Summary: You all know the story. Harry lived from the love of his mother. But what if Lily had survived--survived from the love of her husband.

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Story Dedicated to: Heather, because I lost all of my files and I needed to start a new story for her. And, of course, Christina. This HAS to be dedicated to you!

"Lily, take Harry and run!" James had screamed out, his brown eyes wide as he leapt at his wife and pushed her gently towards the staircase. "He's here! Go!"

Tears stung Lily's own brilliant green eyes as she looked towards her husband in fear, wrapping her son tightly into her shaking arms. "But James…I can't leave you here," she whispered, biting her lips and looking at him in worry.

Looking at his wife, the woman he had loved since his third year at Hogwarts—the moment he had found her stubbornness attractive—James walked over towards her quickly and gave her a swift kiss, cupping her chin. "I love you, Lily. And if I can die in exchange for you and Harry's life, I will," he whispered, ruffling the small patch of hair Harry had on his head before turning away to hide the fact that tears were coming to his own eyes. He had to be strong for her.

"Go now, I don't know how long I can hold them. Protect Harry," he whispered, eyes on the door as he raised his wand in anticipation of the attack he knew was to come soon.

Lily couldn't help but realize how final his words sounded. As if he was more than certain he was going to die. How would she be able to go on in her life, losing her husband? And that was if she managed to survive this. Shooting a last glance towards James, she turned on her heel and raced as quickly as she could up the wooden stairs that would lead to the bedroom. She was more than entirely consumed with sobs, and she broke down entirely as she heard the curse 'Avada Kedavra' leave Lord Voldemort's lips. The force of his hex had the blinding green light flooding through the cracks of the door and nearly forcing it open.

Curling Harry up under her chin, she reluctantly placed him away from her protective arms and into the crib he had slept in for over a year now. If she was going to have a chance at keeping Harry from death, she had to stand up and keep herself together. Bringing her wand before her, her hands shaking from fear, she had barely a second to take in a deep breath when the Dark Lord came shooting through the door and looked upon her with a sneer.

A moment of sheer panic swept through her as Voldemort raised his wand and aimed it menacingly towards her young son. "No!" she screamed, darting in front of Harry. There was no way she was going to have let James die in vain. She had to protect her son.

A lazy eyebrow raised upon Voldemort's face as he looked at her in amusement. "I don't need to kill you, just step aside," he declared, frowning as she didn't move or make any attempt to obey him. "Do you think I will hesitate to kill you?"

Lily didn't respond, simply shouting out the first spell that crossed her mind in retaliation to his advancements. "Expelliarmus!"

His wand didn't even budge, and he laughed lightly at her futile attempt before clearing his throat and instructing her once more. "Step aside."

"No, not Harry. Not Harry!" she screamed at him, wand aiming at the man as she quickly picked Harry up into her arms, hiding him from the man's view.

"Step away from the child!" Voldemort screamed once more, and he felt anger surge through himself as Lily did not. Shouting from frustration, he shot his wand out there, eyes wide in mad anger. "Avada Kedavra!"

Lily felt herself shouting, pain seeping through her as she cried out a mournful "No!"

Writhing in the agony, she felt unbelievable shock as she realized that Harry was still in her arms, alive but crying. And Voldemort was no longer in the room. She had survived…Voldemort had not killed her.

Slowly easing herself onto the floor, leaning against the bed as she held Harry tightly to her chest, she tried to ease his sobbing. As she tried to comfort him and push his jet-black locks hair out of his face, however, she felt surprise leap through her being. There was a mark there…one that had never been present before. Shakily, she managed to push back the rest of his bangs and her heart leapt into her throat. Across her son's forehead was an unbelievably deep mark, in the shape of a lightening bolt.

Wondering how it was possibly, for he had been covered completely by Lily, she felt herself thinking upon whether or not she herself had any "battle wounds". Standing up uneasily, Harry himself wrapped tightly against her, she slowly made her way towards the mirror that stood above the dresser drawers. When she looked inside it, however, she wasn't sure how she would be able to take it. Her veins showed clearly through her skin, as if she was entirely translucent. The light, blue color gave herself an odd aura of a ghastly-like appearance. And she couldn't help but wonder if she was dead.

It didn't take herself long to reassure herself that it wasn't the case. Had she been dead, she would have indeed be a ghost. In order to become a ghost, one would have no ability whatsoever to touch an object, going entirely through it. And her grip on Harry she was positive on.

"Dear Lord, what has happened?" she whispered, eyes still on her appearance while Harry's head poked out towards the mirror as he looked upon his own reflection. He had a small thumb inside his mouth, a habit he had never had before.

Looking down at her son, Lily smiled sadly as she kissed him lightly upon the forehead before turning towards the door. It was completely off its hinges. Oh, how she wanted to rush to James. To discover that he was alive, and was indeed ready to hold her and ruffle Harry's hair once more. But she herself knew this was not going to be the case. She had lost her husband…and he wasn't coming back.

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