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Chapter thirteen

Wolverine, Warren and Scott sat on the porch when Scott saw something in the sky.

"Logan what's that?" Scott asked but before Wolverine could answer Warren answered.

"It's Theressa! I'd know that figure in the sky from any distance." Warren took to the sky to met his fiancé and left Scot and Wolverine standing on their feet on the porch.

"Wolverine wasn't Knole with Theressa?"

"Yeah and by the looks of things, I don't think he made it back." Wolverine said just as Warren landed with Theressa in his arms. He placed her on the ground and she went to her father and cried in to his shoulder.

"Theressa, where's Knole?" Scott asked gently placing a hand on Theressa's back and waiting patiently for Theressa to find her voice.

"Scott you were right." Theressa said answering Scott quickly, "The only way to get the cure to everyone was to get it into the air via a vessel that was completely clean of the virus. I couldn't do it so Knole took the cure and……and died but when he died the cure must have turned his body into the cure or something because he was transformed and taken by the wind to go cure the world. I've all ready been cured but we need to get back to check on Michael and tell Andi."

Theressa headed to the jet and there she would wait for the others to follow. Scott went inside to tell the others that it was time to go home and as everyone was walking outside Scott pulled Banshee aside and said, "Hey, why don't we let Theressa fly the plane back home."

"Aye Lad but is the Lass all right?"

"She's got to think of a way to tell Andi that Knole gave his life to save her brother."

"Why not the truth?"

"I know but she's got to do it gently and in away that it will hurt Andi the least."

"You said that the young Andi and Knole had a fight before the young lad left with us, right?"

"Right. I told you that on the way down here before I went to talk to Theressa."

"So from where I'm standing it doesn't look like the young lass Andi is going to be hurt free on this. The lass will probably be hurt more that Theressa wants her to be over this since she had that fight with the lad. There isn't an easy way to do this, Scott."

"Yeah I know Sean and I'm sure Theressa knows that too. What do you say we go get in the jet and go home?"

"That sounds good to me boy-o." Banshee said following Scott to the jet where everyone waited for them.

A month after the X-men came home and the students were settled in once more, Michael was back on his feet and walking around, although Theressa didn't want him flying around or anything like that for awhile. At first Theressa was worried that the cure didn't work and that Michael would die but he got better and Theressa realized that the cure had to go all around the world and Madam Tulia had said, the closer you are to the cure the quicker you would be cured and the Himalayas were on the other side of the world from where they lived.

Theressa was happy that Michael was better but it broke her heart to see Andi so upset. She would get up do her studies, eat and then go to her room and wouldn't come out until ten the next morning. Theressa felt bad for the girl but there was nothing she could do. She had told Andi Knole's last words but some how; Theressa didn't think Andi believed them.

Andi walked the path to the veranda that she and Knole often went to talk or just be in each others arms. She sat on the bench, where she usually sat and began to cry. She'd been doing that a lot lately but the man she loved had just died and they had had that stupid fight before he went off to the mission to save her bother, her mom and the world.

"Knole, if only I had had the chance to say goodbye, maybe I wouldn't be hurting this bad. Maybe everything would be better if I could have been there when you died and was the last person you saw on this earth." Andi scream and thenlaid down on the bench and cried herself to sleep, only to awoken a moment later by a calm, soothing voice.

"Andi, Andi, wake up."

Andi sat up and looked for the person who was calling her and when she saw him, her eyes went wide and for a moment she sat still but then she threw her arms around the man and began to cry again.

"Knole, I'm sorry we had that fight, before you left. I feel so stupid, now."

"Andi it's all right. Don't feel stupid, you're mom explained everything to me and I understand perfectly. Please Andi don't cry over me." Knole said as he sat Andi up and dried her eyes gently with his hands and then said, "I don't want you to be sad."

"Then what do you want?"

"I want you to do what you want to do. Go see the world, find a nice guy, get married, have kids."

"That's all the stuff I was going to do with you, Knole."

"I know but you don't have that option anymore. It's okay to be sad when you lose someone but don't get depressed. I had a feeling that when I did what I did, it might hurt you but I never thought you'd pull yourself away from everyone."

"I can't help it."

" I know but promise me one thing that you'll never forget me."

"How can I forget….?" Andi's sentenced trailed off when she realized that Knole wasn't staying.

"Knole please don't leave me again!" Andi screamed

"I never left you and I never will and that's a promise."

SuddenlyAndi woke up and saw Wolverine next to her trying to wake her up.

"Gramps? What time is it?"

"It's three in the morning. What are you doing out here?"

"I came out here and must have cried myself to sleep while I was thinking about Knole."

"How you doin' with that kid? You're mom's pretty worried about you. I know she's not goin' to ask you this but I'm going to. You're not thinking about leavin' for awhile are you?"

"To tell you the truth gramps, I was but not anymore, why?"

"Well, you're mom said that she wanted to start a new school, down in Texas. You know that mansion your dad left her when he died. Beast and Storm have volunteered for the project and so has Mian and we were all wondering if you wanted to go too."

"Sure, I can go help that is if it's all right with mom."

Logan laughed for a moment, which Andi thought was weird so she said, "why did you just laugh?"

"It was her idea."

"No way. There's no way mom would let me and Mian go away to Teas before her wedding."

"You're right kiddo she'd never left you go before the wedding. That's why you're going when they go on their honey moon."

Andi's smile faded as she thought about her mom getting married and wished that she was getting married too. Wolverine must have seen the look on her face because he placed an arm around her and said, "You'll get married one day kiddo and you'll have your own story to tell just like your mom does."

"You think so?" Andi asked looking into the face of her grandfather, who at one point was known as the lone X-men. Logan nodded his head as he kissed his granddaughter on the head and said, "I know so. You'd better come inside and climb into bed so that you're mom doesn't find out that you were out here this late." Logan said getting up and walking down the steps of the veranda.

"I'll be along in a minute. I just want to think for a minute more."

Logan nodded as he walked back to the mansion and went inside.

"Knole, I know you can here me. Thanks for being here for me. You know I think I'm going to be just fine. I love you and always will."

A slight breeze blew by Andi, and she smiled knowing that Knole's spirit was carried by the wind. So every time the wind blew she would feel Knole's touch on her skin and remember his kiss on her lips. As Andi took a deep breath she walked back to the mansion to meet the day ahead.

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