Eternal Chaos

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Rated: T

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Summary: Yuna and Tidus are high school students ment for each other. But can there be a story without conflict? I think not... Rated:T

"Who is THAT?" Yuna screamed as she pointed to a blonde, blue-eyed boy across the street, talking and laughing with some of his friends.
Yuna was walking down the street with her friends as she does almost everyday after school. She was your typical teenage girl, shoulder length brown hair, thin and somewhat shy. Her friends, however, couldn't be anymore different.

"Duh Yunie, that's Tidus!" Rikku said. Rikku was Yuna's preppy, teenage, blonde cousin who loved anything with chocolate in it. Her favorite thing was mixing coffee with hot chocolate. Commonly known as mocha, but good ol' Rikku loved to call it Cokie.

Yuna's father had died a few years ago and her mother died when she was only 3. So she had been forced to move in with her Uncle Cid and his daughter, Rikku, and his son, Brother. Over the years Rikku had become one of Yuna's best friends.

"Seriously Yuna, how can you have no clue who Tidus is? I mean, come on. He's only the most popular guy in school, captain of the blitzball team and is in three out of seven of your classes," Lulu said. Lulu is one of those soft-spoken, Goth looking types, with the hard outside but had a soft heart inside. Her hair was long and black with red contact lenses and purple lipstick. She was Yuna's other best friend. Lulu lived in an apartment by herself and wouldn't have it any other way.

"Why? Do you like him Yunie?" Rikku giggled.

Yuna blushed, "It's not that, I've just never noticed him before. He's kinda cute"

"Don't feel bad, the only reason Lulu even noticed him was because he hangs around with Wakka. Isn't that right, Lulu?" Rikku said as she grinned at Lulu.

Lulu glared at Rikku, "Go stuff a chocolate muffin down your face."

"Chocolate…Yum! Sounds like it's time for me to go get some Cokie and a chocolate muffin! Are you in Yuna?" Rikku said as she started to drool from the thought of chocolate.

"No thanks. I think I'm just going to go home and do some homework," Yuna said with a smile.

"Ok then. Tell Dad I'll be home later."

"Sure thing"


Yuna plopped onto her bed and stared at the ceiling.

How is it possible that I've never noticed him before? He's so cute and he looks like so much fun! Is Rikku right? Could I possibly like him? I don't even know him. Can you like someone without actually even ever meeting them? Yuna thought. She sighed and turned onto her stomach.

Well, maybe I should just try and talk with him tomorrow. What's the worst that could happen?

And with that Yuna turned off her lamp with a 'click' and fell into a deep sleep.


Yuna groaned and turned around to turn off her alarm clock. It was time for her to get up and embrace the new day. She examined her closet, nothing but baggy sweatshirts and baggy pants. Her closet was the complete opposite of what Rikku's looked like. Rikku's closet had mini skirts, tank tops, and just about anything revealing or tight.

Yuna skipped down the stairs and sat down at the table. She grabbed a piece of bread and popped it in the toaster. Rikku had a cup of Cokie and a chocolate brownie.

"Don't you ever get tired of that stuff?" Yuna asked as she buttered her toast.

"Nope." Rikku said as she took another sip of her Cokie, followed by a huge bite out of her brownie, "I wove hervbien chokorlert foo murch!"

"English please..."

Rikku swallowed, "I said I love having chocolate too much!" Yuna giggled.

"Well, we should probably be heading out soon." Yuna said as she grabbed her backpack.

"Sounds good, Yunie!"

Rikku grabbed her stuff and with that the two of them were out the door and on their way to school. They met Lulu at the entrance and then Rikku spotted Gippal.

"Oh, lookie, lookie! There's Gippal!" Rikku shouted, "We have first period together and I didn't see him at all yesterday. I'll see you guys at lunch!" Rikku bounced off to meet up with Gippal.

"Man, Rikku has it bad," Lulu said.

"Ya, but Rikku's had a crush on Gippal for years, atleast as long as I've been living with her. Maybe one of these days she'll actually get up the courage to ask him out."

"That is if she doesn't get fat from all that chocolate first." Lulu and Yuna broke out laughing. Then the bell rang.

"I'll see you at lunch, Yuna," and with that Lulu ran off to her next class.

Yuna stopped at her locker before going to class. Her first class that morning was English, which she didn't mind. It was her Spira History 101 class that she hated. She was barely passing that class and her teacher, Mr. Tromell, didn't exactly help the situation. She hated him and he hated her back.

She entered her English room and sat down at a desk in the middle of the room. She looked around but saw no sign of Tidus. Huh, I guess I don't have this class with him.

That was when Tidus walked in surrounded by a huge group of people. He was laughing with all of them just like the day before. He sat down in the far back corner of the room and everyone else in the group sat around him. Yuna noticed that Wakka was in the group with Tidus, and she couldn't help but smile thinking of Lulu.

He seems busy. Too many people are around to talk to him now. Maybe I can try after school. But he looks so cute there with his blonde hair and perfect white teeth…Yuna thought.

"Hey Tidus, your gonna be at my party tonight, ya?" Wakka asked as the bell rang and the teacher was trying to settle down the class.

"Wouldn't miss it Wakka," Tidus said.

"All right, all right class. Settle down. I have a project that I'm going to hand out. You are all to right a poem. It can be on anything you want it to be. Just keep it rated G. And after last times fiasco…" the teacher glared over at Tidus and Wakka, "I have chosen your partners…"

There was a huge groan from the class. "All right, here they are: Dona, your with Lenne. Wakka, your with Barthello. Tidus, your with Yuna…"

Yuna froze. She just gazed up from her desk and turned her head towards Tidus. He was tipping back in his chair with his arms behind his head and eyes closed. "I'll give you the rest of the class to talk about the project with your partner," the teacher said as he went back to his desk.

How did I end up with him? I mean, I wanted to talk with him, but what if he doesn't like me? OH NO! He's coming this way. What do I say to him?

"Hi there, I'm Tidus. Nice to meet you," he said with a smile.

"Hello, I...I'm Yuna," she said with a stutter.

"Well, ummm… I have an idea! I'm going to Wakka's party tonight. Meet me there and we can talk about the project. Sound good?" He asked.

"Ya, it sounds fine. Do you mind if I bring a few friends with me?" Yuna asked. She could feel her face getting redder by the second.

"Sure, I'm positive Wakka wont mind if I few more people show up. And even if he doesn't I'll take care of him for you." He winked and the bell rang. "See ya there, Yuna!" he shouted as he ran out the door and joined his friends.

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