What did Rose see as she gazed into the Heart of the TARDIS? Set during 'The Parting Of Ways'. My response to the end of the series...sob sob...

The Heart Of The TARDIS

She knew that she would probably die but she didn't care. All she wanted to do was to get back, and this was the only way she knew that had a chance of working. Bracing herself, Rose took a deep breath and gazed steadily into the Heart of the TARDIS.

At once, her breathing slowed and she became one with the pulsating hum of the ancient machine, became one with the universe in fact.

Whole new worlds of knowledge opened up inside of her; it felt as if she'd been hit by the full blast of a tidal wave. Reeling back, she opened her mouth to scream as cosmic fire flared down her neural synapses, almost singeing her, yet she held on. The pain was like a thousand needles driving into her skull and her eyes glowed a hypnotic golden as she stared, transfixed, at creation taking place before her very eyes.

She saw the birth of the universe in one magnificent flash; saw the death of a million worlds in the split second it took her to gasp. A warm feeling overwhelmed her as the sweet melodic strains of music threaded it's way into her heart, caressing her very soul. Like a choir of angels the universe sang to her, and as the chorus drifted over Rose's gently glowing frame she saw the world with the frozen waves; the dying world with the single jewelled flower, and the planet with the blazing sunsets across an intense ocean of tears. All these she saw and more, each recollection imprinting itself into the memory of Time.

And then there were the people. She understood the nature of life now- whole races of aliens striving for existence in a barren, lonely space. Countless civilizations founded themselves and died all in the blink of an eye. And the destruction. Dying. Death. She felt every single one, reached out to comfort their pained souls before they were ferried off into whatever came next. Paradise. Hell. Afterlife.

She saw the whole Time War, stretched out infinitely across the universe. Suddenly she felt the Doctor's loss, understood what it was like to be alone, to be the only one left. A tear formed in her eye as she realized how she could give life and take it back in one instant.

Through the hazy mist of tears, she remembered what she'd been looking for. Finally the words came to her as if she'd been waiting her whole life to say them.

"I am Bad Wolf."

Not sure if it quite worked, but this idea came to me in the dead of night and I just had to try it out! R n R please!

Oh yeah, I heard rumours about Chris coming back in a future series...can anyone clarify? (looks hopeful)