The Emancipation of Trish Stratus

(Rated for strong language, mostly. Who knows? Maybe some other "mature" content later)

A/N: Alright, so this is not my first fanfic, but it is my first wrestling fiction. I've been aWWF/E fan since I was six, but I've never really thought about venturing into this genre of writing. Hope you guys like it. Oh, and just in case you might mistakenly think that I own the WWE or any of the characters mentioned in this story - let me assure you that I do not. If I did, you would be seeing this storyline on television, instead of reading it here. Enjoy - oh, and I love, love, love having my ego stroked, so feel free to review as often as you'd like. Just Kidding - about the ego-stroking, not the reviewing part.

"You," Trish Stratus pointed across the locker room to a shocked looking man in an expensive suit, "have lost your damn mind. Are you completely fucking retarded, man?" She waited for an answer, but he seemed dumbfounded by her sudden outburst. "In the history of bad ideas, Hunter, this is the most fucked up, ass backwards, shit-for-brains idea I have ever heard. You cannot possibly be serious." He may have been the Cerebral Assassin, but sometimes she wondered if he was shooting with a full round of ammo.

"You better watch swinging that head around like that, Stratus. You wouldn't want to tweak another disc," came the smug response from behind her.

Spinning on her heel, Trish leveled Randy Orton with a glare. "You stay the fuck out of this, you pompous, arrogant, eternal pain in my ass," she demanded before turning back to the man who had been her friend and confidant for so many years. "Well? What do you have to say for yourself?"

Slowly, a lazy smile stretched over Hunter's lips as he moved past the firey blonde in the center of the room to sit himself beside Orton on the leather couch. "Trish, Orton and I have discussed, at great length, what it means to be re-instated into Evolution. This was not something that I decided lightly," he started to explain.

But Trish wasn't ready to hear that it was well-thought-out or intelligent in any way. "Do you not remember that this asshole spit in your face? What about the time he screwed you out of your title? Which time you ask? Take your pick – he did it so damn many times I've lost fuckin' count," she spat, her face growing red.

They loved each other like a brother and sister would. But they fought as only siblings could, as well. When Trish entered the WWE, Hunter's star was skyrocketing, and he had taken her under his wing, backstage and in the ring. She was one of the few women who really deserved to sport that Women's title, and he was willing to help her do whatever it took to get there. Though she had never been officially announced as a member of Evolution, all four members knew that she was part of the team, and was to be watched over as one of their own.

Sure, she had done things over the years that had pissed him off, but she was Trish, and she could be forgiven. Most of the time, her outbursts were kind of cute. "Trish, settle down, okay? Orton knows that what he did was wrong. He knows that he made a mistake, or a few of them, and we've talked it out," he tried to explain.

Trish looked deep into Hunter's eyes and pleaded with him to understand why she couldn't stand having this punk-ass kid around. When he had first joined Evolution, with that cocky grin and that amazing body, she had crushed out a little. But, thankfully, before she went too far, she realized what a cocky blow-hard he was. They had never seen eye-to-eye again. Though they hid their contempt from Hunter at the time, it was out in the open now. And Trish wasn't about to settle for having him around again.

"Trish, tonight's your big come back, right?" She nodded, biting her lip to keep from saying something stupid. "Then maybe you should go see the trainer? Stretch out your neck? I wouldn't want you to get hurt out there." He stood and patted her back as she turned on her heel again and exited the room with a stomp, a huff, and an eye roll. "Guys," he said once she was gone. "I'm worried about her."

Ric Flair sighed, flopping onto the couch beside Orton. He was glad to have the kid back, to be honest. For awhile, it seemed like Orton was headed down an ugly path, back to the middle of a field of generic, no-talent, mid-carders, but Ric knew he was too talented to stay there for long. When Hunter had called and told him that Randy was interested in rejoining Evolution, that he had used his time off due to injury to think about his decisions and confess his sins, the legendary Nature Boy had been elated.

"Don't worry about her," Ric shook his head and waved his hand. "She loves you. She just gets protective," he winked.

Hunter nodded and looked to the door before meeting the gaze of the two men before him. "Yeah, well, I know her better than you do, Ric," he said, his hands resting on his narrow waist. "And I know that Trish only acts like she gives a shit what I'm doing when she's trying to hide something, or someone, she's doing."

Randy's eyebrow shot up. "You want me to catch her in the act? I could put up a video camera in her hotel room?" he asked, licking his lips at the thought.

Hunter sank to the couch and rapped his palm against the back of Orton's skull. "That girl is like my sister," he warned, a finger pointed in the young Legend Killer's face. "I want you guys to keep an eye on her, okay? Make sure that no one around here is putting any moves on her. She needs to stay focused on getting back into the ring and rebuilding her reputation, not running around with whatever knuckle-dragging ape she's into this time."

Little diid Hunter know, he was right on the money. Trish was dating someone again, not that she would ever let on to her "older brother." She shuddered as she thought about that vein in his throat that had nearly jumped through his skin when he found out about Jeff Hardy. And then there was the whole Chris Jericho/Christian debaucle that had nearly caused Hunter to come unhinged. If there was one thing that Trish had learned, it was to keep Hunter away from anyone she was interested in.

And this one was especially important. Because, more than ever, this one meant something. This wasn't just anyone – it was The One. She had finally fallen in love, and she wasn't about to let anyone, not Evolution, especially not Hunter, fuck it all up for her.