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Three days.

It had been three days, and still all three men had done nothing. They had insisted they would train…prepare themselves. Or atleast go out and kiss some Death Eater ass. But no, instead they stayed inside the Potter residence. They didn't seem to have any care at all about what went on around them. Neither had eaten in that time, and there had been an interesting amount of Firewhiskey passed around.

And still they didn't seem to be able to get their minds off of the trouble they had. James least of all. While the two others had only recently fallen for their own girls, James had been in love with Lily since he first laid eyes on her. Even during his first year he had been infatuated with her, although it had been a little boys obsession up to his uncontrollable feelings as a mindless teenager. And now here he was, years later. He was married to the one woman he had ever loved, besides his mom, and he had had a child with her. So what was he to do, now that she was gone? Taken by the man that had killed him and brought her so much pain?

"Oh God, Lily, forgive me," he whispered. He knew he should be out there right then and there, fighting to get her back. No matter how many times he told himself this, however, he couldn't force himself off of the couch he had seemingly been permanently attached to. Was there truly a way he could face her after what had happened? He had been sworn to protect her from anything the day he married her, and now here he was. He had been gone for months, not able to do anything to protect her from her sorrow. Now here he couldn't stop anything from stealing her away from him.

The silence had been intimidating the first day, and since then the three men had put on some television show on the muggle set James had and they couldn't help but stare blindly at the infomercial that was on. Something about cleaning rust off of a faucet head.

And no matter how boring it was, and not to mention that they weren't even listening to a thing that was going on, each of the men watched as a cheesy woman gasped in amazement as the cleaner took away all of the discoloration in her sink. She proclaimed that it "worked just like magic."

Yeah, magic. Well unfortunately they didn't realize that magic didn't help everything. That's the problem with muggles. They were blind to anything that was going on.

"That's it," James declared, coming out of his stupor. Neither Sirius nor Remus looked at him. They just grunted a reply. "We have to do something."

"And what do you suggest?" Remus asked, a look of exasperation on his face. "What can we possibly do? We couldn't do anything then, we can't do anything now!"

"Don't say that!" James shouted, feeling a sudden range of emotion. He was angry at Remus' argument, distraught at the loss of his wife, and he could sense that soon he wouldn't have any sense of what to do anymore.

And so he did the only thing that felt normal. He broke down, falling to his knees as tears escaped his eyes. As he dissolved into nothing more than sobs, both Sirius and Remus looked towards each other in fear. They had no idea what to do. After all, never before had they seen their best friend cry. And before they could do anything else, they were each by his side, and the three friends embraced. Never before had they been in such a situation, and yet it felt right to comfort each other with their losses.

"We will get them back," James told them with determinedness. "I won't let them suffer…I brought Lily into this life and now I have to fix what I did."

And with that the three pulled away. They were a mess, but they didn't care as they adjusted their wrinkled robes. No matter what it took, they were going to settle the score. They had to get the four most important things inside their life—along with themselves—back. If they had to kill or be killed in the process, so be it. Either way, there was no turning back. They had already lost themselves to this tragedy.

They might as well do something right.

If only they knew the plan Dumbledore had come up with Snape…

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