One Guardian Gone

Chapter 1

It had been a year now, since Clare and Mark found the Benison and Mr. Alyward gone through the Seventh Moon Gate. She did miss him. The two of them had a real marriage in the church and now Clare was 9 months pregnant with Mark's child. They were happiest sight anyone in Ravensmere saw but unfortunately, happiness for the Guardians didn't usually last this long. Clare had a bad feeling in her gut but did her best to ignore it. Clare was expecting her baby to come any day now. Clare was always smiling. The town hadn't really changed much except the world was a little bit lighter and brighter now, but maybe it was just Mark and Clare. They both got work done to clean up the estate and made it look nice and well-cared for, for the visitors. The town of Ravensmere was being loved and taken care of.

The faithful day had come and Dr. Sarah McKinnon was delivering the baby.

The room was a small little cozy room, was furnished like a living room, except had things like a stethoscopes and such on a table nearby a small hospital bed. Clare was placed on it. The walls were warm red-ish brown and the floor was wood tiling. There was a bright light over the small hospital bed. Dr. McKinnon, Mark, and Frances were there to be of service to Clare. Dr. McKinnon was dressed in doctor garb was a face with white, latex gloves on. Clare was breathing lamas while screaming in anguish. She was helped onto the bed and was forced to lie down with her legs open.

"It's ok, Rosie," Mark whispered to her as he held her hand and stood by her side while she laid on the hospital bed.

"No. NO!" Clare grunted.

"Yes, Clare, PUSH!" Frances coaxed.

"No," Clare pleaded, her face contorted with pain.

"Yes." Sarah commanded.

Clare yelled and pushed, her face, red. After an hour of labor the baby was born. Clare laughed and cried with relief.

"It's a girl!" Dr. McKinnon announced. She brought over the pink, fleshy thing over to Clare. It was wrapped up in a little blue blanket, she had her Daddy's captivating emerald eyes and little black fuzz on her pinky little head. Clare held the baby in her arms. Mark laughed, jumped, kissed his aunt/mother-in-law and huddled close to Clare kissing her, gently on the lips and looking at the baby. But, something was wrong. Mark could feel it. Clare offered him the baby and he took it and held her close and realized her heart wasn't beating.

"Dr. McKinnon!" Mark shouted and rushed over to her.

Dr. Mckinnon received the child and put it's lifeless body down on the table. She took out her stethoscope and monitored its heartbeat. Nothing. " Frances call an ambulance," She said calmly.

"No!" Clare as she gripped Mark's hand. "NO!"

The ambulance came and Clare was sobbing hysterically, telling them the baby was fine. She grabbed the man's shoulder as he lifted the stretcher with the tiny little thing strapped on the middle.

"NO! Give her back!" She screamed with tears running down her cheeks.

The man was tall, dark, and handsome. He sighed. "I'm sorry Ma'am" He had a strong deep voice. Clare saw them drive away to the nearest hospital, 20 miles from there and screamed her sorrow to Ravensmere and fell on her face. Mark rushed towards her and picked her up.

"Rosie? ROSIE?"

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