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When you wish upon…

It was a dark, rainy day; cold winds blew in every direction. A certain pink hedgehog was struggling to get home. Amy went out for a walk to clear her mind, after what she had endured today she needed it.


At Cream's house…

"Why do you have keep following me?" shouted the blue hedgehog.

"Because I worry about you Sonic," Amy shouted back.

"I can take care of myself you know."

"I know you can, I just worry, that's all."

"Why! Why do you worry, when there's nothing to worry about?"

"Can't I worry?"

"You tell me."


"Because what?"

"Because I LOVE YOU!"

Sonic stared at her, completely shocked by this news.

"I worry about you because I love you Sonic. I truly do, but it seems that you don't feel the same."


"Don't…please," she said holding up a hand. "Just don't!" With that she ran out the door, she could not…no-refused to let him see her cry.

End Flashback

Amy had run to the beach, the only place that calmed her. She noted to herself that rain, wind, and sand didn't mix. Winds began to blow harder, pushing her back further and further along the beach. She covered her face to keep the sand off, but the winds were just too strong. They began to blow upward, lifting Amy off the ground. She tried as hard as she could to stay, but it was no use. Seconds later, she found herself begin carried up by the winds. She screamed as they tossed and turned her in every direction, she felt dizzy and soon loss consciousness.

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