A loud knock rang off of a wooden door, which would lead into the office of Maureen Epps. Owner and Manager of Arctic Warrior, a set of companies which managed crews of salvagers who would go out into the waters and fix up worn-down ships and hall them back in to be either reused, sold, or stripped for parts.

"Come in" came the voice of a women who was seated in a leather chair behind large desk covered with maps, paper work, and several photos. "Maureen, some guy just called in a ship lose in the Bering Sea."

"The what?" Maureen asked, expression on of shock and discomfort. "The Bering Sea? You don't know what that is?" The man asked, amused with her question. "No, I know what it is, why are you telling me this? Just send a crew out to get it already." Maureen said, forcing the statement out of her mind. "We can't. We're in dangerous state of lack of man power down in the areas around Bristol Bay."

"Then send someone from either Nome or Yuskokwim Bay." She stated, annoyed that this 'problem' was not going away. "Our base in Yuskokwim is down, and no one in Nome wants to take it. It'll be too long of a journey for them." The man said edging to the only thing left to do.

"Fine, who do you want me to send?" Maureen asked, giving in. "Us two. We're the only ones left with experience that's hear, we've sent everyone else off to the Gulf to retrieve the fishing boat that went down three weeks ago."

Maureen placed a hand on her forehead and rubbed it back and forth. "I'll send you, I don't want to go back-" She started but was immediately cut off.

"Go back? You're not still on about that story with the Antonia Graza are you?" He asked smirking now very amused. "It's not a story, Jon!" Maureen insisted, jumping up out of her seat. "You and your 'crew' never brought her back."

"They di-" "Oh that's right, five people died on a haunted ship that was (A) never found, (B) no proof any of them ever existed. and (C) no record of the salvage ship you supposedly used. Maureen, it was a dream. Let it go."

Maureen narrowed her eyes at Jon. As much as she wanted to yell and scream right now she knew she couldn't. Sighing, she twirled a heart-locket between her fingers. "How do we know this claim is even real, Jonathan?" Maureen asked, retaking her seat in the leather chair. "He emailed pictures. It looks a little like a tug maybe? I can't be sure. He said he made no radio contact, no answer."

This caught Maureen's attention. Shaking her head, she dismissed the fact it sounded so much like Jack's story before. Jonathan held out the pictures, and she took them. She only looked at them for a second. "You're right, tug or salvage." Maureen said placing it on her desk. She looked at it for a few more minutes. "Jon, what's this?" She asked pointing her finger at the edge of the picture, holding what seemed to be an image of a back of a ship. Jon look at it for a minute and grunted. "Must be a ship passing by it." He said simply. "And they didn't see this tug?" Maureen asked curiously. "Maybe it was the captain of the ship who called it in."

"Wait you didn't get a name for the person who called?"

"They wouldn't give me one. Don't worry, it's probably just a scan mark or something." Jon said. "I'm going home to pack, you should to. We have a long few weeks ahead of us "Jon said happily as he walked out of the door waving a quick good-bye to Maureen.