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He changed the future. Or part of it at least…

Perhaps it was destiny for this to happen, for this to stay the same. He saved Wyatt thankfully but he wasn't able to save himself. He couldn't spare his future of the pain caused by his family's wrongs. Unfortunately, he most likely made this outcome worse. Leo was the lonely culprit before, now it spread to the remainder of the family. Fate perhaps.

Exactly 14 years after Chris's death/birth - -

Chris lay crumpled on the stairs to the main hall. The main hall, living room, and dinning room was displayed with broken furniture, scorch mark covered walls, and blood and ash covered carpet. The heavy panting of the petite 14 year old boy could be heard over the deafening silence that filled the post-chaotic room.

A few moment previous, several demons had attacked the manor. They were disappointed to find the mystical house empty…or almost. Chris was the single person in the manor, forgotten once again for any group occasion.

Everything had happened so quickly, the demons shimmered and flamed in. Chris had heard their entrance from his room and went downstairs, assuming it was everyone returning from wherever they had gone. He orbed down to the main hall to great them.

"Well looks like we won't be too disappointed after all!" one demon said while grabbing Chris from behind.

"Let me go!" Chris screamed through anger. He wasn't scared of them, he was actually looking forward to venting some of his problems out on them.

"Well, well, the son of a Charmed One. How delightful!"

Chris orbed out of the demon's grasp and rematerialized on the stairs, immediately flinging his arm into the air, telekinetically sending one of the demons onto the table in the dinning room with a crash. The table was left in pieces as the demon bursted into flames after being impaled by a piece of the wood.

"1 down, 4 to go!" Chris said with a smile. He soon turned his gaze back to his remaining attackers. He barely dodge on of the fireballs one sent flying towards him. He flung his arm again sending yet another demon flying across the room and hit the grandfather clock. When the demon picked itself up, Chris cursed under his breath only to lose all air in his lungs milliseconds later as he hit the wall behind him. He flinched in pain and looked down at his shirt, which now had red spreading from a rather large wound on his chest. His flinched again as he felt the same felling again in his arm.

"Dad! Mom! Aunt Paige! Anybody! I need you!" no response.

Collecting his thoughts, he picked himself back up orbed to the living room behind the sofa.

"Wyatt!" he yelled, hoping his brother would come to the rescue.

Cotton stuffing and smoke began to jump up from the piece of furniture when Chris orbed himself back to the stairs. He telekinetically sent 2 pieces of wood from the table in dinning room into the backs of the off-guard demons in the main hall. When the wounded demons bursted into flames, the remaining 2 turned around only to notice Chris was no longer behind the sofa. Quickly, Chris impaled the remaining 2 demons with the remains o the grandfather clock. As the demons began to burn up, one grinned at the arrival of a darklighter that had appeared behind Chris.

Chris' world slowed at that moment when the arrow made contact with his body. He screamed in pain as the projectile continued to move through the middle of his chest slowly making its was out the other side. The arrow landed on the floor of the main hall, blood slowly dripping off it to for a small pool around it.

Chris was slumped over the railing of the staircase, trying desperately to keep the pain in his body under control. The darklighter was still behind him and looked at the arrow on the floor with disappointment. He knew the poison would still kill the boy, but it would take too long.

To weak to turn around and face the darklighter, Chris continued to look at the arrow that had landed on the floor.

Noticing Chris' gaze the darklighter opened his mouth, " Oh don't worry, I have something even better for you. I usually save it for elders, but since you're the progeny of a Charmed One…I'll make an acceptation." The dark character conjured yet another arrow.

"You see, this particular whitelighter poison is difficult to make. Each darklighter gets at least one of these for a special occasion. Once this gets into you're blood stream…there's no stopping it. Tell your family 'hello' for me in the afterlife," he said with an evil grin as he aimed once again at Chris. Chris had a million thoughts run through his mind, but one stood out: no one would miss him. As the arrow hit him, Chris' world went black.

So here we are back at the beginning. Chris alone in the house slowly dying on the staircase, and the manor in pieces.

The Halliwell family of all generations flocked on the front porch of the Manor. Each were smiling and giggling to their hearts delight. Phoebe's 6 year old daughter, Prue, sat on the steps playing with her new stuffed tiger she had gotten at the Zoo. 16 year old Wyatt played with his 7 month old cousin, Paige's daughter, Patin.

Piper rummaged round her purse looking for the keys to the house, when a thought came to her mind.

"I wonder why Chris didn't come with us to the Zoo? I thought he loved the zoo."

"Yeah that puzzled me too. Phoebe, what exactly did Chris say when you told him we were going?" questioned Leo, concern seeping into his voice.

"Huh? I thought you sent Wyatt to tell him."

"Well, no one informed me to inform him" Wyatt said trying to defend himself.

"Did anyone tell him?" Piper's heart was jumping out of her chest when every member of her family shook their heads 'no'.

"He's gotta be crushed. He forgot about him," said Paige with a low voice, slowly taking Patin from Wyatt.

Piper mentally kicked herself but continued to search for her long lost key's.

When the door opened, everyone silently tiptoed in, only to stop dead in their tracks by the gruesome scene before them. Their home was literally a wreck. Several pieces of furniture had been ruined and the walls were covered in scorch marks.

Upon sight of the house, Paige handed Patin over to Wyatt and nudged Prue over to him too.

"Take them to you're grandfather's and wait for us there. Ok?" Wyatt nodded and white orbs consumed the 3 children. Leo stood where he was, trying o sense for Chris.

"I can't sense him," stated Leo with a horrified look on his face.

Piper's heart stopped. "CHRIS!" Piper screamed, walking into the kitchen and dinning room, looking for her son. Her breath became rapid and uneven, her nerves became overloaded.

"Breathe, Piper! Breathe! You're not helping us by having a panick attack!" yelled Phoebe, trying to snap her sister out of her bubble. She took a step towards her when they heard a snap under her shoe.

The four looked down and saw a bloodied darklighter arrow.

"Oh God!" said Leo.

They all looked around and noticed the blood dripping from the railing of the staircase.

"CHRIS!" screamed Piper as she began to dash up the stairs, only to be stopped in her tracks by the sight of her beat up son on the stairway. She sobbed heavily and fell down next to him. After pulling the remaining arrow that was embedded into her son's chest, she pulled him into her arms and cradled him.

Leo came running up the stairs soon after his wife, he pried their son from his wife's arms and tried to heal him. When the golden glow faded, they were disappointed to see that Chris was not healed. All four understood the meaning.

"Nooo! Try again! Heal him, Leo! Heal him and I'll never ask anything of you again! PLEASE!" Piper sobbed. Her heart was breaking.

Tears were now falling freely down Leo's face when he replied quietly, " I wish it were that simple…"

"Then make it that simple Leo! You brought Piper back from the dead once, don't you remember! Why not do it again? Except this time for you're SON!" screamed Phoebe who's eyes were red and puffy.

"I can't. You kno…"

"Well that was a waste of a valuable arrow!" stated their murderous darklighter, cutting Leo off mid-sentence. He sat the top of the stairs with an sinful smirk plastered on his face.

"You did this to him! You Bastard!" screamed Piper, flicking her hands, blowing up the Darklighter's arm.

He winced in pain, but began to laugh moments later, "I did him a favor! Is this anyway to repay me!"

"Go to HELL!" Piper screamed, blowing him up completely.

"What do you think he ment by that?" sniffle Phoebe.

Piper and Leo remained silent and turned back their dead son.

Surprisingly, Piper thought he looked peaceful in away. She gently stocked his face with the back of her hand and cradled him back and forth, just like when he was little.

Paige swallowed hard, trying to surpress the sadness that threaten to envelope her.

"I'll go tell Victor and Wyatt. I don't think Prue's ready just yet for something like this." Paige said distantly. She looked one final time at Chris's body before white orbs surrounded her.

Phoebe broke down completely and joined her sister next to Chris, their sobs filling the manor with sorrow. She took a hold of Chris' hand and lost her breath when she wash it with a premonition.

Chris, age 2, was up in the middle of the night, crying his eyes out along with Wyatt. A demon had attacked them, luckily Wyatt vanquished it with a blink of an eye. When Piper came into the room, hearing all the commotion, she went straight to Wyatt.


Chris, age 6, was sitting on the front steps of his school. It was his first day of school and things hadn't gone as planned for him. All the mishaps of the day were soon forgotten when the end of the day had come and it was time to go home. Leo had promised Chris he would pick him up that afternoon( since Chris didn't know how to orb yet), making Chris happy beyond belief. But School had ended an hour and a half ago. Chris was alone on the front steps of the school, his face tilted down and lip sticking out. A truely sad face that would make your heart melt. After another half hour went by Chris began to walk home.


Chris on his 7th birthday party- Chris sat at the head of the table surrounded by presents from his family. All had been opened except 2 little cards. He knew who they were from. Dad and Aunt Paige. They were busy with their 'charges' of coarse. He left them on the table, unopened, and orbed up to his room.


Chris on his 11th birthday – The presents had gotten smaller and fewer over the years and he received more cards. This time only his Mom, Wyatt, and Grandpa had shown up. Chris plastered on a fake smile to suppress the hurt he felt.


Chris, age 12, stood in the attack flipping the pages of the Book of Shadows. He was panting heavily as if he had been running. He stopped on a page with a Warlock named Grylin on it. As soon as Chris stopped flipping the pages, the warlock blinked in. He looked at the frightened boy and threw an energy ball at him hitting his arm. Chris screamed in pain, but went back to the book and recited he spell written on the page, the warlock bursted into flames. When it was clear the danger was over, Chris called for his father. There had been no response. He called repeatedly for his father, then his brother. No one came. Chris looked at the wound on his arm and cringed. He made his way to the bathroom and attended to the wound himself.


Chris, age 13(a week before Chris's 14th birthday), sat at school for parent teacher night. He reminded his mother and father about the event. His teacher wanted to talk with his parents to brag about Chris's wonderful work in all his classes. Chris sat and sat and sat, until almost all the families had left. Disappointed once again, Chris left the school and orbed home.


Chris' 14th Birthday- Chris was in the attic staring at a white candle he lit. After a moment, Chris whispered 'Happy Birthday, Chris' with a sad smile, and blew the candle out. The rest of the family was out somewhere, he didn't know. No one had said a word to him that day. No, kisses or "Happy Birthday"s. The gang left in a fit of laughter, without a word to Chris. He thought he had heard Patin say something about the Zoo…but he's never sure with her.

After a few hours had passed Chris heard something from downstairs, assuming it was everyone back, he orbed down only to meet 5 demons. After some of the demons went flying about, Chris was hit with an energyball. He cried out for his family to help…but no one heard. Once all the demons we vanquished, A darklighter appeared behind Chris and shot him through the chest with his crossbow. The arrow went straight through and landed on the floor below the stairs.


"Phoebe, are you ok? What did you see? You were in a trance for quite a while…" Leo looked at her, conserned. His face was stained with tear trails…it was almost pathetic to see.

"No, I'm not ok…" she said. Chris had come back to the past to save the world once, and this is how they repaid him. Another lifetime of misery. She couldn't accept this to be his fate.

The End?