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Buffy sat in the office, dressed to the nines in a professional business suit and sipping tea from an elegant, and expensive, teacup. Normally, she dealt with people and things that had little in the way of the kind of stature she saw in her host, so it was more than surprising when he had contacted The Watchers' Council requesting a meeting with her in private. Needless to say, she was a bit anxious.

"How is the tea, my dear?"

"It's good," she replied, "Really good. But I doubt you called me here for a discussion on tea flavors, sir."

"Right you are, Ms. Summers."

"Mr. Mishima, pardon me for being frank, but how did you find me? For that matter, how did you know about my special… occupation?"

"Ms. Summers, I run one of the largest corporations in the world and have access to things you can't even imagine. If I want something, I can acquire it, with the exception of what I want to hire you for."

"I don't do contract work, sir. I'm not for sale."

"But this is 'right up your alley', as they say in America."

"How so?"

"My grandson disappeared a few years ago. I've been searching for him since then, but with no luck."

"And what does all this have to do with me? Why not call Interpol or something?"

"Because my grandson has something evil inside of him, like his father did. I am unsure as to what its purpose is or what it is capable of, but I fear for the world if it isn't stopped."

"So why contact me? There are plenty of Slayers in Japan who could help out."

"Yes, but I want the best. And I always try to acquire the best. In return for your services, Ms. Summers, I will pay your organization most handsomely."

An awkward silence filled the room.

"Alright then, Mr. Mishima, I'll do this. But if this is a scam or something, I won't be pleased at all."

"I assure you it isn't, Ms. Summers. Here is the man you're looking for." Heihachi withdrew a picture from a folder and handed it to Buffy.

Buffy looked at the picture as she held it in her hand. She drew from a memory long ago as she traced the face in her mind. It was familiar, something that tried to force itself to the surface. It was then that she remembered; it was the image of one of the men she saw fighting in an alley in Seoul years ago.

"Something wrong, Ms. Summers?"

"No…no, just getting a good look at the picture."

"His name is Jin Kazama. I would exercise caution when dealing with him."

"Mr. Mishima, with all due respect, if you know about me then you know I can handle myself."

"True. But keep in mind that while you are stronger than Jin, he holds something within him that is virtually unknown. That, coupled with the fighting skills taught to him by his mother and myself, makes him a formidable opponent."

"You trained him?"

"Yes, for four years in Mishima-style Karate. He learned Judo from his mother."

"Where is she now?"

"She died when he was fifteen. His father died before he was born."

Buffy looked at the picture and felt a pang of pity for the man. He was all alone in a world that had seemingly been cruel to him. But the feeling of pity soon passed; if Jin was carrying evil within him and posed a danger to others, then it was her job to put a stop to it… before anything terrible happened.

"This is all the intel you have on him?"

"Yes. When you've acquired him, bring him to this location." Heihachi handed her a slip of paper.

"Alright then. Good day to you, Mr. Mishima," she said as she bowed.

"And to you too, Ms. Summers," Heihachi said as he bowed in return. With that, the blond Slayer left the elderly man's presence. But out of the shadows of the office came a figure dressed in black from head to toe, thin and slightly pale.

"You really think she can acquire your grandson, sir?" he asked.

"Who cares?" Heihachi replied. "I just needed a legitimate excuse for the Slayer to be here and away from her organization so we can start the final phases of our operation. Is everything set?"

"The teams are ready, sir," the pale man replied.

"Good," Heihachi said. "Deploy them."