What's The Worst That Could Happen?
Author's Note: And now..an update. Muwahaha, someone has an evil idea on how this will end, but don't worry..there still is going to be a sequel! So, enjoy it!
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, the WWE and Vince McMahon do...
Summary: So what if they're locked in a locker room together and most of them hate each other... Okay, maybe it is a big deal. See what happens when you lock a load of wrestlers who don't like one another in a locker room for hours... The results don't look too good.
Characters: Chris Jericho, The Rock, Stone Cold, Trish Stratus, Team Extreme, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, RVD, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, and many more...
Timeframe: Around the time when Team Extreme was together, Triple H and Stephanie were married, and etc. (After the WCW/ECW vs. WWF).

Chapter Eighteen - Sometimes Nightmares Occur

After hearing all their scary, yet not so scary at some points, the group found themselves with nothing to do, but stare at Kane and shake their head in disgust. A few times Stacy wanted to comment, but she stopped herself.. Apparently she had some type of change over in the past twenty minutes where she was a bit smart. Yet, she still sat there trying to swat away invisible bees, accidentally slapping Edge a few times before she kicked Matt in the jaw and pulled Rob's hair. To say that the three men wanted to kill her was an understatement.. Killing her would probably be great for their sanity, but in the long run it wasn't worth life in prison as someone's bitch. So they left her death in the hands of a hitchhiker or axe murderer. By the time they found something to entertain themselves Austin was out cold, Lita had almost been driven crazy by John's constant remarks about Randy being bad in bed..his hopes being that she wouldn't leave him for Randy. This seemed farfetched until Lita was so annoyed with John that she wanted to kick him to the curve. Thankfully she didn't, although Randy did have some complaints as well.. Thus it was time to either punch them where the sun doesn't shine or to threaten to kill them. Whilst Eddie was getting richer as he was cheated both Benoit and Kurt out of their money, even earning himself one of Kurt's credit cards.

"So you think we should give getting out of here another try?" Jericho inquired with a glance at the door. "Think about it, there are like..one, two, three, four, five, six..there are a lot of us here! Most of us are pretty strong, this not including any of the McMahons or Orton, we could throw someone through the door. Kane could big boot the door down. Bubba and D-Von could slam one of the girls through the door, preferably Stacy or Stephanie. There are so many possibilities! And I'm hungry, tired and sick of being with you people!"

"What are you trying to say?" Matt questioned as he arched an eyebrow at Jericho.

"What I'm 'trying' to say is that you are annoying! An hour can't go by with Stacy thinking we're being bombed by terrorists, Matt thinking Hunter is still hot even if he isn't gay, Hunter wanting to tear out Matt's eyes, Orton getting knocked out, Stephanie 'praying' to god, Lita sending sexual vibes to Orton or Cena, Edge complaining about having a brain-dead girlfriend, Trish and Rock keep making out, Austin keeps drinking, Kane has been drawing plans to kill us all, Eddie is stealing everyone's money, Kurt has showered in milk far too many times for my comfort, Christian keeps playing pat-a-cake, Bubba and D-Von are polishing a table for Stacy... I mean the only normal people here are Jeff, Torrie and Rob! And that's saying a lot! Jeff is the guy that was hugging a fucking bag of skittles!" Jericho exclaimed. "You have to be really fucked up to beat out a guy who hugs a bag of skittles.. Plus Vince keeps being stupid and calling me a peasant! I don't know about you people, but I'm no peasant!"

Everyone, in turn, stared at the blond man.. Either offended or worried as they glared at him, however he simply rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, as if refusing to take back what he had said. Although everyone sat in silence, a few trying to come up with annoying traits of Jericho to get back at him, but came up with nothing in the process. After a good ten minutes passed by Christian stated that he agreed with Jericho, he also promised to stop playing pat-a-cake as well. The two men stood up and requested that anyone who was up for attempting to get out should also stand up. Within ten minutes just about everyone was standing up, although as Jericho walked to the door he was smacked by both Lita and Stephanie. The two divas not very happy with what he had said about them, whilst Cena and Orton were fighting about those 'sexual vibes' Lita had been giving them.


They gave it a good ten tries before half of the group gave up, ten more tries and only Jericho was left fisting the door and screaming at the top of his lungs. An hour later Jericho gave up, but not before giving Vince an earful for the door being so hard to open. Vince simply shrugged and went back to reviewing storyline ideas with Shane and Stephanie. However, with some more planning Jericho had came up with ten different new ways to break the door open, many of them dealing with injuring his co-workers and bosses.. One even including the death of Stacy, which was a bit promising at first. Yet it didn't seem to work out and the only injury sustained was that of the person who attempted to throw Stacy through the door. Again they found themselves without food or a comfortable bed to sleep in.. The only person who seemed unfazed about still being in the locker room was Jeff, who had been plotting to make a castle out of toothpicks or popsicle sticks, he was in the middle of debating which it would be by the time he got both Christian and Randy to agree to help his project. Everyone else sat and watched, John still muttering curses about Randy under his breath as he glared at his former friend. However, before the project got underway Matt started yelling at Jeff for no apparent reason. Then he went to shaking him like a rag doll, screaming "WAKE UP".. Most thought he had lost his mind, that was until Jeff woke up. The young man glaring at his brother, who looked very annoyed by the his brother at the moment.

"What the...Where the hell did everyone go? And were the fuck am I?" Jeff exclaimed suddenly, receiving a questioning glare from Matt.

"Are you okay?" Matt asked, obviously confused by his brother's questions. "We've always been here, remember? We left Raw, we came here..we drank beer with Jericho..remember?"

Jeff blinked, "Are you gay?"

"What kind of question is that?" Matt snapped, slapping Jeff upside the head.

"Oh snap.." Jeff muttered, rubbing his head. "Must have been a dream.."

"A dream where I was gay? Oh, why Jeff, I am so flattered! You dream about me being gay? Aww..makes me want to cry!" Matt stated sarcastically, before hitting his brother again. "You sick fuck!"

"Uh, I mean..nightmare?" Jeff offered in his own defense. "You know how often I get those you know.. Like that night I had a 'nightmare' that Lita wanted to have sex with me."

"That was a sex dream, pervert.. Thanks for reminding me about that, really now I have two reasons to kill you!" Matt snarled.

Before Matt could strike his brother again Lita had walked into the room, questioning why it was taking so long. The two brothers informing her that Jeff was having another one of his nightmares before they told her to go wait in the car. Soon the two exiting the hotel room and checking out before they headed to the airport. Jeff still thinking about his 'dream' as he sat in the backseat, wondering just what had possessed him to think that way.. Sooner than later coming up with the explanation that it was a random dream with no meaning what-so-ever. But someday, he would find that his dream would come into play.

.xxx The End

A/N: Muwahaha...! I know, either it was brilliant or it was corny.. However, this wasn't my original plan for the ending. Originally I had wanted Stacy to find a way out for them, a way that was so incredibly easy that they felt like complete idiots. But then I came up with the idea of having part of the story be a dream, that was until my friend said it'd be hilarious to have the entire story be a dream. So I went along with it and came up with a few ideas for the sequel based off Jeff's dream. Thanks for all your reviews and all of you who read this story! I love you all! Hopefully the sequel will be out soon! And it will be far more realistic than this one, trust me. Thanks again, I hope you have enjoyed the story!