What's The Worst That Could Happen?

Author's Note: Looking for a comedy view this time around...

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, the WWE and Vince McMahon do...

Summary: So what if they're locked in a locker room together and most of them hate each other... Okay, maybe it is a big deal. See what happens when you lock a load of wrestlers who don't like one another in a locker room for hours... The results don't look too good.

Characters: Chris Jericho, The Rock, Stone Cold, Trish Stratus, Team Extreme, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, RVD, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, and many more...

Timeframe: Around the time when Team Extreme was together, Triple H and Stephanie were married, and etc. (After the WCW/ECW vs. WWF).

Chapter One - Help Us!

The setting is an unocupied locker room that has a note on the door that says, "Don't Use". So maybe they ignored that sign, or maybe they just don't know how to read. I'm going with the they don't know how to read... It was as clear as day... In big bold letters! How can you miss it? Easy, you can't read. That's the only explanation that I can give you...

So this trapped thing started out in the Team Extreme locker room. "Earth to Jeff! You've got to be MORE carefully out there! Do you want to kill yourself before you reach thirty years?" Matt exclaimed.

"Matt, jumping onto a pile of guys won't kill him..." Lita stated.

"Exactly! Like Lita said... I won't die because of that..." Jeff said as he glared at the redhead who was receiving a dirty look from the elder Hardy.

"Like Lita is any better? What's up with you and that suicide dive you took tonight on Trish and Stephanie? You could have broke your neck!" Matt exclaimed.

"But did I? No..." Lita said as she held up her index finger.

"Don't give me attitude girl!" Matt snapped.


"CHRISTIAN! Where are you! You rotten bastard... COME BACK HERE!" Edge yelled as he traveled down the halls looking for his brother who just attacked him in their locker room.

"Well hello Jackass..." Chris said as Edge walked by him.

Edge stopped and turned to his fellow Canadian and said, "Have you seen Christian?"

Chris smirked and stated, "If you weren't such a jackass, you'd know where your own brother was..."

Edge rolled his eyes and stated, "It was a simple yes or no question Jericho, now I need to give him an ass whooping, so let me ask this again... HAVE YOU SEEN CHRISTIAN?"

Chris looked Edge up and down then explained, "Yeah... As a matter of fact I seen the coward running down that hall... He's probably in the locker room at the end of the hall."


"I'm not giving you attitude..." Lita replied.

"Oh yes you are!" Matt said as he took off his boot.

"God Matthew Hardy! I'm sick of this! I'm out of here..." Lita snapped.

Matt and Jeff watched at the redhead left the room furious at her boyfriend.

"What's her problem? Did I say something?" Matt asked as Jeff chuckled.

"Say something? Matt you were being an ass..." Jeff stated.

"So you're going to be like her?" Matt spat.

"Unless telling it how it is is being a woman..." Jeff said as he scratched his head.

"Well excuse me!" Matt said as he held up is hands in defense.


She was angry with Matt for being so protective. It was like he was her babysitter, or her master, or something like that. He always did this, and it was really getting old.

"Hey Lita..." RVD said as he seen the Diva walking down the hall.

"Hey, Rob?" Lita said as she whirled around to see who was calling her.

"Well where's those Hardy Boys? Did you finally ditch 'em?" Rob asked as he watched the redhead closely.

"No... Matt and myself are in a fight." Lita replied.

Rob smirked and put an arm around the redhead. "Well don't worry Lita... I always knew Matt was a jerk..." Rob said as he guided the redhead down the hall.

"Matt's not a... Well maybe he is, but not always."

Lita said as she walked his Rob's arm around her. Matt and Jeff would freak if they seen this. One Rob was Jeff's worst enemy, two his arm was around Lita.


"Well if it isn't the business slut!" Stephanie spat as she and Hunter walked up to Rock and Trish.

"And if it isn't the million dollar princess!" Trish said as she waved her hands up as if to say scary.

"Yo Rock keep your girl's mouth shut!" Hunter snapped.

"Well if it isn't the serigal assin!" Rock muttered.

"Now you stop right there!" Hunter started.

"No, you, Hunter, stop right there! You ass kissing jabroni!" Rock made obvious.

Trish laughed only for Stephanie to slap her and yell, "SHUT UP!" Hunter quickly grabbed onto his wife's arm and headed down to the hall with her.


"So are you the least bit curious how come Lita hasn't came back yet?" Jeff asked as he glared at the still closed door.

"Well, yeah, but ah let's just think about this. She wasn't that mad, now was she?" Matt stated calmly.

"Doesn't the fact that she hasn't came back YET say it all? Maybe she needs our help." Jeff announced as he got up from his spot.

"Our help? Man what kind of a world do you live in?" Matt questioned.

Jeff motioned for him to follow him out the door. As the boys exited the locker room and glared down both ways of the hall. "What is she doing with him?" Matt questioned as he shot Rob a dirty look.

"I don't know, but she better watch herself around Mr. Monday night..." Jeff hissed.

"So tell me, what's the matter?" Rob asked as his arm moved from her shoulder to her waist.

She glared at where his hand rest and stated, "Matt is being a jerk... Not like that doesn't surprise me..."

Rob smirked and explained, "Well if ya ever get sick of him I'm always available."

Okay this was now the oddest conversation she'd ever experienced.

"Ah, okay... So ah, were are we going?" Lita asked.

"We? Well we can go anywhere..." Rob exclaimed.

"Anywhere?" Lita asked.

"Anywhere..." Rob repeated.


Edge found the locker room that Jericho had mentioned and quickly entered it. Once the door closed he found that he was trapped and Christian was no where to be found.

"Christian?" Edge exclaimed as he looked around the room. "Well this is just great... Perfect... HELP!" Edge yelled as he pounded on the door.

Edge walked away from the door and glared around the room. The door opened and two people quickly ran in.

"Edge! There you are!" Torrie exclaimed.

"Yeah we were looking for you..." Stacy announced.

"WAIT! Hold that... door..." Edge yelled as he turned.

The door slammed shut while Torrie and Stacy gave him a questioning look. "The door won't open from in here…" Edge announced.


Lita turned to Rob and said, "Well thanks for the offer, but ah, I'm with Matt… So right now I'm not interested."

Rob rose a questioning eyebrow and said, "So you think a jerk can satisfy you like you need to be."

Lita backed away and asked, "Are you coming onto me?"

Rob answered that with a kiss. Matt and Jeff's jaws dropped as they witnessed this kiss.

"HOW COULD YOU?" Matt yelled as he stormed up to where Lita and Rob were standing.

"Matt… MATT!" Jeff yelled as he followed his elder brother.

"How could I what?" Lita asked as she backed away from Rob.

"Not you! HIM! How could you kiss MY girlfriend!" Matt snapped as he crossed his arms.

"Man your girl came onto me…" Rob said as he held his hands up in defense.

"WHAT? No I didn't… If turning you do down is coming onto ya than you've got an odd view of things! I TOLD you that I'm with Matt… And then you said so a jerk like that can't 'satisfy' you like you need to be…" Lita snapped.

"Whoa Lita, you can't deny you've been into me since the day I seen ya." Rob announced as he winked at her only for her to look at him in disgust.

"Li let's go…" Jeff said as he reached out for her hand. She ripped it away from him and took off again.

"Dude your girlfriend is a bitch…" Rob exclaimed.

Matt glared at him and took after her.

"Lita is not a bitch…" Jeff stated as he walked past Rob. Matt quickly rushed after the redhead, who quickly turned the hall. She rushed to the end of the hall and into the locker room. She slammed the door shut after she got in and backed away.

"HEY!" Torrie exclaimed as Lita bumped into Stacy.

"Oh my god… It's hell…" Lita muttered.

"Tell me about it…" Edge announced as he stood up and walked over towards the diva.

"We're the only normal people in here… I say we get out while we're still that way…" Lita muttered to Edge.

"No, the door doesn't open from the inside…" Edge stated.

"Damn, god must hate me…" Lita hissed underneath her breath.


"Where'd she go?" Jeff asked as he and Matt froze and glared down the hall.

"In a locker room?" Matt suggested. Jeff nodded and followed Matt down the hall.

As they got into an empty locker room Edge and Lita started pounding on the door.

"What is that?" Jeff asked as he glared around the room.

"Sounds like knocking or pounding… Maybe just construction?" Matt suggested.

To be continued…