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Sakuma Ryuichi and Shindo Shuichi are sitting at an ice-cream stand.

"Ne, shu-chan…"

"What is it, Sakuma-san?"

"shu-chan, I've got something in my pants, but before I give it to you, I wanna know how you like it, na no da."

0.o "S…sakuma-san! I, ah, that's very… um… I don't really…er…"

"Shu-chan, what're you blushing for? Is Shu-chan afraid his way is weird, na no da?"


"I know, Ryu-chan will tell how he an' Kumaguro-san like it best first! That'll help Shu-chan get over his shyness, no da!"


"Ryu-chan likes sucking best! It goes very fast, though, and ryu-chan also likes to lengthen the pleasure as long as possible na no da… But Kuma's really weird, he likes to bite, da!"


"yeah, I always get hurt with biting, though it still goes very fast, no da…"

"It goes fast when you bite!"

"Yeah. If I really wanna take a long time, I just lick, an' nothing else, but everything always get so sticky with drool and all the other stuff, no da… So, Shu-chan, what do you like best?"

"I, uh, sucking, I guess…"

"Wai, shu-chan an' ryu-chan like the same thing, na no da! That's really lucky, 'cause whenever I suck Tohma-kuns, he gets really mad and says I ruin everything, da!"

"I don't really want to know, Sakuma-san."

"Oh yeah, Shu-chan doesn't like Tohma-kun very much 'cause he tried to take Yuki-san away. By the way, how does Yuki-san like it, no da?"


"That's a serious nosebleed you've there, na no da! Was nasty Yuki too rough on Shu-chan?"


"It's only getting worse…Kuma says I should call a doctor. Do you want a doctor, Shu-chan?


"He's lost too much blood to talk! Call an Ambulance! Waaah!"

"Ah, Sakuma-san! I'm fine. It's already getting less, see?"

"Waaaaaah, shu-chan's gonna die!


"Waaaaaaaaaaah, and scary Yuki will come to kill me and Kuma too 'cause he thinks we did it!"



"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah, and then Tohma-kun an' Noriko-chan will commit suicide 'cause they miss me so much!"

More sweatdrops

"Please, don't panic, Sakuma-san."

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, don't die, Shu-chan!"



"I'm fine, Sakuma-san. See, I'm not bleeding anymore."


"So all you people who are staring can go back to whatever they were doing before, okay!"

People around them quickly do that, and resume drooling over the two bishonen.

"Ne, Shu-chan, you still haven't told me what Yuki-san likes, sucking or biting or licking or-"

"Ah, that's private information, Sakuma-san, I don't think Yuki would be too happy if I told you something like that…"

"Oh. Well, here then, Shu-chan, you can have it, no da."

Sakuma Ryuichi starts unbuttoning his pants, and the number of people on de ground unconscious from blood loss triples within seconds.

"S…Sakuma-san! We're in public!"

"I know, Shu-chan, but my pants are so thight…"

He reaches into his pants, and took out his big, hard…

piece of candy.

"…So I can't take any stuff out of the pockets without unbuttoning them."

"I…I see…"

"Here you are, shu-chan! And don't bite it 'cause I'm not paying the dentist bill for you, Shu-chan!"

"thank you, Sakuma-san…"

"You don't look very happy, shu-chan. Did you sniffle perhaps not sob like Ryu-chans gift…?"

"Ack, no, I like it a lot I love candy I really do!"

"Oh. In that case it's okay! You wanna go eat some ice-cream now? You can eat your candy after that."

"yeah, sure…"

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