Zelgadis, Gourry, Lina, and Amelia were reaching their final destination. Chibi songs were just a normal part of the journey. And hunger, unfortunantly, was as well.

"Foooood, I need fooooooood." Lina moaned. Her stomach roared menacingly on a regular basis.

"Buck up, Lina. We're sure to be out of this forest soon enough." Gourry comforted her in his usual big-brother way.

"Yes, Mr. Gourry's right Ms. Lina." said Amelia. "Oh! I have an idea to make you feel better!"

"Do I dare ask what it is?" Lina grumbled not unlike her stomach was.

"You must think on the bright side! Just keep repeating 'Life is wonderful! Life is wonderful!'

Lina sobbed with hunger.

Zel was only half-listening to the conversation. He was pondering how he would casually request for his body to become normal again when they finally came across the Wizard.

"'Please, take me home, your...' Majesty? Grace? Ah, whatever. 'Oh, and before we leave, could you possibly change me back into a human? Oh thank you! You certainly are most wise.' No, that's not right at all."

"Zel, quit bellyaching, 'cuz my bellyache is FAR worse than yours!" Lina snarled.

Meanwhile, in Martina the Witch's castle, a brew of trouble was being prepared.

"Ahhh hahahahahah ha! Lina Inverse, your doom is inevitable!" Martina grinned into the crystal ball she was gazing into. She had gone to the gorgeous and intelligent author's den and demanded that she have a bigger part in the story. The reply was, "Eh, sure."

"By the power of Zomelgustar, I will smite you, you little pathetic flat-chested witch!" she laughed maniacally. "I raised all that money making all those flowers, and now it is about time my hard work went to use!" She watched in the crystal ball as her flying monkey minions dumped a ton of cursed paper flowers in the field outsde the entrace of the forest. "DIE, LINA, DIEEEE!" Martina twitched uncontrollably.

Gourry looked up. "Hey, the forest is clearing!" and he was right.

"You're right! I think I see the Emerald City!" Lina laughed and ran into a field of flowers.

Zelgadis and Amelia jogged after them. "Does anything strike you strange about these flowers, Mr. Zelgadis?"

Zel looked down at the flowers crunching under his feet. Yet for some reason they weren't dying. For what other reason would a flower cruch? Zel stopped. "These flowers are fake." he said.

"What? Fakes?" Lina looked down and picked one up. Hey, these are only paper!" The flower drifted from her hand. Lina collapsed.

"LINA!" Gourry screamed dramatically. He started to run toward her, but then he fell to the ground as well. He was followed shortly by Amelia.

"What in the..." Zel found himself becoming woozy. Blackness. He awoke what seemed to be a few moments later to find a gorrilla-like creature staring at him.

"Oh, so you've awakened, Zelgadis...chan?" Martina said, starry eyed.

"Oh no, not you," Zelgadis mumbled.

"Oh, hahaha! Doesn't know what he's saying!" Martina giggled nervously at the gorrillas, who only seemed to care about the straw in Gourry's hat.

"Teehee! That tickles!" Gourry laughed.

After recovering from a severe case of sweatdrops, Zelgadis turned back to Martina. "So why did you bring us here in the first place?"

"Too get rid of Lina Inverse, of course!" she cackled.

"Hee...I'm a math term...Inverse? Get it?" Lina slurred, still half-concious. "Lina likes Lazy Town, it's fun...ny..." she fell back, unconcious once more.

"My plan is to keep her here and torture her, while you three others work as my slaves!" Martina explained, ignoring Lina.

"Why did you tell me your plans?" Zel asked. "Now I can make a plan to escape."

Martina's face fell. "I hadn't thought of that." She scratched her head and rubbed her chin, hoping to think twice as cleverly. "Oh well, my plan is foolproof and is destined to go well! The Wizard told me so." she smirked at Zel.

Well, this puts us in a fix...If the Wizard is wrong about Martina's plan, then how are we to know he'll be right with our predicaments? On the other hand, if he's right, then we'll stay here! And I don't want to think about the kind of things she'll do to us... Zel shuddered at the thought. And then it came to him: the Perfect Plan.