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Buffy and Jin, along with Jin's motorcycle and the remnants of what had been a usable bike, made it back up the hills to his house. He had rebuilt it some time after coming back from Australia, but it was never the same size as before when he and his mother lived there, nor did it have the same substance. Still, it was his home for the time being, and he was glad to be there, at peace. Well, it was peaceful until Buffy had to wreck it. Had he known she was so destructive he would have at least fought her outside, where the only things to get damage would be the trees. Then again, he thought, she would have probably ended up wrecking my bike.

They had been silent along the way there, Buffy still angry about the lump on the back of her head from the table leg. She was also trying to focus on making it to the house with her back and chest in pain. The adrenaline from the chase had dulled it, but the pain came back in full force when she landed on the cab. She knew that some of the blisters had opened and could feel it under her shirt.

Arriving at the house Jin started to rearrange the room and pick up the broken and scattered pieces of table and other items. Putting some stuff away he finally decided to talk to Buffy, since she was going to be staying there and all. But Buffy got out the first words. "So… how are going to arrange this? There's only one bed."

"You can have it," Jin replied.


"I said you can have it. I've been in worse situations."

"Oh, no," Buffy said. "You don't get to be Mr. Chivalrous after that stunt you pulled. You can have it."

"No, you can have it."

"No, you can," Buffy replied.

"Look, how about we flip for it?" Jin asked as he pulled out a coin.


Jin flipped the coin in the air and called 'heads'. The coin landed on the floor and, much to Buffy's secret relief, it landed on the face of the coin.

"There. It's settled," Jin said. He then went to the closet to get his sleeping bag. When he came back in, Buffy was going to pick up her bag when she winced in pain. Jin noticed and immediately asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing," Buffy replied. Skeptically, Jin went over to her, his curiosity winning out. Buffy moved away from him and repeated, "It's nothing."

"Doesn't sound like nothing," he said. He reached out to her shoulder and Buffy pulled away quickly. But Jin, however, would not relent and slowly pulled the shirt collar far enough to see her collarbone and shoulder. There he saw a mass of blisters in a reddish streak. His face fell and the sight and at the realization there was another streak going across her back.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"I told you it's nothing," Buffy replied. "I'll be fine in a few days. I've got bandages and stuff for things like this."

"Sit down," he ordered.


"Sit down," he repeated as he pulled up a chair. He went into his bathroom and came out about two minutes later with a bottle, bandages, a small bowl, and a towel.

"I told you I have something for it," Buffy reiterated.

"But this is better for it. The stuff in here promotes healing and will ease the pain. Turn around."

Buffy did so reluctantly, her back facing him. She lifted the back of her shirt over head and exposed the other red streak from Jin's blast. Jin sat the bed and faced her back. Looking at the angry wound he was immediately regretful. He had lost control of his dangerous power and could have killed her if he didn't reign himself in. He felt it was all the more reason to extinguish his entire line and wipe the name of Mishima from the face of the earth. He reached out his hand and touched the wound with his fingers, to which Buffy winced again.

"I'm really sorry I hurt you," he said again.

"I've had worse," she replied. "Granted they didn't sting as much."

Jin poured some of the liquid into the bowl and tore some strips of the bandages. Dipping one in he soaked it thoroughly. He held it up to Buffy's back and said, "This may sting for a second." He put the strip lightly across her back wound and Buffy grimaced. After a few seconds, though, the sting went away only to be replaced by a deep cooling sensation. He wiped the excess liquid with the towel gently, which Buffy somewhat shivered at. It wasn't that the towel was cold, it was just that the touch of it was so soft that it tickled her back. Jin dipped another strip and laid it across another portion of the wound.

Buffy was feeling awkward. Just moments ago she was having an all-out brawl with the guy and now he was mending her. A hot guy with a killer body was tending to her. Yeah, she had noticed he was good-looking, but she wasn't here for his looks, as nice as they were. When she saw him in the alley in Seoul, she thought to herself that he was quite the handsome guy. But she'd just broken up with Angel and didn't want to deal with anyone for awhile.

She was a tad confused about Jin helping to patch her up, but figured that he wanted her to be in tip-top form if they were taking on his grandfather. Nevertheless, she was feeling awkward about the scenario and decided to make small talk to pass the time.

"So… you normally patch up young women in your house?" She knew it sounded lame.

Jin smiled slightly. "No. My mother taught me this. She learned it from her father. We'd use it when we got injuries from training."

"She must have been pretty good, seeing as how you threw me around like a rag doll," Buffy remarked.

"She was the best," he said solemnly. "I miss her sometimes. Half the time I wonder what she'd do if she were here." He laid another strip on her back slowly and wiped the excess with the towel.

"I lost my mother too, a few years ago."

"I'm sorry," Jin said. He was surprised; he seemed to have more in common with the girl than he thought before. He wet one more strip and laid it across her back. "There. How does that feel?"

"Um… good. It's cool."

"Herbs help soothe the burn," Jin replied. "There's, uh, one more wound across your chest…" He was nervous to mention that fact.

"Right…" Buffy said, feeling a little awkward herself. "I, uh, think I'll handle that."

"The bathroom's there," he said, pointing toward it. He handed he the bowl, bottle, towel, and bandages. As Buffy walked toward the bathroom, she turned to him and said tenderly, "Um… Jin?"


She looked at his eyes, soft and yet hardened by circumstances that tested his resolve. He had so much compassion, even for his foes. It was a quality she admired in people. His handsome features didn't hurt either.

Smiling, Buffy replied softly, "You can put my PDA back in my bag."

Jin smiled. "You saw that, huh?"

"Yep. Got to give you points for effort and stuff, especially the gentle talk and the soft touch to get me off my guard. You really are a single-focused guy, aren't you? You tried to get the coordinates of the meeting location."

"I had to try something," he replied, smirking. He took the PDA out of his pocket and put it back in her bag.

"Well, charm really isn't your strong point," she said. "I'll see you in a few."

Jin prepared his sleeping bag as Buffy tended to the rest of her wounds. After she was done, she fetched her sleepwear and went back in the bathroom to put in them on. Coming out she climbed into the bed and turned out the light.


"Yeah?" she replied.

"…Did you really lose your mother a few years back?"

"Yes. It was pretty hard on me and my sister."

"And… you really want to help me find out what my grandfather's up to?" he asked. He was still a little skeptical of her; Heihachi had welcomed him with open arms, and then put a bullet in his head after he was through with him. To say he had some trust issues was putting it mildly.

"Yeah," Buffy said, sensing his apprehension.

"Hmm…" Jin replied.

"I'll see you in the morning… and don't think I won't hear if you try and sneak out."

"Good night, Buffy."

"Good night, Jin."