Title: Glimmer

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Universe: Naruto

Rating: M

Word Count: 620

Spoilers: eh…not that many…actually…not at all…

Warnings: angst and maybe romance and smut. Definitely smut. I've never written a story in POV before, well not a one-shot anyway. And of course I write implied smut…I'm not sure about my lemon writing skills.

Time Completed: 11:31 PM 6/11/05

Pairing (s): Hinata x Sasuke

A/N: Again, another story? I can't help myself, it is a drabble or it could be a one-shot. I'm not entirely sure…feh…I have been listening to Fall Out Boy too much…can't be helped though. A lot of one-liners. HA! Some which are not mine. Kabuto is dreamy…hehehe…I'm thinking of writing Yondaime/Kabuto…

Dedication: eh… Fractured wings01 and frostedshadowz

Your fingers fist the sheets in sweaty hands, your white teeth bite at your lower lip, drawing blood, staining them crimson.

Your eyes are hazy, lust filled, your nails dig into my back, leaving red marks behind. I groan, the mattress squeaks beneath us.

We collapse back onto the bed.

I wrap my arms around you, drawing you closer, I brush your dark hair out your eyes as you fall asleep.

It's funny how people look younger when they sleep, you look angelic, ethereal. Something innocent.

Then it seems like I tainted you. Spoiled you, I rather like that sentiment. Maybe it's the sadist in me. I did spend all that time with Yakushi Kabuto after all.

I run my callused thumb over your bottom lip, where you drew blood.

I use this time to think.

About us.

Is there really an 'us'?

You don't belong to me.

And I don't belong to you.

When we leave in grey, pale mornings we're different people, we don't associate outside the bedroom.

It's a good thing we don't run in the same circles, it would be too awkward.

But, sometimes I wonder if this isn't awkward.

We don't speak except to whisper lust-motivated nothings in the dark night. Sometimes, I wish we had a normal relationship.

But then reality kicks me in the head, we can never be normal. Not now, not ever.

Some nights when I'm on a mission, I think about lying next to you, feeling you against me, it's weird that I have these thoughts.

But they're the only thing that keep sane, that stop me from going insane every time someone eyes you or smiles at you.

I wish you belonged to me.

And I would belong to you.

And we could perpetuate a normal relationship, I could put my arm around you and walk down the street without causing a scandal.

But maybe that's what we're all about, proving people wrong, but it seems so shallow.

I should stop trying to find a deeper meaning in everything. Sakura is rubbing off on me I guess.

It's sad that everyone else has a chance at true happiness.

But we can't.

We never will, what we have now was a long shot to begin with, a one in a million. An anomaly.

Sometimes I wish I could be that guy who is charming and sweet and can save the day without ruining his coiffure (although mine is pretty immovable) and still the get girl after all the angst.

I wish I was your Prince Charming.

But I'm not.

I'm just your… what am I to you?

Apparently not your significant other, because then we could be seen in public together. What we have now is a dirty secret.

Maybe, I'm your best kept secret and your biggest mistake.

Ours was something selfish and torrid, a fading star in the night sky.

A fleeting glimmer.

That's us.

Oh, wait, there is no "us."

I must stop doing that.