I can't believe it took me 7 years to finally put an end to this overdue fanfic. As my previous notebook broke down and got reformatted, I couldn't retrieve my previous data and I'm left stranded. It was a stressful time for me and I guess continuing the fanfics slipped my mind.

This last chapter has been recreated, with some fragments in my memory on how it was supposed to end. I have also modified and overhaul pervious chapters and improved the grammar, spelling mistakes and made other improvements to the fanfic.

This fanfic is set during season one, which explains the absence of Billy in his human shell. I have also remained faithful to the typical format of the original series, adding more adult themed elements partially inspired by horror teen flicks to add more realism to the story.

Well, after 7 years, I present to you the final chapter.

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Action/Adventure, Horror

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Chapter 5 - There's Something About Marty

Martin charged towards Sheriff Thompson, catching him off guard, causing him to tumble to the floor before getting into a fist fight with the Center agent. Meanwhile, Sergeant Marty who had just arrived the bottom of the basement stairs ran over to Diana to unshackle her wrists and ankles.

"For a 300 year old man, you sure fight like a little girl!" Martin yelled as he tried to pin down the Sheriff.

"Don't underestimate me young man!"

Just then, during the struggle, Sheriff Thompson suddenly had a burst of strength and pushed Martin away from him. Martin tumbled towards the corner of the room as the Sheriff unholstered his Glock 17 and fired a shot towards Martin. Sergeant Marty who was still removing the leather straps from Diana's ankles froze in shock and could only look on as the Sheriff walked slowly towards Martin, who was in the corner, cringing in pain.

Using his left hand, Martin held onto his right arm, suppressing his wound tightly to slow down the bleeding. He looked up, the Sheriff pointed his Glock between his eyes. "Any last words, Martin?"


Blood splattered onto Martin's face. He opened his eyes, he could see the Sheriff standing infront of him with a bullet hole across his forehead as if a bullet had gone through his head. Seconds later Sheriff Thompson's lifeless body fell to the floor, revealing a standing Sergeant Marty pointing his Glock at Martin, indicating that he had fired his gun and killed Sheriff Thompson. Diana let out a huge sigh of relief as his step-brother looked at her, smiling and blushing, admiring Diana's bare chest.

"MARTIN!" Diana what Martin was staring at and yelled in embarrassment. "SNAP OUT OF IT AND STOP STARING AT ME!"

"Oh right!" Martin smiled as Sergeant Marty handed Diana a towel to cover her naked body.

Hours later, with two other units from the Tom Green County Sheriff's Department and an ambulance already on the scene, Martin's right arm was already bandaged and slinged by the paramedics on scene. Other deputies carried the dead and wrapped body of Sheriff Thompson out from the house as Diana and Sergeant Marty looked on.

A white 2005 Pontiac GTO screeched to a halt infront of the decrepit house. The door opened, MOM and Billy got out of the vehicle and approached Martin, Diana and Sergeant Marty, who were waiting for her at the porch.

"Good work troops." MOM complimented them as usual. "It turns out that Sheriff Thompson, or John Morton as he turned out to be, achieved immortality by exchanging and maintaining healthy body parts in his life time. With him in the picture, we are able to end and find closure to many cold cases across the world."

"I handled that pretty well despite getting shot." Cried Martin.

"Oh please." Diana rolled her eyes. "You should have thanked Marty for saving your life."

MOM raised an eyebrow. Diana looked around, Marty was no where within their sight. "Where is Marty anyway?"

"Marty? Marty who?" MOM asked, looking quite puzzled.

"Sergeant Marty from the Sheriff's Office," Diana answered. "He was the police officer helping us along with our case."

One of the passing deputies overheard Diana and approached her before asking in a country accent, "Did you say Sergeant Marty?"

"Yeah. He was here a minute ago." Martin looked around. "Where did he went to?"

The deputy froze for a moment and let out a deep breath before he spoke, "Sergeant Marty was our fallen deputy. He was involved in a high speed accident 12 days ago. His car barrel rolled 15 times after he crashed into an oncoming 18-wheeler while chasing after a car that fled the crime scene of Mrs. Wilson's murder."

"Mrs. Wilson was the first victim of John Morton while he was in Faraday City." MOM added. "Whoever or even whatever it was that helped you, may have just been a wandering soul trying to find closure."

Diana and Martin were stunned. Unlike any other paranormal entity they had previously encountered, Sergeant Marty's presence seemed so real and human. Martin smiled to himself, no wonder he seemed to know where Diana was this whole time, he thought to himself. Diana looked down in sadness as her crush was just a figment of her own imagination. She could only sigh as she knew that she couldn't go after him.

As the Tom Green County Deputies loaded up the body of Sheriff Thompson onto The Center's white 2001 Dodge Sprinter van, Diana could see a man in the blue Tom Green County Sheriff's Office uniform standing in the middle of the tall grass away from them. Diana squinted her eyes, it was Sergeant Marty.

With a smile and a wave, Marty vanished into thin air as a cold breeze overwhelmed Diana. She smiled and muttered under her breath, "Thank you Marty, I'm glad you can finally rest in peace".

"Diana!" Martin called out to her step-sister. "C'mon! Let's go!"

Shaking her head, she snapped into reality and went over to Martin, who was already inside The Center's passenger's side of the white Dodge Durango.

"What happened Dai?" Asked Martin as Diana hopped into the driver's seat of the SUV and buckled her seat belt. "You were like staring into blank space for like 3 minutes."

Diana shook her head, "Nothing Martin. Just saying my final goodbye. Oh and by the way, since Marty wasn't real, I wanna thank you, for saving my life back there."

Martin lean over to her and kissed her on the cheek. Diana blushed and stepped on the gas, following right behind MOM's Pontiac GTO out of the compound.


After 7 years, I can say that finally it's the end. Its sad that the actual series was cancelled, but only us fans could continue the Martin Mystery legacy thru fictions and fan art. Nevertheless, I feel that Martin and Diana deserved to be together in the end, even though they're step-siblings. Thank you for reading.