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The Thief and the Raven

Rain fell down in thick sheets against the glass. A flash of lightning bolted across the sky, followed by a loud clap of thunder. Raven Roth sat quietly at her desk, finishing some paperwork. She sighed to herself.

"The party never ends," she muttered, filing random police reports. There was a knock on her door.

"Come in," she called. A young man slipped through, carrying a stack of papers.

"Um, excuse me, Ms. Roth, but these need your signatures…" he said nervously.

Raven sighed again. "Very good, Henry. Just leave them on my desk."

"Yes, Ms. Roth. You'll be taking them home, then?" Henry asked timidly.

"I might be able to finish if there's no reason to leave the offi-" she was cut off, when an alarm went off.

"Scratch that, Henry. I'll definitely be taking these home."

"Okay, Inspector Jones. What's the damage?" Raven said into the radio. Crackling was heard.

"Thieving, Ms. Roth. He's a professional. On the corner of Main and Third, at that new jewelry store," he said.

"Main and Third, Star. I hope this won't end up involving Terra. She's probably home in her bed, and she won't be woken up very easily," Raven said, putting up the radio. Starfire nodded, and turned the car. Raven flipped on the siren.

"That noise is one of the only pleasures in this job," she said, listening to it.

Starfire and Raven drove along silently, until they saw the lights and other police cars.

"There it is," Starfire said, parking out front. They climbed out, and walked over to the officers in front.

"Raven! Starfire! We can't get him. We know he's inside though. I sent in a couple of officers, but the maniac is now holding them hostage. They're on the first floor, but we don't know where he is. I need you to go in," Inspector Jones said, wiping sweat from his brow.

"Star, I'll go in first, and I'll go upstairs. Then, you go in and cover the bottom floor. Whoever finds him, yell, okay?" Raven said, loading her gun, and putting on her police badge.

"Alright. Be careful, friend Raven," Starfire said quietly, watching Raven sneak in. As Raven neared the stairs, she pulled off her jacket, not wanting it to get in the way. It was dark and musty inside the store. She tiptoed up the stairs, being careful not to make one of the boards creak. As she was nearing the top, Raven heard footsteps. They were quiet, but sure. Raven took a deep breath, and continued up the stairs. She reached the landing, and saw no one. Her head turned left, and the finally right, wondering which way to go. Just as she was beginning to walk, she heard a creak. Raven's head snapped in the direction of the noise. She was beginning to sweat, as she carefully walked towards it. She saw nothing in the rooms she passed, and as she reached the last one, she saw a man leaning against the window, looking out.

"Freeze!" Raven yelled, pointing her gun in his direction. The man made no movement at all. He didn't seem startled.

"Ms. Raven Roth. The most respected policewoman in Jump City…and I've got her on my tail," he said, turning around.

"Put your hands up, and no one gets hurt," Raven said coolly. To her surprise, his hands went up instantly, but he backed towards the window. "Stop moving, criminal. Or I'll shoot," she warned.

The man remained silent. He wasn't the cool type, but he definitely wasn't the type to give in without a fight.

"Stand still, and you won't be hurt," Raven warned again. Without warning, the man jumped through the window, shooting a grappling hook from his belt. Raven jumped after him without hesitation, taking hold of a rope outside the window. The thief swung onto the roof opposite, and Raven followed. He turned around, only to see Raven flying after him, hot on his heels. She jumped after him with accuracy.

"Ready to give up yet, criminal?" she asked, landing in front of him.

"On the contrary!" the man shouted, throwing smoke bombs at Raven. She jumped into the air, avoiding them. He threw more, and this time, she was caught in their screen. Coughing violently, she waved her hand in front of her face to clear the smoke. A shadow was off in the distance, hopping roofs. Angrily, Raven sprinted after him, jumping roofs as fast as he.

"Stop!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. The man whipped around, and smiled.

"Don't you give up?" he called.

"No! Do you?" she yelled back, taking out a pair of handcuffs.

He smirked at her.

"What's your name?" Raven demanded.

"Some people call me the Midnight Thief. Others call me Bird of the Night. But, Ms. Roth, I'm willing to give you my real name. Robin. Just Robin," he said, slowing to a stop. Raven stopped too, and smirked at him.

He smiled mischievously, and Raven frowned.

"I'm going to ask you one more time, 'Robin'. Stop here, and no one gets hurt," she said again.

"I could, Ms. Roth. But that's not how I am," Robin said, turning and jumping off the building.

Raven didn't follow. "Raven!" she called after him. "Call me raven…" she said transfixed with the shadow, flying through the night.

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