The Blood of the Moon

-A young girl steps up to Kagome, looking exactly how Kagome would…if she were a shadow inu demoness. The Yasha smirks and raises her black talons up to Kagome's face. The majestic demoness suddenly looked anxious. Kagome tilted her head to the side, unknowingly putting her head further into the inu's grasp. Locking her hazy blue orbs onto the demoness' smoky azure ones, a silent conversation passed between the two and suddenly Kagome knew everything.

She knew the Southern Lord's ticklish spots, the Northern Lord's affinity for rubies, the Eastern Lord's dislike of the non-intellectual, and the Western Lord's love of having his belly scratched in inu form. She knew their weaknesses and strengths, their triumphs and their failures, their pasts and their present.

She also learned of her own heritage coming from this side of the well. She learned of her father and his playful arrogance, her mother and her reason for traveling to the future, the strategies, hopes and fears of her Lands and its Lord. It was then that she received memories that were hers, yet distinctly the demoness' in front of her. Images of all those of noble blood flashed through her mind and suddenly her tongue was able to speak well over a hundred languages from around the world as well as the ones of the youkai.

Rituals and Codes drowned her, her sense of honor escalating. Etiquette and history dawned upon her, pounding themselves into her brain. Katas and styles of fighting flitted through her and she knew everything there was about every weapon, human and demon, demonic and pure. Kagome found herself running combat simulations in her mind, imagining her form gracefully defeating the enemy, and yet she portrayed herself as the demoness in front of her and not as her actual self, the ningen.

Soon Kagome's mind was filled with a wealth of information, from eloquent speech to exquisite cooking to being the perfect hostess. And then there was a sudden weight in her mind as it shoved its way through the new thoughts to make itself known. It eventually won out.

The previous Lord of the West, the highly revered Lord InuTashio, still existed, but was sealed away, leading a bleak life in neither life nor death. This suddenly reminded her InuYasha's seal, but Kagome readily knew that this was a demon's work, not some young miko that was half-dead and died afterwards, but a TRUE demon's work.

Kagome sighed when she felt the hand being removed from her face. She looked at her alternate twin, wondering why InuTashio would be in her mind. The yasha's eyes suddenly blazed a luminous sapphire before going back to their misty azure, the answer hitting Kagome like a ton of bricks.

InuTashio, the esteemed Great Lord of the West, was her father.

Kagome's eyes widened at this realization, but she said nothing. The demoness in front of her shifted to her other foot before giving an undersized assuring smile to Kagome. "All shall be exposed on the night of the red moon, when magic is at its weakest point. Until then," she said before vanishing into thin air.-

Kagome sat up immediately, the large form of Buyo somehow undisturbed by the sudden motion. The fat cat merely glanced her way before shutting its eyes and snuggling deeper into the fluffy form of her comforter. The cat, however, got no reprieve and was bothered once more when Kagome slipped from under the covers and jumped out of bed, pulling a maroon robe and fuzzy white puppy slippers on to protect her small form from the suddenly chilly room.

Looking around and listening carefully, Kagome noticed that the AC was off and her fan wasn't even plugged up.

Spooked, Kagome went downstairs to make some nice hot chocolate, ideal in times of cold. Kagome was a bit surprised when she saw her mother sitting at the table, possibly sipping coffee and a full cup of hot chocolate set across from her. Suki waved her daughter in and motioned to the seat with the hot chocolate in front of it.

Kagome found this entire situation turning from weird to bizarre, but gladly told her dream to her mother when the older woman motioned for her to talk. When she finished the retelling, Kagome looked up at her mother after take a long drawl from the cup, half the liquid gone as it scorched its way down her throat. However, Kagome ignored it in favor of her mother's reaction.

Her mother's face had not changed, but when she looked closer, she noticed there was a gleam in her eyes. "Do you believe me? I mean, do you think I should really think this dream is real?" Kagome asked.

Suki stared at her short nails, wishing they were long once more as the blood spilled forth from her enemies and freshened her coat anew…

Suki glanced up at her daughter before nodding slightly. "Kagome, I most definitely think you should believe this dream, for you have just spoken entirely in the ancient tongue of shadow inu." Suki chuckled at her daughter's gasp and the sudden curiosity in her face. "Do not worry yourself Kagome. If the dream is real, then whatever is locked away shall be revealed apparently on your seventeenth. After all, the blood moon is naught but two weeks away on the very night of your birthday."

Kagome noticed the slight archaic sound of the words and seriously wondered about that shadow inu language bit, but guessed that might be part of the "revelation". Suddenly the words sunk in and Kagome's eyes flew up to her mother's smiling orbs of…gold? Nay, it was merely the light above them and the moon's shine, for when Kagome peered closer, they were the average brown of every other person on the planet.

"It's on my birthday?" Kagome heard herself question, her mouth bringing her back to reality. Surely her mother wasn't hiding something from her?

Suki nodded and stood, her face now more enveloped in moonlight as she went over to retrieve Kagome's empty cup. Kagome stifled a gasp when she noticed blurry outlines of two slash marks on each cheek and something smudged on her brow before her hair covered it, the moonlight hitting her face in a certain angle that made Kagome truly wonder.

Why hadn't she noticed it before? Or was it simply because the red moon was nearing and magic faded and finally disappeared when the blood moon showed itself? If that was true, then that would mean all this stuff in her dreams was real. It also meant…

Suki watched her daughter closely, knowing her disguise was weakened by the half moon's light. She hid a smile as she saw Kagome's eyes widen imperceptibly before a dazed look crossed them, until a grim realization flashed over her features. "Come now Kagome, you must rest, for you're going back to Sengoku Jidai tomorrow. I don't want your ashes as your birthday gift." Kagome nodded and went back upstairs after hugging her mom and saying goodnight.

As Kagome settled in for some sleep, she absently pet Buyo as he scooted back toward her warmth, a strange thought entertained by her mind with great surprise.

I'm related to InuYasha!

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Preview: Trying to Get home!

I'm related to InuYasha? Kagome thought for the millonth time that day, this time with great incredulity stressed on the final word as she glared at the subject of her thoughts that was currently bitching about how they needed to get more jewel shards and what not.

But all of a sudden she desired to go back home. For what?

A dumb song and some presents?

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