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Author's Note

It's been 7 years. Sadly, Martin Mystery itself has been cancelled. It was my favorite show along with the earlier seasons of Totally Spies during my teenage years as it's concept, theme and quality really stood out from the rest of the other cartoons at that time. Sadly, cartoons nowadays are just crap, including I dare say, Spongebob Squarepants.

After looking back at my abandon account, I have decided to continue and finish some of my fictions. After 7 years since it was first published, here is is long awaited release of Chapter 5 to finally complete the story. With the release of the latest chapter, I have done a overhaul on this fanfic. Added a few things, checked on grammar and spelling mistakes and improved certain things.

As this was written in 2005 when the series first started, this fanfic is set during season 1 of Martin Mystery, which explains the absence of Billy in his human shell and other elements of later seasons. After doing a few Martin Mystery crossovers fictions with Totally Spies, I finally wrote my first Martin Mystery fiction with "The Mystery Deaths of Faraday". I have also remained faithful to the typical format of a typical episode of the original series, adding more adult themed elements partially inspired by horror teen flicks to add more realism to the story.

Well, after 7 years, I present to you the completed story of "The Mystery Deaths of Faraday"

Some locations and information might be false or inaccurate.
This has no connection with any of my other fanfics .

Action/Adventure, Horror

Chapter 1 - Off to Faraday City
Chapter 2 - Two Missing People and a Handsome Guy
Chapter 3 - Lost and Found and Lost Again
Chapter 4 - Finding Diana
Chapter 5 - There's Something About Marty

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Faraday City, Texas. A small farming town in the middle of Tom Green County. With a population of 62, everyone lived simple lives in Faraday. Some were farmers, others were retirees and a handful were emergency personnel for the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office and the rest are shopkeepers. Everybody quite knew each other in this little town. Their simple lives continued until one day, Mrs Wilson went missing.

Everyone in the town suspected each other when the Sheriff's Department found her dead uncovered body on one of the crops the very next day. Her lungs ripped out from the eerie chest. For a period of 10 days, 5 more women went missing. Their bodies found the next day after their disappearance. Each body was left bare with a major organ brutally taken out from their bodies. Complains filled the Town Green County Sheriff's Office and almost half of the townspeople had already fled the town.

The newly elected Sheriff thought that it was the last straw and decided to call in The Center.

Martin Mystery in "The Mystery Deaths of Faraday"


It was a balmy Tuesday afternoon in Torrington Academy. The bell rang and students came pouring into the hallways. One of them was Diana Lombard. She went straight for her locker and put her books away. Unknown to her that the guy she had a crush on was right behind her.
"Hey Diana." A familiar and pleasant voice called as she closed her locker.

Diana casually turned around, her brown hair swishing around her shoulders as she leaned on her locker. It was Marvin all right. The guy whom she had a crush on. In fact, every girl in school admired him for his looks. His right hand was holding onto a thick book. "Hi Marvin." She answered. "So what's up?"

Little did they know, Martin was a short distance away from them. He was was a white t-shirt on top of a red and yellow fire pattern short sleeved shirt, a pair of grey cargo pants and red and white Nike Air Force 2 shoes. He looked at Marvin with a hateful glare. Listening hard to every word they were saying.
"Hey um.. I was thinking that maybe we could have lunch together." Marvin offered with a slight blush on his face.

Diana's face turned red. Out of all people, he approached her just to have lunch together. This was the first time a boy asked her that and hesitation filled her brain. "Jeeze Marvin... I don't know."

"C'mon Diana... Please?" Marvin turned his charming smile on Diana, and at that moment, she knew she couldn't resist it. So she just had to do it.

"Okay. I'll do it." Diana squeaked. Martin however growled in jealousy.

"How dare you offered her lunch you little bastard!" Martin cursed in his mind. Marvin held onto Diana's hand and together they walked slowly to the cafeteria.
Martin seemed jealous when Marvin held onto Diana's hand. Unfortunately, he couldn't stop him as he needs to keep his love for Diana a secret. Yes, Martin Mystery was really in love with his step-sister. Whenever he could not find a companion of the opposite sex, he would always annoy and tease her with bets, jokes or pranks. It was also a way to keep the secret... well a secret. What would Diana and the world think of him if they were to know that Diana's own brother had a crush of her!

Martin's U-Watch beeped. Signaling that there was yet another mission awaiting for them. Martin smirked in delight. Diana too heard it, and however started to heat up in anger. She had always detest the U-Watch as it was always ringing at the wrong times. Disrupting her studies, preventing her from doing her Co-Curricular Activities and of course, stopping her from flirting with cute boys. Sometimes, she wished that she could turn back time and stop herself from joining The Center. Too bad time cannot be turned back.

"Uhh.. Sorry Marvin. We've gotta go now." Martin smiled and grabbed his step-sister.

Marvin was rather disappointed that the woman he had a crush on had to leave. But a rather disturbing thought ran through his mind. Why did Diana have to go whenever he heard that particular beep? Where were they going to? And what really happen to them behind the statue? He was just about to ask them when the pair had already ran off to The Center.

At The Center, Martin and Diana stood on a platform. The platform moved, passing by the other uniformed Center personnel who are working on the computers. They had always wondered, what the heck are they doing sitting there 24/7 anyways? And why so many people at one time? As they were wondering, a device scanned them from top to bottom. A hand print scanner also emerged and they placed their hands on it.

"Martin Mystery...Clear"

"Diana Lombard...Clear"

Billy the alien flew towards them in his little chair that hovers. "Hey guys!" He greeted.

"Hi Billy." The pair answered and Martin and Billy started to do their handshake thing, annoying Diana slightly. They stepped out of the platform and then went up the elevator into MOM's office for their briefing. As usual, MOM was doing her experiments and Martin was always there to annoy her yet again. This time MOM was in the middle of a video call, making contact with intelligent life light-years away. The monitor was connected to a giant super-computer behind her desk.

"Whoa... that's one awesome thingamajig MOM!" Said Martin, taking notice of the giant unit sitting beside MOM's desk.

"Thank you Martin. It's an intergalactic video conferencer. Able to communicate with intelligent life 100 googol light years away."

"Google? Like is that the internet search engine?" Martin asked thinking it was the famous internet search engine.

MOM sighs and explains. "A googol is a number with a 100 zeros."

"Cool, can I try?" Requested Martin with his puppy-dog eyes.

"No." MOM sighed and snapped her fingers as a holographic map of Texas pops out from the desk. "You'll be going Faraday City, Texas, where 6 women had been found dead. Sandra Van Kel, another old woman went just missing 2 hours ago. The Center suspects that something paranormal is going on and you 2 are going to find who and why."

"What about Java? Is he coming?" The brown headed girl asked.

"Sorry Diana, he'll be helping us with a few stuff." MOM responded.

"Great!" Diana sighed in grief as she looked at her brother, who was on MOM's computer, wondering how she was gonna put up with his crazy antics.

"Martin, what are you doing to my computer?" MOM questioned.

"Just checking it out." Martin answered and pressed the delete key on the keyboard. The monitor suddenly shuts down. losing all the unsaved memory in the processor.

"Martin! You've just disrupted my communication with the furthest galaxy in the universe!"

"Eh.. sorry bout that."

"Nevermind!" MOM yelled. Even though she was furious at Martin, she kept her cool and went back to work.

Billy activated the transporter and opened a portal to Faraday City through his computer. "Right here fellas."


The white British Columbia registered 2001 Dodge Durango with The Center's logo decal on both front doors turned right into the parking lot of the Sheriff's office building, a 3 story complex with 6 window son each level. In front of the station, 8 blue Tom Green County Sheriff's Office 1995 Chevy Caprices were parked with the Sheriff's odd blue and silver hooded Tom Green County Sheriff's Office 2005 Ford Crown Victoria. Martin parked the Durango beside one of the cruisers and went inside the office with Diana.

Inside, the office was in a run down state, with the old musky wooden decor, the place dimly lit and deserted except for a man sitting on the front desk, looking through some paperwork. He looked up and saw them. He stood up and welcomed them into the town.

"Welcome to Faraday City, I'm Sheriff Thompson, the newly elected Sheriff right here in Tom Green County. You must be The Center agents here to help us." The chubby looking middle-aged man greeted them in a country accent. He was wearing a dark blue peak cap, a light blue uniform, complete with a dark blue tie, dark blue pants that match the tie and other police equipment and overalls you will find on any typical police uniform.

Diana smiled, taking out her Center ID badge and briefly introduced herself. "Nice to meet you Sheriff. I'm Diana Lombard and this is my brother, Martin Mystery. Can you tell us what happened over the last few days?"

"Well, over 7 women are dead." The Sheriff replied and paused, trying to think of more. "And... Usually, their bodies are found the next day after their disappearance. Oh and their organs have been ripped out from their body. Almost half of the townspeople have already fled home to Fort Worth."

"Women, their bodies are found the next day after their disappear, body organs taken out. I think I know who did it! The vampire monster!" Martin shouted. The Sheriff was stumped and Diana sighed.

"Oh Martin please, there's probably a logical explanation for what is going here. Some people kill for money when they're desperate you know" Diana added a logical reason

"Right. Whatever the reason, Deputy Tony Johnson here and his partner will lead you there"

Deputy Anthony "Tony" Johnson came out from the other room. Like the "Well, what are we waiting for?"

Later, Deputy Johnson and his partner Deputy Lorraine boarded their run-down blue Tom Green County Sheriff's Office 1995 Chevy Caprice. It was painted light blue with a white stripe running across it's side with the words "TOM GREEN COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE" in block white letters together with it's department patch decal on both sides. They lead the Mystery Crew to Mrs. Van Kel's house, which was located 1 mile away from the station. As Martin was driving, he felt sleepy and started to yawn.

"Man... I'm bored. Let's turn on some tunes!" Martin turned the dials on the built in radio. The chorus of The Offspring's "Want you Bad" started to play. Martin sang and shook his head to the music. Diana however hated the loud music and covered her ears.

"The Offsprings? C'mon you've gotta do better than that" Diana exclaimed and reached out to the dials, changing the station.

"Hey , they're just getting to the good part!"

They started to argue over the radio. Martin strayed away from driving and the Durango started to sway and screech. Meanwhile in Anthony's Chevy Caprice, Lorraine was chatting with her partner about the case.

"So uh.. Lorraine are you scared?" Tony asked while driving.

"Why would I?" She responded in a country accent.

"Well, you're a woman and as you know, the killer only goes after women."

"I'm a cop Tony." Lorraine shrugged. "Why would I be scared?"

There was a long pause. Suddenly, Lorraine's seat unexpectedly moved back and lay down. It took her by such surprise that she did not have enough time to react. Blood then splatted on the windscreen, dashboard, everywhere. Anthony saw the blood splatters and turned to look at Lorraine. Her face was covered in blood and her eyes widen in shock. "WHAT THE HELL?"