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Chapter 12: The Breakins

"According to the sensors built into my arm," Cyborg started, looking downwards at the small screen in front of him. "The weakest spot in the fence is just a little bit further…"

The whole group of them: Raven in the lead, followed closely by Robin, then Cyborg, Starfire, Terra, Jinx, and, bringing up the rear, Beastboy. They were all crouched low in the darkest time of the night, running swiftly along the metal fence that surrounded the POCS headquarters.

Raven had done her research, and found that there was one spot in the fence that would set off no alarms if broken or cut. Once they could get a hole, even a small one, in the fence, Cyborg could reach through and deactivate the rest of it. Then they could just knock it down to get through.

Cyborg's arm beeped. "It's here," he said. "This small green light will zoom in on exactly what part of the fence is weak. Hopefully it'll be big enough for my whole arm, but if not, then I have the tools to get the job done. But it might take a little longer." He walked over to the fence, a large dome of green coming from his arm. Luckily for them, the light was very dim, and wouldn't be spotted by guards. He stood there for a moment while his sensors evaluated the fence.

Finally, it closed in on a space of about two feet by two feet, beeping once again. Cyborg grinned, turning his arm to a silent saw. "The green will linger for at least ten minutes. It won't disturb the rest of the fence's sensors."

"You rock bots, Cy!" Beastboy whispered enthusiastically, giving him the thumbs up sign.

"Cyborg, will you and Beastboy be able to restore the fence and then get back to the car safely?" Raven asked from behind as he began working on the fence.

"Aw, you mean we won't be in on the action?" Beastboy whined.

"No, you and Cyborg need to repair the fence once we're in so that the guards won't know anything's wrong. Then you need to get back to the car, and wait for us near the entrance. That's your job," Raven retorted.

"I'm in," Cyborg said. The small part of the fence he had cut out fell from the rest of the metal. The android wasted no time in reaching through to one of the small wired that wound into the fence. A small tool flipped out from the end of his finger. A small yellow ray shot from it onto the wire. "This will deactivate the sensors," he explained. "It literally overloads them without setting them off. In a second, the beam will spread from this one wire all over the fence. Then all the sensors will die."

Sure enough, within the next two minutes, the yellow had spread all over the metal. It flashed once, then let out a low humming sound.

"That must be the sensors shutting down," Robin remarked. "I've worked with fences like these before. The sensors will actually be back up within the next three days."

"Yeah," Cyborg said. "Now, the sensors are out of commission. We can just knock it down!" he cried, ramming his shoulder into the metal.

There was a terrible shrieking sound as the metal groaned, and fell forward. The fence was down. But, at a price…

Guard alarms were screeching all over the vicinity. Dogs were barking, the sound of gnashing teeth floating across the complex.

Raven glared at Cyborg. "Way to go."

"Well…apparently, the sensors weren't completely dead yet…" Cyborg muttered.

"No time!" Robin cried, leaping gymnastically over the fence. "We'll go, and you need to just repair the fence and get back to the car!" He took off towards the central building with Raven at his heels.

Starfire went sprinting off to the right, towards a large brick building titled "Training Facility". Jinx and Terra ran the exact opposite of Starfire, to the left. They crossed the whole complex, making their way to a small gray building labeled "Storage".

Cyborg began immediately throwing instructions at Beastboy. They lifted the fence back up to its original position, and the android began welding the metal back together.

"I guess things are going to be different from now on, huh, Cyborg?" Beastboy asked in his boyish tone.

Cyborg nodded, releasing welding fire. "Yeah, BB. Things are never going to be the way they've been. But, maybe they'll be better. After all, we used to live this way, a long time ago."

Beastboy was silent for a moment, before speaking once again. "Do you think I'll still like video games?" he asked, thoughtfully.

Cyborg rolled his human eye. "I wouldn't know, Beastboy…"

Robin kicked open a vent, and dove in after it through the newly formed hole in the roof. He grabbed the falling metal mid-flip, landing on the floor in silence. He motioned for Raven to jump in after him.

The police officer was reluctant, due mainly to her broken shoulder, which she wished would hurry up and heal. She knew that, even though POCS had taken away her powers, her natural body healing processes were still sped to super-human. Though the doctor, Richard, had told her that it was badly broken. It was taking a while to heal, still.

"Come on, Raven," Robin whispered up to her. "Your shoulder will be fine," he said, practically reading her mind.

Raven gulped once, feeling shame for being so afraid. She took a deep breath, before placing a hand on the top, and vaulting over. The falling sensation was a strange but familiar feel, which was over much too quickly as she hit the ground, rolling once more to her feet. "Let's go," she said, standing, and dusting herself off.

"Just like old times, eh, Rae?" Rob whispered grinning, and placing a hand on her unbroken shoulder.

"You wouldn't have any idea, Nightwing," she answered.

Robin looked momentarily confused. "Nightwing?" he asked.

Raven shook her head, to indicate that she would tell him later. Or that he would eventually find out. "Now," she said, all business-like, "The power is probably in the core of the building. Or in the lowest room in the lowest floor. But in a huge place like this, my money's on the core of the building. Want to get moving?"

Robin was silent for a moment, before shaking his head. "No. No, the power generator, at least the main one, is going to be on the topmost floor. I know companies like this. I steal from them all the time. If it's not there, then yes, it will be in the core of the building. But let's start on the topmost floor."

Raven looked disbelieving at him. "Are you sure?"

Robin nodded. "Really big, worldwide companies always put things like that on the top floor of their main headquarters building. All of the floors are usually for show, so, because there aren't any offices or anything up there, that's where the put things like water filters and electric generators. At least for big complexes like this."

"…Alright…" Raven said reluctantly. "I guess you would know best."

"Let's go," Robin said, taking off in a silent run down the hallways.

Starfire, after a grueling climb to the roof of the training facilities, dropped from an open skylight. She looked left and right, in case of guards or otherwise, and began running down the hallway.

She peeked in through each door. In some doors were dark offices, in others, a large group of men and women standing on mats or fighting, and still others, empty classrooms. Right next to a large door labeled "Bunks", was a smaller, dirtier door labeled "Power". She nodded to herself, turning the knob.

Starfire let herself in, and gasped. She had never send so many wires or switches in her life. She closed the door, and flicked the light on.

"Alright…" she muttered to herself. "Better get started…"

Starfire looked over all the switches, some of which were labeled, some of which were not. Bathrooms, bunks, classrooms, mess hall…nothing that said "main". The policewoman knew that she could not just shut down little bits at a time, they might send someone to see what was going on. It all had to go at once, or none at all. Starfire glanced over them once more, now looking at the cords of wires and buttons that were linked together.

"Oh, wait…here is something…" she muttered to herself. There were two switches hidden behind a wall of falling wires. Starfire gulped, hoping that she would be able to maneuver her hand through them without receiving an electric shock.

She managed to, and looked at what they said. She smiled. "Training Facility, 1st Half", and "Training Facility, 2nd Half". What luck. Starfire wasted no time, and reached up. She pulled the first one down, and then the second. Once they were both down, the light went off in the small room she was in. Bingo.

Terra and Jinx took off for the storage room. It was a very large, and disgustingly gray building. Jinx went straight to the door, and began picking the lock.

"I still don't understand how you can do that," Terra whispered in disbelief.

Jinx shrugged. "I don't know either, but let's not complain now. As long as it gets us in without a fight, right?"

Terra said nothing, but listened to the soft "click" of a job well done. The door jumped open, and Jinx stood up.

"There should be some kind of security somewhere in here," Jinx said. "There are a lot of valuable memories in here, that I'm sure that POCS would not want to get out."

The two scanned the floor and ceiling, to reveal nothing. Terra reached over and flicked the light on. Still nothing. She then looked to the right and left of the doorway. To the far right of them was a black box entitled "Security System Power". The blonde woman wasted no time in dropping to the floor and pulling out a mirror. She placed in on the floor, moving it around.

A red beam suddenly leapt up from the mirror, striking the opposite wall. "Infrared beams," Jinx said. "Should have expected this."

Terra was silent. "There must be some way to get them all visible at one time…" she said, finally.

Jinx grinned. "There is. It's old fashioned, but it works." She reached into her small pack, and pulled out a can of hairspray.

Terra groaned. "Seriously? Hairspray? They've done that in every spy movie since Bond!"

Jinx said nothing, instead pulling the top off, and spraying the mist everywhere she could reach. The technique worked like a charm. Everywhere the spray touched, there jumped out a red beam of light.

Terra thanked her, before springing into the trap. She dodged flying lasers, and bent her body in ways that she didn't know possible. Finally, after about three minutes of jumping and weaving, she reached the black control box. Terra opened it up, and shut off the power. The beams faded, making it safe for her and Jinx to cross into the main storage area.

They met the hum of electricity on the way in.

"They must keep power running her 24/7" Terra stated, looking around. "Or else how would they be able to store so many memories and so much raw power?"

"We'd better take off. Find the main room," Jinx said, running down the hallway. They checked about twenty doors, before finding one at then end of the hallway that led to the mother load. It was the biggest room that they had ever seen, their voices echoing off every wall. It was probably a hundred feet from ceiling to floor, and about three hundred feet across and over.

"…How are we going to release all of these memories…?" Terra asked finally. Up each wall was about two hundred storage containers, and across each wall was at least fifty. That was a lot of memories and power.

"They must have been stealing power for decades! From anyone who even had an inkling of supernatural in them!" Jinx cried, her eyes wandering the room.

"Well then I guess it's about time we give it all back, right?"

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