Getting Ready Title: Getting Ready
Author: DebC
Rating: PG-PG13
Keywords: D/P Relationship potential, UST
Disclaimers: Declan and Peggy belong to the creative minds of Carl Binder, Peter O'Fallon, Lions Gate and PAX. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving the world such wonderful characters.
Summary: Peggy prepares for her date with Declan

Dedicated to Ash. She knows why. J

"First Date: Getting Ready"

"This is jut a friendly date," Peggy Fowler told herself as she stood in front of her mirror. "A date between two friends. That's all."

Declan had called earlier that day to remind her that they were going out for bowling a pizza-all part of this "just as friends date" Peggy had agreed to earlier that week. At the time, she'd joked with him about the bowling, playfully reminding him of the last time they bowled together.

Only now, standing in front of her mirror with three hours to go before their date (as friends, she reminded herself again), Peggy couldn't help but be nervous. This was after all, the first date she'd been on since Adam's death.

Suddenly noticing her appearance in the mirror, Peggy stopped thinking and gaped. She was wearing gray sweat pants and a matching top. "I can't wear *this *!" she exclaimed.

Rushing to her closet, Peggy began throwing out potential outfits, leaving them in a pile on her bed.

"I have nothing to wear!" she groaned, and then chided herself for being so preoccupied with clothes. It was just Declan, after all.

"I know," she told herself aloud. "I'll take a bath." A nice, relaxing bubble bath would certainly calm her nerves, and maybe while she was resting in the warm water, she could figure out what to wear.

A few minutes later, she was lying in the bathtub with suds up to her chin. Her right hand was drawing circles in the bubbles floating around her knees. "I'm going on a date with Declan," she muttered to herself, half chuckling. It was absurd, really-the two of them going on a date. She liked Declan, but he really wasn't her type. Well, not the type of guy she saw herself dating. He was scatterbrained and unprepared… and goofy. Peggy smiled. He made her laugh, she thought.


After her bath, Peggy found herself in front of the mirror again. She'd narrowed her choices down to only half of the closet this time, and she hoped Declan wouldn't notice that she was wearing sixteen outfits, one on top of the other.

Finally, she decided on jeans and top. Pulling on a pair of black denim jeans, she stood in front of the mirror, holding a blue blouse to her chest. "No; too fancy," she said.

Next came a tee shirt. "Too plain."

A cardigan. "Too… like my mom."
Another blouse. "Too frumpy."

And another. "Can you say 'school marm'?"

And another. "Argh!"

In frustration, Peggy grabbed a sweater and pulled it on. It was blue and form fitting. In fact, Peggy mused as she eyed herself in the mirror, it was actually quite flattering. She wondered why she hadn't worn it more often.

Satisfied with her choice, she hurried to the bathroom to fix her make-up and hair. Declan would be there in two hours. That was plenty of time to decide on a "look."

She hoped.

Continued in "Picking Her Up"