He couldn't see anything but the swaying branches of the trees above him. He glanced around the area again to make sure he was alone. Shrugging, he got up and without glancing back, left.


"That was close!" Tsubaki grinned.

"Baka!" Rika hit both Aya and Tsubaki in the back of the head. "We were almost caught by Arima!"

"Owwww...," Tsubaki replied rubbing the back of hr head while Aya muttered unintelligibly under her breath.

"Cut the crap you guys. We have class in five minutes." Maho's reasonable voice came through the argument.

Looking at their watches, they nodded to each other and decided to make a run for it. Yukino and Tsubasa jumped down and got head starts from the rest of the group. They both giggled as they reached the classroom. They entered and noticed Arima right away. He was staring right at them. Yukino smiled sheepishly and Tsubasa waved reverting to her naive appearance.

The door slammed open for the second time that day. "You cheated!" Tsubaki cried in mock outrage. "You guys had head starts! No fair!" she pouted. Maho pushed her to the side and headed to her seat in the back casting dirty looks at anyone in her way.

Rika sweat dropped and blushed looking nervously at Maho. "Please excuse her, she's having a bad day," she pleaded with an embarrassed look on her face. The others just coughed and looked away, they could see Rika's amusement as plain as day. They noticed that Arima was still looking at them. Giving each other faint nods, they took their seats.


Arima watched as they entered the room. Tsubasa waved energetically at him and as she was about to head over, the door slammed open to reveal Tsubaki, Rika, Aya, and Maho. Tsubaki was yelling at Yukina and Maho just went to her seat as if she could care less. Rika was apoligizing for her behavior, but he noticed something that he never noticed before. At first glance, all he saw was the shy look on her face, but when he looked again he saw a flash of something in her eyes. Was that... amusement? He glanced at the other girls and they all looked like they were trying to suppress laughter. He would keep a closer eye on them...

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