The Blood of the Moon

Moon-blue hair that was twice as long as her own waved into the wind, writhing in apparent agony as it relayed its master's distress. A long fluffy moon blue tail trailed out with it as it strayed from the person. Long bangs, large broad shoulders, nothing but pure muscle, warrior's armor, two giant swords strapped to his waist, maroon slash marks and a gold crescent and Kagome instantly knew who it was.

The Great Western Lord, InuTashio-sama himself.

Kagome stared for a few moments, again wondering how such an awesomely powerful creature had been wooed by a human woman with devious schemes. Her theory on opposites attracting didn't seem to hold up to the raw power and beauty that exuded from her father. She was infinitely glad that the Central Lands were sparsely populated. She couldn't imagine the mortification that would've engulfed her if someone caught her staring at her own father.

When Kagome's sharp mind came to, she reached for Tenshi and was about to attack the seal when she remembered a DEMON made this. InuYasha's seal had been made by a miko and Kagome was one as well, so her miko powers must have canceled out Kikyo's. If this theory was correct…

Kagome sheathed Tenshi and unsheathed the vibrating Kage Yasha, which instantly began to thrum with energy and radiated a slightly dark aura as she fed it some power. Kagome took a deep breath and concentrated on the seal that was encasing her father. She imagined it shattering as she wielded Kage Yasha against it, imagined it disappearing as if it never existed. Suddenly her eyes snapped open, glittering an eerie black as her body and sword moved to quell the unsettling feeling that surrounded the shield. She heard the distinct sound of glass cracking and quickly poured a bit more energy into Kage Yasha, but saved some for herself so she could still fight if needed.

Suddenly there was an abrasive noise echoing through her ears as if she had just shattered glass, but her eyes told her other wise. In front of her was a barely distinguishable barrier that promptly disappeared as Kage Yasha sliced cleanly through it, the stronger demonic energy from the blade overpowering the seal and forcing it to nothing more than a memory on the wind.

The unsettling feeling was gone and Kagome quickly sheathed her sword and caught InuTashio as he slid towards the ground. She noted that he was quite heavy, especially with the weight of the armor added. Kagome healed all of his wounds and set down gently against the tree, grabbing two Nutri-grain bars from her small black pack and preparing for a wait that would be quick…hopefully.


InuTashio stirred and Kagome immediately trained her eyes on him, her half skinned deer laying limp in her grasp. Kagome sucked in a breath as she watched his amber eyes open under heavy lids, noticing it was slightly hazy until it focused on her. Kagome barely had time to unsheathe Kage Yasha and block InuTashio's large sword as he stood in front of her, his face emotionless. "Who are you, little one?" he asked, the sound much like the deep baritone voice that had echoed in her mind earlier.

Kagome kept her face neutral and looked up at him before sheathing her sword. This seemed to irritate the Taiyoukai, but he held silent, obviously wanting to know who she was. Kagome sighed. "I am Kagome, daughter of Suki and InuTashio." Kagome could've sworn the Taiyoukai gasped, but the sheathing of his sword made a sound as well, so she wasn't sure.

"Ka-Kagome? My little star! Look at how much you've grown. Pray tell, how long have I been sealed away, little flower?" InuTashio asked as he swept the much smaller girl into a bone-crunching hug. When Kagome managed to get some air into her lungs, she smiled.

Suddenly a look of consternation came over her face as she muttered to herself. "Hmm, lets add the fifty years of InuYasha pinned, then my two years…I guess we could add a hundred years…but then InuYasha would be younger. Ahh! Whatever! I can only guess, Chichi-ue, that you've been here for at least a hundred or so years…but I broke the seal!" Somehow Kagome managed to get out of her father's hug and started dancing, chanting, "I broke it! It was me! I broke it! I love me!"

InuTashio chuckled at his only daughter's antics. She had always brought a smile to his face. She didn't even hate him when he had brought in Izayoi. She seemed to be thrilled with the idea of a younger brother. However, Sesshoumaru was not so forgiving as his little sister, believing that he had killed his own mate.

InuTashio sighed, wondering how a one-night stand in the outskirts of an old battlefield ended up with him siring a hanyou pup.

Kagome looked up at her father and cocked her head to one side, much like a curious puppy, making InuTashio smile again. His large hand came down and ruffled her hair, his hand easily the size of her head. Kagome glared at him from under his hand and gave him a playful nip and a growl, causing InuTashio to laugh again.

"Ah, my pup, you've still got your charm. Now, what am I to do? I suspect Sesshoumaru is comfortable enough in his role of Western Lord and it's the least I can do."

Kagome smirked. "Well, I have a kit that I like to think of as my son. I believe he has been under InuYasha's care long enough. Though if I see another hair out of place, I'll…I don't know, squeeze his head off like a doll or something. C'mon Chichi-ue, it's time to see your second youngest son."

InuTashio paused. "Second youngest? I have no other children."

There was a strange sparkle in Kagome's eyes that had InuTashio a bit worried. Kagome was by far the most unpredictable out of his children and now that she was older, he definitely didn't know what to expect.

Kagome put her hands together and made a kissy face. "You and mom still had it going on before she left. She had a son not too long after getting into the future and named him Souta. And I still can't believe Riku-chan played as my grandpa, that old faker! I should have his tail removed!" Kagome huffed, getting a smirk and a raised eyebrow from InuTashio.

For some reason, he never could keep his emotionless mask on when around this little spitfire. Yes, she was most definitely Suki's.

"Well, let's go! I guess the deer is takeout…wait. You been out for a long while, why don't you have it?" Kagome said. She transformed into a large silver dog with a black tint, markings prominent, her bright red eyes looking down at him, her perked ears swiveling at every sound. Kagome went over to the deer and picked it up delicately in her teeth before throwing it over to InuTashio's feet, who looked at it and turned into a GIANT white dog. His marking were proudly displayed as he took the suddenly miniscule deer and put it down with on gulp.

Kagome looked up at her father, who was towering a good thirty feet over her form, looking every bit the inch of a dominant male, his head and tail held high. Kagome, out of instinct, whined and rolled onto her stomach, her tail between her legs and still not believing this was her father. She felt hot breath on her stomach and squirmed, letting out a half-bark, half-growl, which was considered a laugh amongst her kind.

InuTashio nudged Kagome and watched her roll over, her countenance that of a dominant pup. She barked at him and sped off, InuTashio blazing after her.

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