Chapter One

A ConYuu Fan-fiction

By: Ami

Beta-reader: thisissong

Alternate Universe, since I have no idea what happens after episode 34. No spoilers.

Standard disclaimers apply.


Yuuri lazily opened his eyes as the soft morning breeze blew into his room. Sitting up on his bed, the king rubbed his eyes a few times, using the time to gather his thoughts. Now… where was he?

When the blurred sight of his huge chamber started to become sharper, the intense sunrays from his opened window stung his eyes, making him wince as he closed them again. Once, twice, he blinked, adjusting his eyes to the sunny day. After the fifth blink, he could finally open his eyes wide.

The scenery outside the window captivated him.

He never knew that there was a flower garden there. It had been plain grass before.

Yuuri stood up, almost tripping on the blanket that was tangled around his foot. Fortunately, he was balanced enough to land on the floor steadily. Ignoring everything else, he curiously approached the big window. Supporting his body with only his arms, he pushed his upper body out of the window. The chilly breeze made him blink once more, before he opened his eyes widely, staring at the beautiful scene in front of him unbelievingly.

"Wow!" Yuuri gasped in amazement, "When did they build this?"

After getting his feet back on the carpeted floor of his room, he came to realize that his room looked a bit different too. The color of the wallpaper was different, and the curtains looked unusual too. His blanket, his bedcover and his pillows also looked different. Although the shape of the room still looked the same, Yuuri still had doubts if the room was really his. Just when he started to panic, a familiar person entered the room, much to his relief.


Conrad looked quite surprised when his king suddenly ran to him with an anxious face. Almost reflexively, he reached for his sword and scanned the room warily. He never had a chance to swing his sword as Yuuri pulled his arm.

"Conrad! Where am I? This is my room, isn't it?"

The brunet stayed silent for a while, looking unsure what to say, how to reply. After taking a breath and letting go of his sword, he finally managed a chuckle. Putting a gentle pressure on his king's shoulder, Conrad finally replied, "This IS your room, Yuuri. We just made some little changes and you already think that it isn't?"

Yuuri still looked confused as he turned around and scanned the room once again. Yes, the shape was definitely still the same. (It's just) Only the decorations had changed.

"It surprised me…" Yuuri grinned sheepishly, "When did you change all these? And the garden too."

Conrad's smile widened, "Well, you always sleep so soundly. It makes things easier."

Yuuri sighed again in relief. The room looked completely different that he thought that he might have been kidnapped (again).

"Great job!" He released his grip and looked around the room proudly, "You did all the changes in just one night without waking me up!"

Conrad laughed softly as he walked inside and approached the window. It seemed that he also liked the sight of the new flower garden. His eyes looked gentler as he gazed at the beautiful scenery.

"Do you like the changes I made, Yuuri?"

Yuuri turned to him at the statement and noticed that Conrad never took his eyes off the garden. It felt a bit strange to Yuuri, since Conrad was usually polite enough to look at him whenever he talked. But Yuuri liked the relaxed expression the man was wearing.

"Yes, I like it." Yuuri replied, as he started to move toward Conrad, "But it must be exhausting to redecorate this room in one night. Have you gotten enough sleep? You shouldn't have---"

Yuuri gasped as his sight was suddenly blurred. He felt something soft and damp touch his face. The maou reflexively took a step backward at the sudden coldness. He had no idea what had happened until he managed to recollect himself and saw a bucket of blossoming red roses right in front of his nose.

"Happy birthday, Yuuri."

Yuuri blinked once more, as he took the bucket and glanced at it in puzzlement. He turned his eyes back to Conrad, who was still smiling sweetly at him.

Conrad. Red roses. Birthday.

The three things just didn't feel right together, but…

"Thanks. They're beautiful." Yuuri managed to reply, smiling back happily, "Did you get them from the garden?"


Yuuri nodded and turned around to find a vase for the flowers. For some reason, suddenly Conrad's presence made him feel very nervous. He had never had that kind of feeling before. He felt like he needed to avoid Conrad's eyes, and his heart was pounding three times louder than usual.

While Yuuri was busy wondering if he had to ask Gisela to examine him, suddenly a pair of arms slid around his slender waist, pulling him in to a warm embrace. Yuuri just knew that it was Conrad. It just had to be him.

"You seem feverish. Are you feeling all right?"

Yuuri could feel his whole body shake at Conrad's soft breath on his skin. He had never felt so red in his whole life.

"K---Conrad---could you lemme go---I'm okay---"

Conrad usually followed every order Yuuri gave.

Conrad ALWAYS followed everything he said, or at least, he would give him the most appropriate, worthwhile reason for objecting it.

So it deeply shocked Yuuri that Conrad had chosen that moment to be disobedient.

"You're always so shy. It's quite cute, Yuuri…"

Yuuri felt lightning had struck him from above.


Conrad, of all people…was hugging him intimately and calling him 'cute'.

Yuuri's body shook again at the thought. If some seconds before the color of his face was RGB (250,154,179), now it had turned in to RGB (250,0,0). Although escaping should have been the only available option for him, somehow he just couldn't make it out. His tongue felt numb. His body felt weak and heavy. The flowers slipped from his trembling grip, as his hands slowly made their way to Conrad's arms. He knew that he should (be prying) pry them from his waist, but then he remembered that the pair of strong arms was Conrad's. So he aborted his plan, and let his hands rest on Conrad's forearms. After all, it was Conrad, his most trustworthy fellow who would never think of hurting him.

"You know… I'm so glad that you're by my side, Yuuri… sometimes I still feel like it's just a dream…" Conrad whispered softly, settling his chin on Yuuri's thin shoulder, making the raven-haired boy skip another breath, "Well… sorry for being sentimental all of a sudden… I know you dislike it… but…"

Yuuri felt a bit relieved at the faint sound of Conrad's familiar chuckle. He sounded a bit more in character. As Conrad finally let him go, he finally remembered how to breathe.

"Well, then. Shall I get you ready for your birthday party, Heika?"





"Heika, it's time to wake up."

Yuuri immediately yanked away his blanket and sat up on his bed, opening his eyes wide to recognize his surroundings.

It was his room, with no changes. It was still the usual wallpaper, curtains, bedcover, blanket, and decorations. Nothing had changed.

Yuuri glanced at the window. It was the same window, unlike the one he had seen before in his dream, and it was closed tightly. He was also sure that there was no flower garden outside.

When Yuuri turned to his left side, he realized that he hadn't been alone. Conrad was there, staring at him with a puzzled look. It seemed that the man had been trying to wake him up.

Yuuri flushed.

Judging from Conrad's bewildered face, he must have scared the military man with his weird behavior.

While Yuuri was pondering how he should explain the circumstances, Conrad recovered from his perplexity and smiled.

"You had a nightmare?"

Yuuri didn't really think it was, but nodded anyway.

Conrad chuckled, "I hope you weren't dreaming about me."

Yuuri just grinned.

"Well then, Heika. I apologize for interrupting your dream, but it's getting late. You must get up now." Conrad said as he took a step backward courteously, "I'll be waiting outside. Please get ready soon. Everyone has been waiting for you for breakfast."

As Conrad exited the room and closed the door, Yuuri took a deep, deep, relieved breath. So it WAS really a dream.

Recalling the gentle pressure Conrad-in-the-dream put around his waist for one last time, Yuuri reached for his dresser and got dressed quickly. He'd better get to the dining room soon, or Wolfram would get there earlier and call him sleepyhead. Or worse. XD


Yuuri reached the dining room just in time; ten minutes before the yawning Wolfram reached his seat and put his heavy head on the table. Gunter, as usual, warned Wolfram about his dining manners, ignoring the infamous fact that it was almost pointless to attempt to communicate the blond in the morning.

"What time did you get to bed last night, Wolfram?"

Yuuri was an exception, somehow.

"…Around midnight…" Wolfram replied. Although he was already chewing on his food, it didn't seem that he'd remember if his food was too salty or not.

"Geez, get to bed earlier. Someone should get you a mirror so you could see how terrible you look now." Yuuri laughed at the blond, although he had to admit that Wolfram didn't look less pretty with his slightly shabby hair.

Wolfram yawned again, "Unlike you, I have many things to do, slacker."

Yuuri shrugged, "Like making another abstract painting?"

Wolfram glared at him, "Art is just my leisure pursuit. You think I'll have the time to paint when other more important things are coming up?"

"No, of course not." Yuuri quickly turned back to his food, not wanting to start another war with his fiancé. Wolfram had become a bit touchier lately, and Yuuri didn't want to be ignored for the rest of the day because of a fight over something so ridiculous.

"Wolfram has been busy managing his new squad, Heika," Conrad voluntarily explained, "and he is doing very well. I think he makes a great leader."

Wolfram flushed at the compliment, despite his bitter retort, "Not as great as you are, Sir Weller."

"Wow! You should have told me about it earlier, Wolfram. I thought you didn't want to play with me again," Yuuri smiled happily, "I'll be lonely without you, but I guess it'll be okay. It won't be good for you to spend all your whole time keeping me company either."

Wolfram snorted, "You sound like I have been following you around like a pet."

Yuuri laughed, although he was unsure if Wolfram intended it to be a joke or not.

"I'll be very busy today, but don't worry. I'll spare a little time for you, Yuuri." Wolfram suddenly showed a suspicious smugness, "I'll use my lunch break to check out how you're doing with your lessons. And since I'm not there to help you escape, I'm sure that even a wimp like you will improve."

Yuuri winced at the thought. It was a bit too late for him to realize the importance of Wolfram's presence.

"Ooh, Heika! Do you dislike my lessons that much!" Gunter started to flood his plate with tears. Gwendal, who sat next to him, just let out a soft sympathizing sigh. Well, after all, a teacher-student relationship was very complicated. It was never easy to see where the blame for the wasted time they spent together lay.

"I'm sure that Heika never intended to hurt your feelings, Gunter." Conrad, for the second time, saved Yuuri's day, "As for me, although I'm not a teenager anymore, I still like to play better than study."

Yuuri smiled and nodded in agreement, "That's right, Gunter. Please don't be sad. I'm full of energy right now and I'll attend your class today!"

Gunter's face brightened at the explanations. After replacing his plate, he resumed his breakfast cheerfully. Gwendal glanced at him with a suppressed amused smile. Everybody in the room was apparently thinking about the same thing:

'mood swings…'

Yuuri was glad that everybody had become cheerful again, but he still had some doubts in his mind. Wolfram would be busy with his squad, and it meant that no one would keep him company. If he was allowed to go out by himself, he wouldn't mind being alone once in a while; but Conrad was very strict when it came to his safety. The man had warned him numerous times not to go out of the castle without trustworthy company.

Yuuri turned his eyes to Conrad, silently wishing that the man would read his mind and save his day once again, but…

"Oh, Yuuri. I forgot to tell you about this earlier…" Conrad suddenly said, turning to Yuuri with an apologetic smile, "I'll have to go to the town for an inspection today, and I'll probably not be able to come back until the evening."

Yuuri's heart was cracking, but somehow he managed to keep smiling, "Yes, sure. Be careful, Conrad."

Conrad nodded and resumed his breakfast quietly.

Seeing no more available option, Yuuri turned back to his food with a sigh, and was soon getting drowned in the pool of his mind. The sound of cheerful chatters around him was becoming fainter increasingly. The very last sound he could hear was Gwendal's random mutter:

"Where's Anissina?"