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"Wow….that girl is stacked" Draco thought.

It was early morning, Diagon Alley. Draco was summoned by his headmaster to meet at Flourish and Blott's at 9 am. The store had just opened, with sun pouring in from the tall east windows in the otherwise unlit room of rows and rows of towering bookshelves.

The only other person in the popular bookstore at the time was a young girl who didn't even hear him come in. Whoever she was, she was very occupied high atop a latter, looking intensively for whatever book on one of the highest shelves. She was about 5'7", slender yet with very dramatic curves. Her wavy dirty blonde hair reached to the small of her back and glistened in the sun. Draco, with his mind in the gutter, couldn't help but notice her long shapely legs, they seemed to go on for miles. When his eyes finally made their scan to the top, his attention then focused on her perfectly shaped athletic ass and feminine hips, orbiting in a gray low-rise mini-skirt.

Draco decided, for once, not to say anything just yet and enjoy the view. He walked a little closer as quietly as he could, and subtlety stretched his neck to get 'just a peek' up the girl's skirt. After taking a mental picture of the glimpse he was getting of the girl's red panties ('for later' he thought menacingly,) he decided it was time to turn on the charm. With his sexiest smile and studlyest stance, he gave a little cough and a deep throaty "Hello there."

Startled, the girl jumped and with a gasp letting a large old book fall out of her hands. It crashed to the ground with a cloud of dust, invoking Draco in a fit of coughs.

She looked down at the tall broad-shouldered boy with perfectly groomed blonde hair.

"Malfoy?" asked the girl, "Is that you?"

" .…yeah…." choked Draco sputtered through coughs, looking up at the figure of the girl, trying to see through the sunlight and dust, "….who are you?"

"What are you doing here?" she asked, her tone was a combination of defense and disgust.

Draco's stomach lurched. "Granger!." He was more than shocked. "What are you doing here!" he said angrily.

Hermione slid down the ladder. She already knew he was only going to give her crap. Her black mary-janes hit the ground with a click-thud. She looked him in the face without fear.

"I'm supposed to be meeting someone," she answered back snappily. Draco looked at her with disgust. It was quite difficult to look at such a pretty face so meanly, especially when she looked so freaking cute with her face all serious like that, like she was trying to intimidate him.

"Ugh. Fine then." He said backing up.

Normally he'd stay to give her shit, but he was still very surprised. The hot girl he was just planning on hitting on turned out to be one of his least favorite people in the entire world. He backed himself out into the entrance. Trying not to seem so shaken up, he hastily took a seat in one of the armchairs. He pretended to busy himself with the daily prophet, fronting an annoyance to her very presence, but really his mind was all jumbled.

'Man, she's changed', he thought, recalling the image of her face when she looked him right in the eyes.

Her face was soft, with big brown eyes and a cute little nose. The symmetry was uncanny. Her lips were full and pink and her skin was clear and creamy. It also looked to be a bit sun- kissed, like she had spent the last few months on the beach. While she still seemed very smart, she no longer had that nerdiness about her. She had gone from a cute, but mostly scraggly pre-teen, to a well rounded confident and blossomed young women.

"She's NOT hot," Draco told himself scoldingly. 'She's a beast. A stupid muggle. Annoying as hell!' he thought as he looked over his shoulder at her. She was at a table a few feet behind him, flipping through the book, pretending he wasn't there.

She looked calm and composed, as always. 'She thinks she's so great! It's fucking summer holiday, why the hell is she reading? He thought, 'ugh!' Everything she did bothered him. He looked down at his watch, he wanted this awkward situation to end by the arrival of Dumbledore. The sooner they talked about whatever it was he wanted to talk about he could get out of there.

Just then, Albus Dumbledore entered the shop. "Ah," he said with a big smile, "Greetings head boy and head girl!"