Jean POV
Companion/sequel to "Frustration"

By Deb aka ProfXgrrl
Rating: R for raw, emotions
Summary: Jean reflects on her feelings for both Scott and Logan
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Did you find yourself faced the awful task of choosing between two things you really want and know in your heart that whatever choice you make won't solve any problems and possible create more?

You have? Oh, good, then you know how I feel right about now.

Up until a few days ago, there was only one man in my life a sweet, wonderful man whose one wish was to make me blissfully happy. He is strong, stable, loving and perfectly wonderful in every way.

I used to think he was all I could ever want.

But that was until this other guy showed up.

This new guy is the complete opposite of the man to whom I am committed. He's scruffy, wild and literally oozes excitement and danger. He's got this, feral animal quality that he wears like a second skin. It's like a soft, time-worn leather coating over his entire personality. I'm not really sure if it's all an act or his real self.

But whichever it is, he's used it to turn my life upside down.

One glance from the feral one and my heart starts racing and my body tingles in ways it's never done before. Not even for the man I'm with now-the man whose mere presence brightens my day life sunshine after a summer rain.

I've never been this confused before, and it certainly doesn't help that I can read their thoughts as well. It pains me that my steady love has thoughts of killing his rival every bit as much as it makes me weak in the knees to know that his rival wishes I would sneak into his room at night and shamelessly fulfill his erotic fantasies about me.

So now, you see my dilemma?

How do I choose between the man I thought I wanted to with forever and the man who makes me feel like I'm playing with fire every time I look at him?

How does one choose between the comfort of a soft, cuddly puppy and the thrill of an untamed wolf?