The Wizard of Slayers

Zelgadis Greywords woke up with a start. He looked around, wondering what woke him up. He soon found out as he looked out the window. The inn he had been staying at had been lifted off the ground by a raging tornado. As he looked down he saw Lina, Gourry, and Amelia shouting and waving up to him. Luckily the wind drowned out his voice as he screamed back at them.

Zel tried to think on his feet. If he tried to Ray Wing down, it was very likely he would be blown away by the tornado. But if he stayed it the cartwheeling inn, who knew what could happen. Suddenly a table came sliding very quickly toward him. He tried to duck—bad idea. The table smacked him in the forehead smartly. After swooning for a couple of minutes, Zel checked the window. He rubbed his eyes and blinked rapidly. There, riding on a broomstick and cackling at him, was Martina. Zelgadis rubbed his forehead and wondered if he was hallucinating. He sighed with relief when Martina zoomed out of sight.

Suddenly there was a large WHOOMPH! and then everything was still. Zel peeked out the front door of the inn and made a mental note to see a psychiatrist. He was in what seemed to be a town square, only with bright primary colors and strangely shaped houses. He stepped outside and looked around the square. Looking back to the inn, Zel recoiled at a pair of tacky stockings curling underneath the wooden structure. Those red and yellow stripes are just—just—wrong! he thought.

"Hello mister. May I be of any service?" asked a mellow voice. Zel jumped. A long haired, green-eyed maiden was standing where before there was nothing.

"S-Sylphiel?" Zelgadis stuttered. He looked her up and down. She was wearing a bubble-gum pink princess gown and carrying a matching sceptor. "What are—why are you...?"

"What star have you come from?" she asked, leaning toward him.

Zel sighed, "Dammit..." He whapped his forehead when Sylphiel began to sing, Zelgadis-chan he came from afar! And Dammit, he says, is the name of the star!—Background singers appeared out of nowhere—Dammit, he says, is the name of the star! The singers poofed out. Sylphiel cracked an eye open and gasped.

"Did you kill the Wicked Witch of the East?" She said breathlessly and pointing to the inn.

Zel shrugged. "Oh, the ugly socks? If that was what it was, yeah." He flinched as Sylphiel shrieked with delight.

"Oh, oh! This calls for a celebration! Oh muuuunch-kinnns!" She called.

"Munchkins?" Zelgadis sweatdropped. More sweatdrops appeared as little chibis

began jumping out of the bushes singing, Ding dong! The witch is dead. Which ol' witch? The wicked witch! Steam began pouring from his oversized ears and a tic developed over his left eye. "WILL SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO GET BACK HOME?" He yelled, making the chibis freeze where they stood.

" that case..." muttered Sylphiel looking down at her pink pumps, "you need to see the wizard"

"The wizard?"

"Yes, the wizard! He lives in the Emerald City." She said, suddenly cheery. The chibis looked around at each other, grinned, and sucked in their breath. Weeeeeee're off to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of Slayers!

"Yes...a psychiatrist...would be good...very good..." said Zel to himself, groaning.