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"Phoebe, are you ok? What did you see? You were in a trance for quite a while…" Leo looked at her, conserned. His face was stained with tear trails…it was almost pathetic to see.

"No, I'm not ok…" she said. Chris had come back to the past to save the world once, and this is how they repaid him. Another lifetime of misery. She couldn't accept this to be his fate.

"What happened? What did you see?" sniffled Piper, who still clung to her son with a death grip.

Phoebe looked at them, silently. She had stopped crying, her face still moist from her tears, eyes still red and puffy, but there was more than sadness of her face now. Shock and anger, perhaps. She was angry at the bastard demon who took her nephew's life away, angry that his life had ended so soon, angry that her family, including herself, had treated Chris so badly without even realizing it. She was angry that the Chris from the other timeline failed to change this aspect of his life.

She wouldn't… no… COULDN'T let it end this way. She couldn't let this be Chris' fate.

Without a word to Piper or Leo, she pulled herself together and rushed up the stairs, leaving her sister and Leo puzzled.

When she reached the attic, she went straight to the book of shadows. She didn't know exactly what she was looking for, but figured it would come to her eventually.

She stopped when one page of the book called out to her. The time traveling spell. She now knew what she had to do…

She had to go back. But she remembered how hard it was to send Chris back when they had tried. She'd have to alter the spell.
Phoebe finished drawing a triquetra on the wooden wall. She pulled out a piece of paper from her back pocket and read the modified spell on it.

" Hear the words, Hear the Rhyme, heed the hope that's in my mind, take me back through space and time, to where I wish in space and time, take be back to what I've seen, right the wrongs, blessed be."

The triquetra on the attic wall began to glow and open a portal. Without hesitation, Phoebe walked into it.

Phoebe appeared in a dark corner of Chris and Wyatt's room, may years in the past. By the looks of it, Wyatt was about four and Chris was 2. This was it. The first event from her premonition. She had a chance to change it.

Wyatt and Chris were still sound asleep. She was surprised that her arrival didn't wake the 2 up.

The demon then shimmered in, the one that was supposed to cause all the trouble. She looked at it for for a second and noticed it to be a she…a Phoenix.

The witch looked down at the small Chris and gave a silent laugh, " You, little one, have some very powerful enemies. Almost feel sorry for you…"

Phoebe didn't want to intervene yet. It would risk Wyatt and Chris both. She knew Wyatt would vanquish the woman all in good time.

"A curse created for this young foe, mental torture rather than a lethal blow, ignore him slightly, let time progress, may life fulfill this curse to its best." When the witch finished her spell, a red glow emitted from Chris and quickly expanded out into the manor, then the rest of the world. Phoebe looked at the Phoenix in awe. The assassin was the real culprit. The family never ignore Chris on purpose. It was a spell.

Fed up, Phoebe yelled for Wyatt to wake up.

"Wyatt! Demon!" she screamed then tackled the Phoenix to the ground. Angry at her, she began punching her.

"you think you can do that to him, huh? Do that to us!" she screamed at the woman, punching her repeatedly. The woman shimmered out from beneath Phoebe and reappeared behind her, athame in hand.

Wyatt was wide awake now, as well as Chris, both crying their eyes out. Wyatt, scared for his aunt, waved his hand and blew the Phoenix up.

Piper, hearing all the commotion, entered the room, turning the light on.

"What the hell is going on here!" she asked Phoebe, concern and a little bit of anger in her voice. She went over to Wyatt and picked him up trying to comfort him. Chris was still wailing as well.

"Demon…Don't worry, Wyatt took care of her," Phoebe reassured Piper breathlessly while walking over to Chris's crib and picking him up, " She did something to Chris, I think it was a spell…a curse even." She swayed back and forth trying to comfort Chris.

"I'm ok, mommy. See if Chris is too." Said a still shaken Wyatt.

Piper sat Wyatt back down on his bed and looked over him one more time to see if her was alright. Satisfied she went over to Phoebe and Chris.

Chris was still crying pretty hard, but still less than before.

"Mommy!" he said with a fearful voice.

"I'm here, baby. You're ok…" Piper cooed Chris some more before taking him off Phoebe's hands.

The moment Chris was fully in Piper's arm, there was a bright flash and Pheobe was outside of Chris' elementary school. She looked around and saw Chris sitting on the front steps of the building, looking so sad. Her heart wanted to break.

"Well, I guess the first one was a success. I just hope this one is too." Phoebe straightened up her clothes and ran her fingers in her hair before she walked up to Chris' 6 year old form.

"What's with the sad face, bud?" she asked. When Chris looked up, She gave him the biggest smile she ever though possible to give.

Seeing his aunt look so cheerful infront of him made Chris forget everything that had been wrong. He returned the big smile and leaped from the steps and hugged his aunts legs.

Phoebe laughed and gave the small boy a confused grin, " What was that for, kid? I'm late! You're not supposed to be giving me hugs when I've dun something wrong!" she tease him with a silly voice.

Chris laughed, "I don't care that you're late… I'm just happy you came. Wait, wasn't Daddy supposed to get me?"

She had to think for a moment to come up with an answer that wouldn't break the kids heart, " Yeah, but I wanted to do something special with my nephew. Is that a sin?"

"No," he replied with a small grin on his face. " What did you wanna do?"

"Well I thought we could walk to the park and get an ice cream cone. What do ya say?" she smiled down at him, knowing the answer.

Chris smiled back with a twinkle in his eye, " SURE!"

Once again the scene flashed white and Phoebe was somewhere else. She was in the manor again, the main hall actually. She looked around and saw Piper pulling up a Happy Birthday Banner and Victor placing a few ballons here and there with the number 7 on them.

Ok, this is the next one. What happened in this one? Cards…Leo and Paige miss Chris' birthday. Gotta get them here!

Piper finished putting up the banner and climbed down the ladder. She turned around, blowing up a chair next to Phoebe out of shock.

"Phoebe! When the hell did you get here! You scare the living daylights out of me! Agh!"

She jumped as the chair next to her exploded, "Oh, just got in…hey have you seen Paige and Leo around here?"

"Yeah, they were here a second a g to drop Chris' cards off. The poor babe is gonna be so crushed that they can't come." Piper moved over to the table with all of Chris's presents on it and lifted up the 2 envelopes address to Chris.

"Tell me about it…" she said sarcastically.

Without another word, Phoebe ran upstairs to the attic, yelling for both Paige and Leo.

They orbed in at almost the exact same time.

"What is it?" asked Leo concerned.

"Yeah, I was kinda busy with a charge…" interjected Paige, with her hands on her hips.

"Save the crap! Ok, why they hell are you guys gonna miss Chris'party?"

"We have a lot of work, Phoebe! You know that!" explained Leo.

"That's a bunch of bull! Tell me, since when have you ever had a lot of work on Wyatt's birthday? Or Prue's? or Piper's? you guys can go on from there." Phoebe crossed her arms and began tapping her foot. It's a rare occasion to actually see Phoebe as pissed off as she was here.

Paige and Leo were silent. They had no response to give really. None that would help their case at least.

"Right! Why don't you guys go downstairs, take your cards…get actual presents and SHOW UP! If I ever hear of you guys doing this again, I swear I'll turn you both into toads!"

With that Phoebe saw an oh to familiar flash of white light and she was once again downstairs in the dining room, except this time the balloons had the number 11 on them. She smiled to see that everyone had made it to the party that year.

As the next event began, it took a moment for Phoebe to awake from her euphoria. She saw Chris dash past her up the stairs too the attic. She looked at the running boy with a confused look on her face and ran after him.

She finally caught up to him in the attic as he was flipping through the book.

"Hey, what's the rush!" she asked him conserned. She knew what the rush was but she had to blend into the scene.

"Warlock…" Chris said while gasping for breath.

The warlock blinked in. Grylin threw the energy ball at the two and Phoebe pushed Chris to the floor as well as herself, dodging it. They jumped back up and recited the spell written in the book.

After the warlock was vanquished, both Phoebe and Chris let go of their breaths they had been holding.

Chris looked up at his aunt, thankful and even more hapy that she was there to help him out.

"You're welcome, kid," she said with a smirk. Oh the joys of being an empathy.

Yet again, Phoebe 'saw the light'. She was at Chris' middle school. Apparently it was Parent-Teacher Night. She looked around and saw her adorable nephew sitting in a chair to the side of the room. He hadn't noticed her arrive, enyet he was still waiting for Piper or Leo to come.

When she sat down next to him, Chris turned to her startled.

"Aunt Phoebe? What are you doing here? Mom… or Dad was supposed to come."

"Well, they had some pests that got into the manor. Came out of no where. Anyways! They sent me to come visit your teacher instead, cause your mom is having a little trouble keeping the pests out." She didn't lie to him. That's actually what happened that night. A hord of Insect demons came barging into the manor and Piper was the one who kept having to blow them up, Paige was making a potion to take care of them. Leo though stayed behind to heal the girls in case something went wrong.

"Mrs. Halliwell?" Phoebe turned to see a young woman about 28 years old. She assumed it was Chris' teacher.

"Yes, although I'm probably not the 'Mrs. Halliwell' you want. I'm Phoebe Halliwell, Chris' aunt. Unfortunately, Chris' parents are tied up at the moment."

"Oh, I see…"

After a good conversation with Chris' teacher about how BRILLANT Chris is, Phoebe was blinded by the now annoying white light for the final time.

The scene was fresh in her mind, since she had just lived it that day. The Halliwell family was rushing about the house, gathering stuff up for their little field trip to the Zoo. She saw Prue come up to her and tug on her shirt.

"Mommy! Can I get a TIGER at the zoo? I like tigers." The little girl was practically dying of excitement to go and see everything.

"Yes, sweety, you can get a tiger," She neglected to tell the child that the tiger would end up being a stuffed toy.

Phoebe remembered the task at hand. Chris. He wasn't told about the Zoo. He loves the Zoo…of course he'll go.

"Has anyone told Chris yet?"

No one heard her and just kept rushing around the house, some leaving to get in the car.

"Fine then, I'll just go tell him to make sure." Phoebe went up stairs and looked in Chris'/Wyatt's room. He wasn't in there. She made her way up to the attic and saw Chris sitting there staring at a white candle.

"Chris, hun! Come on, we're gonna go to the Zoo! You wanna come?"

"Sure," Chris said smiling. The petite little boy blew out the candle and a slight breeze blew past them. In the back of her mind she heard Chris' soft voice from her premonition 'Happy Birthday, Chris'

She suddenly got an idea.

"Chris, can you do me a favor?"

"Yeah, sure," he replied with a questioning look on his face.

"I just remembered I have a column for the paper that's due tonight. I should probably stay and work on it. Can you tell everyone I'm gonna stay here?"

Chris looked a little disappointed by what she just said, but nodded in agreement.

"Thanks, kid"

After everyone had left, Phoebe went straight to the Book of Shadows. She looked up the 5 demons and the darklighter that she saw in her premonition. She made a vanquishing potion for each one and put the small bottles into her pocket.

When she heard movement from downstairs, she took a deep breathe and prayed everything would work out.

"This is for you, Chris…"

She silently went down the stairs and peered into the main hall, seeing the 5 demons. She swallowed hard and made her way down the steps.

"Look for me, boys?" Che reached into her pockets and grabbed 2 of the potions and hurled them at 2 of the demons. When the bursted into flames she quikly reached into her pockets again.

"Charmed One!" one yelled while throwing a fireball at her.

She jumped out of the way and threw 2 more potions. She prayed they hit their targets. And they did. She loved having good Karma.

"4 down, 1 to go," she said while picking herself off the steps.

The demon threw one more energyball, missing Phoebe but mere inches. At that moment, Phoebe threw the last vanquishing potion at the demon and he bursted into flames.

When the darklighter actually arrived, he was caught off guard.

"They assured me that there would be a whitelighter here!" he said furiously.

"Usually there is, but fortunately for us. There out at the moment. Please leave your name, number, and brief message and we'll vanquish you as soon as possible! Good…" Phoebe threw the darklighter vanquishing potion at the man," …bye!"

When everything was over, phoebe let out a BIG sigh.

"Man what a long day…" she literally collapsed o the sofa and nearly fell asleep.

Jumping up she looked at the Grandfather clock.

"I have less than an hour and a half to get everything ready! AH!"

With that Phoebe grabbed her purse and keys and ran out the door

The Halliwell family of all generations flocked on the front porch of the Manor. Each were smiling and giggling to their hearts delight. Phoebe's 6 year old daughter, Prue, sat on the steps playing with her new stuffed tiger she had gotten at the Zoo. 16 year old Wyatt played with his 7 month old cousin, Paige's daughter, Patin.

Piper rummaged round her purse looking for the keys to the house, when a thought came to her mind.

"I wonder why Phoebe didn't come with us to the Zoo? I thought she loved the zoo."

"Yeah that puzzled me too. Chris, what exactly did she say when you talked to her?" questioned Leo, concern seeping into his voice.

"She said that she had a column to write that was due tonight.." she said casually.

"That doesn't seem right, her column isn't supposed to be due for another 3 days." Piper inserted. She went back to seaching for keys, a little more urgently this time.

When the door opened, everyone silently tiptoed in, only to stop dead in their tracks by the surprising scene before them. Their home was literally ready for a Party. Banners and Balloons were placed EVERYWHERE and a table was set up in the main hall with LOTS of presents on it.

Once Chris stepped into manor, Phoebe along with Victor, Darryl, Sheyla, Grams, Patty, and Charmed One Prue yelled "SURPRISE!"

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