The A, B, C, And H's of Love

Rating: T because you never know…

Summary: Fluffy one-shots of Harry and Hermione's love, told through all twenty-six letters of the alphabet.

Disclaimer: Once again, they aren't mine.

Chapter One: Alex

Ron finally rolled over and accepted that someone was trying to get a hold of him. He knew it was definitely past midnight, which meant that wasn't the most pleasant person yet. "What do you want?"

"Ron?" Harry's voice didn't sound like it usually did, causing Rom to get worried. "Ron the baby…oh god…the baby…"

Ron was beyond panic. He was just about to call the hospital when Harry's voice turned into Hermione's. "Ron? Harry, sweetheart calm down. Relax honey."

Ron wasn't sure what to do. "Hermione? Are you ok? Is the baby…?"

Hermione somewhat laughed. "The baby's just fine Ron. Sorry if Harry scared you. He's…beyond himself." She laughed again. "Ron, my water just broke. It's time."

Ron could've cried. "Really? Oh man Hermione this is so wonderful! No wonder Harry's so excited!"

"Yeah, we're about to head over to the hospital now. Can you and Lavender meet us over there?"

"Of course, we'll be over as soon as we can. We love you guys!"

Ron laughed as he heard Harry's voice again. "Ron…I'm going to be a dad soon! Woo-hoo! Oh no…what if I'm a bad dad? What if the baby doesn't like me? Do you think the baby will look like me? Hopefully she'll look like Hermione. I hope it's a girl. Or a boy. I'll be happy either way. Oh man Ron this is it!"

Ron laughed harder. "Harry relax. Breathe. Now get Hermione safely to the hospital and we'll be waiting outside her room. Stay calm. We love you both."

Harry seemed to have calmed down. "Ok, we'll see you there. I'm going to be a dad Ron."

Ron smiled. "I know man. You're going to be great. Now get going already." He turned over to a sleeping Lavender and shook her gently. "Lavender, honey wake up…"

Ron and Lavender finally reached Hermione's room, smiling as they saw Mr. and Mrs. Granger there already, as well as Remus Lupin and his new wife, Tonks. After exchanging hugs, Lavender turned to the group eagerly. "Well? How are they?"

Mrs. Granger was bursting with excitement. "They arrived here about a half an hour ago and she's already six centimeters. They say it could take ten minutes to several hours."

Ron laughed. "Harry and Hermione can't wait several hours. They want to see their baby now." Everyone started laughing, the girls settling with their husbands. Lavender sat comfortably on Ron's lap, Tonks leaned against Remus on a bench, and Mrs. Granger entangled her fingers with her husband's.

Everyone just sat with smiles on their faces, Remus finally breaking the silence. "So…boy or girl?"

Tonks laughed. "I'm going with a girl. Definitely a girl."

Mrs. Granger nodded. "I agree. Girl for me too."

Mr. Granger raised his eyebrows. "What makes you so confident?"

The girls looked at each other, grinning madly and nodding at each other. They both turned to Mr. Granger, speaking at the same time. "We're women."

Mr. Granger just scoffed. "Well I'm going with a boy. You women are going down!"

Ron threw his hands in the air. "Amen! It's a boy all the way. That's it. Period."

Lavender nodded. "Sorry girls, I'm going to have to say boy too. Just a guess though."

Ron gave her a big hug while Mr. Granger applauded. Mrs. Granger hit her husband, while Tonks rolled her eyes and turned to her own husband. "What about you sweetie?"

Remus grinned. "Sorry guys, but I'm going for a little girl. Harry needs a baby girl he can spoil all he wants."

Tonks grabbed him and gave him a big kiss. Lavender laughed. "They'll be great parents won't they?"

Everyone nodded and grinned. Ron sighed. "They'll be the best." He laughed and shut his eyes. "Remember when they told us Lav? It was right after they found out…"

They spent nearly three hours laughing and talking about the expecting parents, babies, and anything else that popped up. Mrs. Granger had just told them about her long pregnancy with Hermione when the door finally opened. Everyone jumped up as fast as they could. A very tired Harry walked out of the room, tears in his eyes, causing everyone to hold their breath. He finally looked up and smiled.

"She's so beautiful." He motioned for them to follow him. Hermione was lying on the hospital bed, clearly tired but with a big smiled on her face. Harry walked over and sat next to her on the bed, staring at his beautiful little girl. Everyone kissed and exchanged hellos with Hermione. Finally, everyone got a good look at the bundle in her arms and gasped.

The baby had Hermione's face except she had Harry's nose. She was wide-awake, her beautiful blue eyes staring straight into her daddy's green ones.

Remus finally found his voice, everyone else still speechless. "She's so beautiful you guys."

Mr. Granger chuckled. "She looks like both of you really." Harry and Hermione chuckled, Hermione looking up at him.

"I'm hoping she gets her daddy's eyes though." Harry finally looked away from his daughter and smiled at his wife.

"I'm just hoping she doesn't get the Potter hair." Everyone laughed, Ron slowly moving towards Hermione.

"Can I?" Hermione smiled and nodded, carefully handing her daughter over to him. Harry smiled and kissed the top of Hermione's head, looking to Ron and Lavender.

"Well you guys…did you ever think about being god parents?" They both looked at Harry and Hermione, smiles bigger than ever.

"We'd love to. Absolutely love to." Mrs. Granger chuckled and turned to Tonks and Remus.

"We should have made a bet on whether the baby would be a girl or a boy. We could have made big bucks!" Tonks and Remus laughed, while Ron, Mr. Granger, and Lavender just rolled their eyes. Harry and Hermione didn't understand, but they couldn't really care. They were just so happy to be parents.

Out of nowhere, Remus started to laugh. "No one's asked…what's her name?" Everyone looked at Harry and Hermione, who were just beaming. Hermione looked at Harry and nodded, letting him do the honors. He just smiled at her and nodded.

"Alex Renee Potter."

Author's Note: I don't know, this just popped into my head. Maybe the idea's been done before, but it came to me on my own. For future reference, NO CHAPTER WILL HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE PREVIOUS! Each chapter is its own little one-shot. Anyways, let me know how it is!