In Peril

Naruto/Sasuke for Miyukis4
Warning: boys being boys.

The problem with Sasuke ---

Okay, there were several problems with Sasuke. Basket loads of problems. You could write novels on all the problems he had, or caused, or pulled out of his ass for no particular reason except to annoy those around him.

(He denied this one, but Naruto was insistent that no one could be that fussy about life unless it was on purpose.)

---one of the problems with Sasuke was that he liked to make a bad situation that much worse.

"Perhaps this is the end we have sought after for so long," Sasuke said morosely, the water-thickened rope cutting into his hands as he slid down the cliff face, "This is how meaninglessly our lives will end. Because you can't move your ass faster down the fucking rope."

"Asshole, do you want to carry this guy?" Naruto shouted, sweating with the effort to control his decent so he wouldn't loose hold of the unconscious teenager strung across his shoulders, "Because I can drop him to you real easy!"

"We're gonna die," Sakura screamed from somewhere below them, straight to the point.

From above, sparks rained down from the fast approaching fire, while the waterfall to the right threw eye-stinging spray into their faces. Naruto gritted his teeth together and concentrated on moving faster. Sasuke was just beneath him, ready – in theory – to help if something went wrong and Sakura was hopefully almost to the bottom.

"If the fire gets to the rope – " Sasuke started, a small cascade of rocks jarred loose by his foot.

"I know, I know," Naruto said, breath hissing between his teeth.

Another agonizing ten feet down, twenty, and then Sakura's voice; "I'm on the ground, let him go, I'll catch him!"

Naruto balanced carefully on two foot-holds, wincing as he glanced up and saw the red glow on the cliff edge, and began working the boy off his shoulders. He felt Sasuke rise up, assisting the process until the teenager, only a few years younger than them, was supported between their two bodies.

"Ready, Sakura?" Sasuke asked. A confirmation and the heat and pressure at Naruto's back was pulled away as Sasuke heaved the boy out and down. They both let out their breaths when they heard the grunt of Sakura catching him.

"Got him!" she cried, just as the rope snapped near the top and dumped both Naruto and Sasuke on the ground.

It turned out that another problem with Sasuke was that he was too bony to make a good landing cushion.

"Heh, sorry," Naruto said, far from apologetic, and rolled off of Sasuke.

"Hate you," Sasuke gasped. He aborted Naruto's attempted retreat by grabbing his teammate by the back of the neck and trying to bash the blonde head into the rocks.

Several minutes later, the fight was broken up by a water jutsu wielded by a considerably irate kunoichi. Sasuke had already lost his shirt by then and had to go topless until he could buy one in the next town.