

Diggory and his parents moved back to the Kettle's old house, and they had just got everything settled. Diggory was quite pleased to hear that Polly still lived at the neighboring house. He hadn't seen her physically since they were about 13 years old.

He didn't get to see her during the days that he had first settled in due to her being out all the time with friends. She hadn't been informed that he moved back. One day, up in his room, Diggory was studying when he heard a cab pull up. He opened the curtains and saw the cab stop at the Plummers' home, he reckoned that it was Polly, and quickly folded up his reading glasses and ran downstairs. He went over to her house and reached her room, the nurse told him that she was not due back until the morrow and the cab was just a false alarm.

He thanked her and explored the room. It had changed a lot, and reflected most of Polly's new personality.

It used to be plainer, but now, it was more detailed. It was messier and dresses were hung in every corner. Hair ribbons were tied and assembled in every color on her bed post.

Perfumes and lipstick cases were scattered along the vanity unit. A few dusty books were stacked on a chair. A large mirror stood in front of the bed. He found an old piece of paper in a drawer and smoothed it out. There was a story written on it and Diggory realized that it was the story that Polly had never let him read. The one that she had written in her little attic cave when they were younger. It was about a young maiden who lived a magical world. She was very lonely until a handsome boy-knight had climbed her wall one day in search of a friend.

She soon befriended this boy and they had many adventures. The knight left one day, promising that he'd return. The story ended there. Diggory smiled at the girlish fantasy that she had hidden from him and walked back home. The next day, he went back to her room and explored some more. He found that she rarely hung around her room, except at her vanity unit. The untouched and dusty areas had hinted that.

All clues of her childhood were gone, except one, there was a ribbon hanging on her lamp, it was very pretty and was made of silk, it was a color between lavender and watery blue. Diggory recognized it as a hair ribbon that he had given Polly soon after their adventure in Narnia. Next to it, were envelopes and letters from letters that he had sent to her. There was one photograph taken a few years back of them together, eating ice cream. Diggory fondly touched the old memories when the door swung open and he heard a soft, "Oh!" Diggory whirled around.

A petite girl stood at the door. She had thick blonde hair, curling a little below her shoulders. She had rosy cheeks and full pink lips, and cold blue eyes. Her waist was very slim, along with her fingers. She glared at him and said, after a while, "May I help you? I seem to recall that this is my room. Do I know you?" Diggory stared in awe of this changed girl. She was very pretty.

The girl examined him, he was very tall, and had broad shoulders. He had thick brown hair that he had combed neatly. He had brown eyes and very sensual lips that curled up into a charming smirk. He was very lean and strong looking. He was wearing a cotton green vest with a white Eton collared shirt underneath it, and polished brown shoes, he also had a pure look of knowledge.

The boy-or should she say, man, looked very handsome at first glance, he was very built and healthy looking and had slightly tanned skin, compared to most of the English boys at her school. She later learned that this was because of the country exposure that he had. The boy lifted a silky eyebrow and whistled, "Polly Plummer, long times no see! What kind of reception is this? Aren't you glad to see me? You sure were glad when I saved you in Narnia last time." Polly's eyes went round and they became clouded.

Then she glared at him again and pouted. "Diggory, I should have known. You're cocky now aren't you? Don't you ever whistle at me like that again! I'm not that kind of a girl! Who do you think you are? Surprising me like that in my own room, why bother!" She didn't like the way that he made her feel, they had just reacquainted, and already she was feeling strange, and they were old friends too.

So she covered it up with resentment. Diggory was taken aback, and then replied again, "Why Plummer! Don't worry about me, I won't bother you like that, besides, I'm to busy with study to even bother with girls. So don't get that in your head, I know that you're just drooling about me in that pretty little head of yours!" He teased.

Polly blushed; did he just say she had a pretty head? But how could he be so arrogant and cocky!

He started to advance towards her, and she was really scared of him now, she backed up against the door, and he was now face to face with her. He grinned down at her. Her heart raced and she instantly started to pound at his chest. He gently grasped her wrists and jokingly said, "Now how about a little kiss for an old friend?" She squealed as he neared her face.

Then he did something unexpected and burst out laughing. She was puzzled. "What?" He laughed again, "No, it's just you look so funny! Did ya really think that I was going to kiss you?" Polly glared at him and shrieked. She jumped at him and pounded him, then, hugged him hard. He hugged her back. "Gee, Poll, I missed you so much!" Polly squeezed him tighter and they stayed like that until hr mother called her down for supper.