As far as I know, this is the first PL fic to appear, since there's no category for it yet. I requested one, but they haven't created it and I think my request didn't have enough info. What info do they need, anybody know?

I do want to point out that this fic will follow the basic plot of PL, but not to the letter, and the main pairing is not a traditional one, though more pairings may pop up that may or may not be traditional or canon. I will try my utmost to keep them in character, though, so you won't see any oddball pairings that make no sense. They will all have at least a little basis in reality.

I will be changing point of view during the story, but it will always be first-person, so I will let you know at the beginning of each chapter whose perspective I am using, though it should be obvious in case you don't notice the name in parenthesis.

Edit Dec. 17, 2006: Upon re-perusing this story, I have come to the conclusion that it is complete and utter crap. I am going to leave it posted just in case you decide to read it anyway, but I do not expect to update it ever again. It is not finished, but as it is crap, the prologue and ten chapters currently up are all you will suffer through. If I ever get really into PL again, I'll probably start a new version, at which point this one will disappear. I repeat, this story is NOT finished and will NOT be continued.


Prologue : Lady Luck (Kaguya's Perspective)

Gold and I trudged on through the endless fields and woods of whatever place this was. At first, our time here had been uneventful and what might have been called marginally pleasant if I hadn't been afraid I'd never get home again. It had been okay, except for the fact that I'd been brought here against my will, until a wagon of people had arrived. I thought they were my saviors and could help me get home, or at least to a town where I could find a place to stay. They hadn't been. I had tried talking to them, but instead of replying like well-mannered people, they had attacked! I was defenseless, or so I'd thought; Gold had proven me wrong by slaughtering them all in an instant. I'd rebuked him for killing them, saying he could have just held them off, but he made it clear that he had orders and would do the same any time I was threatened.

Everyone from this 'other world' seemed to be so rude. First, the redheaded man I believe I heard called Seeu had brought me here and not even had the courtesy to stay with me. Instead, he had sent rude person #2: Gold, the socially inept robot. Gold had been antisocial, but tolerable, until he suddenly kissed me with no permission and, I feel certain, no signals on my part that would have indicated an invitation. It turns out it wasn't really a kiss; he was only trying to feed me water I wanted, but was afraid to drink. Then there were the Completely Random Murderer People.

I don't know about Gold, but I was beginning to despair. What kind of planet could this be where a group of perfectly sane-acting individuals attacked a stranger at random? Luckily, or unluckily, depending upon how one looked at it, we hadn't met any more people. It could have been considered lucky because people were presumably dangerous here, but I did need shelter, and who could give it to me but people? I hoped to find a building of some kind that might be abandoned or have saner inhabitants, since maybe those people who had attacked me were indeed mentally ill. What other reason would they have for attacking a complete stranger who had done them no harm?

At last, I saw a building on the horizon. The closer I got, the bigger I noticed the building really was. It looked like a castle. I wondered if this world was more primitive than Earth and still needed castles, or if it was a relic of an older time. It looked kept up, but maybe an eccentric old millionaire lived there and just liked the idea of owning a castle. I hoped whoever lived there had installed some modern conveniences.

It took forever to get to the castle on foot, and once I was at its base, I could no longer see the top. I had no time to waste staring at it, though. I was starving, tired, and quite possibly pursued by someone with murderous intent. I tried the door, and finding it locked, knocked furiously, praying someone would arrive to let me in. Gold sat annoyingly unperturbed watching me worry. Sometimes I just wanted to knock sense into him.

The massive door creaked open and a beautiful, white-haired woman stepped out. Was this the eccentric millionaire who kept a castle in modern times? She clearly wasn't old, as I'd expected, but she was clearly rich to have such a home. She didn't seem surprised to see me and didn't greet me, so I spoke first.

"I-I'm Kaguya, and I need you to let me inside, because I don't have anywhere else to go and some people just tried to kill me…" I realized the woman probably had no idea what I was saying, since Japanese was not exactly the official interplanetary language as far as I knew, and her face had not changed expression.

"What's 2543274675 times 865696976655?" She asked in perfect Japanese. I stood corrected.

"Uuuhhh… I don't know…" either she didn't believe my story or didn't care, since she had made no move to let me in.

"I'll let you in if you can answer it," se said coolly. What! I had to do a math problem before she'd save my life!

"Ohhh… I'm not good at math… if I at least had a piece of paper and a pencil or a calculator I could do it, but…" I started making calculations in the dust, but I had barely started when the strange woman said I could come in and opened the door wider. I didn't understand, but I went in. Beggars couldn't be choosers, and the woman had let me in peacefully, which proved she was preferable to the outdoors. "So, what's your name?"

"Shiina mol Bamviverie," she said, "but you can call me Bambi." I was glad of that; I didn't want to have to try to tackle 'Bamviverie-san' in her presence- I'd have to have her repeat it about twenty times before I could say it.

"All right, Bambi-san. I don't mean to be rude by asking, but can I have something to eat? I've been stuck outside quite awhile now…"

"In the kitchen, third door on your left down that hallway," she pointed to a passage and I turned the way she indicated, surprised when she didn't come with me. I guessed I was welcome to help myself then. Gold trailed along behind me silently, like a puppy, except calmer. I wondered if he'd need anything, but he didn't accept what I offered, so I assumed he'd get anything he might need later. I ate happily, just munching away on whatever I found that looked edible. Some of it vaguely resembled food I'd seen in restaurants of other countries on Earth, but some of it looked a little scary. I munched along until I was full, and then wandered off to find Bambi-san. Gold just didn't cut it in the company department.

I went in what I thought was the way I came, but all the hallways were unfamiliar, so it was difficult to tell. There were endless hallways going every direction, with doors every so often, but I was afraid to try the doors, for fear of going somewhere Bambi-san wouldn't want me to go, or worse, walking in on someone bathing or some such private activity. I didn't know how many people might live in a house this big.

I continued walking around, but I didn't find it before my feet got sore and I wanted to stop. I timidly looked in a door I found unlocked, and it was empty. There were bookshelves, a desk, and a few comfy-looking chairs. It looked like a study, but I wouldn't touch anything and there was no one to tell me whether or not I was allowed in, so I decided to sit and rest awhile and try to be gone before I was noticed. Tired from all the walking and freshly full of food, I fell comfortably asleep.

During a dream that involved little drops of water falling rhythmically and loudly, I awoke to find they were footsteps. I sat up, flustered and clumsy, praying it was Gold, or at least Bambi-san, who might be more merciful than someone I hadn't met if I was discovered in this possibly forbidden place. It was indeed Bambi-san, but she didn't react to my presence. She breezed in, chose a book she clearly knew exactly where to find, and left just as quickly. Perhaps she hadn't seen me.

"Konnichi-wa, Bambi-san," I greeted as fast as I could so she wouldn't be gone by the time I said it.

"Konnichi-wa," she replied apathetically, without stopping or turning to look at me. Maybe she had urgent business, but I was beginning to notice a pattern of coldness. I didn't want to annoy her, but I couldn't last long in this place with only her and Gold, as far as I knew, for company if neither of them spoke to me unless it was necessary. I might be a nuisance, but I was determined to stay sane.

"Bambi-san," I called, and she reappeared in the doorway, silently and motionlessly waiting for me to speak. What should I say? "Can you show me a place I can sleep?"

"Any bed is fine," she answered and began to leave.

"Where are they?" I asked, interrupting her departure yet again.

"All over. You'll come to one soon if you look in the doors; they're all unlocked." She left that time, since I had no further questions and no ready excuses to keep her talking. Defeated. At least I knew now that I was allowed to look in the doors, and presumably wouldn't find anything I wasn't supposed to find. I followed her out and started looking in doors as I walked behind her, bereft of conversation topics, or else I would have tried to speak to her again. As she had predicted, I found a bedroom before I found something to talk about, so I went in and left her to go wherever she was going alone. She probably wanted it that way anyway.

The room was furnished with a giant canopy bed I was sure could hold at least four people, a dark wood, very heavy looking dresser, a matching desk, a floor lamp with a stained glass shade, and a closet in the corner. The dresser had a large mirror mounted on it and the bed had layers upon layers of elaborately sewn blankets in deep reds and pinks, the same colors echoed in the lampshade and walls. There was no window, since the room didn't seem to border an outside wall, but I needed darkness to sleep anyway. I turned on the light to remove my shoes and socks, but then I realized I didn't want to sleep in my school clothes.

School seemed so distant. Space-wise, it was, but it seemed like years since I'd been there after all that had happened. I went to the dresser, wondering if sleeping clothes would be waiting just as the food and bedroom had been. They were. Pajamas rather too large for me, but nonetheless comfortable, were neatly folded in the drawers. I pulled out a red, satiny shirt and loose pants of the same material and exchanged my pleated skirt and stiff blouse for them, wrapping my underclothes inside my shirt and skirt just in case someone came in to wake me up in the morning or a cleaning person came- the last thing anyone needed to see was my dirty underwear. Once I crawled into the bed and turned out the lamp, there was no way I could have resisted sleep.