Chapter 1:

In Which Raven Encounters the Hazards of Breakfast and Mysterious Emotions


"Who's ready for pancakes!"

The call resonated throughout the tower waking all of its inhabitants and jarring Raven from her meditation. Was it really breakfast already? She opened her violet eyes reluctantly and glanced at the navy blue alarm clock that hung suspended in the air beside her. Sure enough its hands read 8:27. Another day in Titan's Tower had begun which meant more crime fighting, more teenage hormones, and most of all, more tofu. Raven groaned at the mere thought of all the emotion wasted on such petty things. The worst part was that it only led to a headache for her. Pulling her mind completely from its meditative state, she floated softly back to the carpet below and stood up to stretch her back which had become stiff from hours of sitting Indian style in deep concentration. Raven grabbed the dark blue cloak hanging on the edge of her bed and fastened it on while running a hand through her short violet hair as a make-shift brush. She had never really cared about her appearance the way other teenage girls her age did. While they spent hours prepping up for their public with make-up hairspray ect., Raven found a shower and clean clothes sufficient enough. 'Besides' she thought as she ran her hand down her smooth face 'it's not like you need it.' She exited her room which lead out into the main hallway that all the rooms of the other Titans where connected to. Walking towards the living room/kitchen, Raven became aware that quite a commotion was underway. 'Now what's the trouble?' The second the door slid open…

"Duck and cover!"

She looked just in time to see a disfigured pancake soaring through the air and headed straight towards her. Raven watched it near her unflinchingly, and a gasp was heard in the room as it stopped just inches from her nose, suspended in midair and surrounded by a cloud of black energy. Levitating it to the side, Raven looked to see the 3 pale faces of her fellow Titans, Robin, Starfire, and Beastboy staring back at her, their mouths hanging open in shock. Beastboy was the first to recover.

"Hehe…uh…nice catch" said the green teenager holding his hand behind his head and smiling nervously. Of all the Titans, Raven found the green changeling the most annoying and yet the most intriguing. He was relatively short, although he had grown considerable over the past couple of months and was threatening to surpass Raven's height of 5' 4". With his black and dark pink outfit that helped show off his skinny figure and his green eyes and spiky green hair, Beastboy came off as a prankster (or as he called it, the good looking comic relief guy). She did share a strong bond with the green teen however, and it was one that brought her closer to him than to any other member on the Titans force besides maybe Robin. But right now he was getting on her nerves, and she planned to make him pay for that.

"Whatever" Raven replied her usual monotone voice, and sent the dripping pancake flying full speed back at him where it landed square on his face with a splat.

"I guess I deserved that" Beastboy said somewhat muffled through his pancake mask. He licked his lips thoughtfully.

"Hey it's got chocolate chips in it!"

Raven proceeded watched him scoop the brown goo off his face and into his mouth, making her stomach turn and killing her appetite. Suddenly Raven had all the breath knocked out of her as something collided painfully with her side.

"Friend Raven!" came a familiar girlish voice "You are okay! I thought for sure you would have been hit by the cakes shaped like pans!"

"Uh, thanks for the concern…but Starfire," Raven gasped, "I can't breath"

The alien princess looked confused for a moment but then the realization hit her and she released her bone crunching hug on Raven who gasped as the pressure on her lungs was lifted. Raven stepped back massaging her ribs and wincing, while Starfire smiled apologetically. Starfire was in her normal attire which included a short purple top with a neck that had a metal plate surrounding it. Her skirt was also purple and Raven found it somewhat, well, suggestive because of its length. How she could fight crime in it Raven would never know. Then came the tall purple boots which stretched all the way up to her thighs. The whole picture of Starfire was somewhat futuristic and alien which matched her perfectly. Although she had the overall appearance of a normal human, she was actually from the planet Tamaran. Her slightly yellow tinged skin and red hair also served to make her look more exotic and she had always turned more than a few heads while walking down the street.

"You seem quite tense this morning Raven. Perhaps it would be good for me to make you the herbal tea you so like for soothing your mood?"

"That won't be necessary."

"As you wish, but you would instead like to hear a joke?"

"Uh… I guess…"

"Good!" cried the redhead clapping her hands. "Why does a floogernarf garnthnich blinche a wadhar ogleboor?"

Everyone stopped what they were doing to turn around and look at her.

"Because it's a hywarni rechplimar!"

She smiled triumphantly waiting for the laughter.

"Uh Star" said Robin breaking the stunned silence "you might want to try an Earth joke instead."

"Oh…" said Starfire shrinking slightly.

Raven watched as she floated deflated back over to the television since her favorite show, "World of Fungus" was beginning. 'Aliens…' she thought to herself. Raven walked over and sat at the counter, picking up her book from where she left off yesterday. Beastboy had returned to making pancakes and presently he had sent one flipping up into the air. He grinned at her as he waited for it to come back down into the pan. When it didn't they both looked up to see it stuck fast on the ceiling.

"I thought you would quite while you were ahead" said Raven regarding the pancake with a bored expression.

"That's what I told him" Robin commented from the sofa "You don't wanna know what happened to the other 3." He grimaced from behind his mask.

"Hey how was I suppose to know pancakes did that when you put tofu in them?" cried Beastboy throwing up his hands. He muttered something about a spiky-headed know it all then turned back to the skillet. Raven continued to watch Beastboy make breakfast, eyeing him and thinking that he looked slightly more toned than usually. She had noticed him working out in the training room lately. Perhaps it was starting to pay off. 'He would actually look pretty good without out a shirt on' she thought. 'Whoa, where the hell did that come from?' Raven shook her head disgusted with herself and turned back to her book, feeling an uneasiness growing in her.

"Watcha reading?"

Raven looked up to see BB's big green eyes staring intently at her from under pancake batter incrusted hair.

"Since when did you care about what I read?" Raven replied in her unemotionally.

"Since you started reading upside down"

Raven looked down at her book again to find indeed that the letters on the page where upside down. She felt a blush crawl across her face as she flipped the book over and set it down. He was smiling at her, invitingly, waiting for her to smile back. She couldn't help it. The urge was too great and a corner of her mouth lifted slightly.


Beastboy pointed at her excitedly then danced around in circles sending his chef hat flying.

"I knew one of these days you were gonna break down and smile!"

Raven's eyes went wide with realization and she quickly composed her face, making her mouth a straight line again. 'Damnit Raven! What the hell is wrong with you today….'

Suddenly the door flew open.


Raven turned to see Cyborg standing in the doorway waving a piece of paper and grinning from ear to ear. Using that as a distraction, Raven quickly floated out of the room before anyone could stop her. She ran into her room and grabbed the antique mirror sitting on her desk. There was something urgent that she needed to do. Quickly Raven leaned in like she was about to kiss her reflection and then a strong force sucked her inside.

Upon landing, Raven looked up to see the familiar world that was her mind. It was vast, barren, and rocky, and the sky was always dark. Except of course where her emotion Happy lived, which was pink and flowery. Glancing around, she saw that currently all her emotions were off somewhere else. Raven strolled past the dead trees where the red-eyed crows were settled and headed toward her destination. She stopped in front of a portal made of stone and shivered slightly at the sight of it. It was no different than any other portals in her mind, except for the fact that it held something Raven loathed more than anything. Her connection with her father. It had been a while since Raven had chosen to enter this part of her mind and at first she hesitated, afraid of what she might find. Closing her eyes, she stepped through, and the air shimmered like water around her, making her surroundings fade and a dark dungeon like room appear in its place. Adjusting her eyes to the faint light cast by a single torch on the wall, Raven could make out 3 large objects in the back. They were the only occupants in this area of her mind. Raven strode forward with determination, her feet kicking up the dust that had settled on the stone floor. She stopped at the foot of the object in the middle peering at it cautiously. It was an old metal cage that reached from the ceiling to the floor, and on it's rusting door was a lock that had no key.

"I've been expecting you Raven" said a sweet whispering voice. Raven caught the outline shadowy figure standing in the back. "I knew it was only a matter of time before you came to see me. Actually I'm quite surprised that you didn't visit sooner" A smile flashed in the darkness.

"Cut the crap" Raven replied slightly annoyed "I know you're the one messing with my mind, and I'm here to tell you to quit it!"

"It gets awful lonely down here Raven" said the figure wistfully stepping out of the gloom. In the light the shadow revealed herself to be a girl clad in a dark pink robe. She looked exactly like Raven except for the fact that her eyes were pink and her face seemed strangely, well, dazzling. A pale hand reached from the cloak to grasp a rotting bar which flaked under her touch.

"Although I'm sure you can relate"

"And what's that suppose to mean" asked Raven angrily.

"Let's just say we're both in need of a little love"

Raven pulled back from the bars, slightly unsettled. The emotion began to twirl her hair around her finger, looking at Raven with shocking pink eyes full of lust and desire.

"You're mistaken. I have no need for love."

"Then why did you call for me?"

"I never called for you, and I never will. I don't do love" Raven crossed her arms and eyed the emotion suspiciously. This girl was trouble.

"Now doesn't that sounds familiar?" said the pink girl smiling. "Fear!" She called to the cage beside her. "Does that ring a bell to you?"

Raven looked over to see who the emotion was talking to. A small gray mass was huddled in the corner of the cage to the left, and at the sound of her name, Fear whimpered and shook.

"The last time you suppressed an emotion," said the girl turning back to Raven, "It expressed itself in other ways. Ways that could have cost you your life."

Raven knew that she was talking in regards to time she had refused to admit her fear after watching Wicked Scary. Her powers had failed her and her fear had manifested itself in the form of the monster from the movie. Looking over at the sad lump on the floor, Raven was shocked to think how something so helpless could be so destructive.

"In that case, it seems I have nothing to worry about, seeing that I have no feelings to suppress" Raven replied impassively. The pink girl raised her eyebrows in mock surprise.

"Do you deny your feelings for Beastboy?" asked the emotion smiling at her almost teasingly.

Raven was caught off guard by the question and stuttered out a response.

"Excuse me?"

"Come now Raven, we both know, and have known for a while, that it was going to come down to this."

"Who said I had feelings for Beastboy?" cried Raven to the emotion throwing her hands up.

"Your heart did, and seeing that I'm the one in charge of it, don't you think I should know?"

"You don't know what I feel for him" said Raven angrily, her eyes glowing a blood red. She felt a sudden strong urge to destroy this annoying emotion that teased her so. Who did she think she was, making such bold assumptions!

Suddenly a voice issued from the cage on the right.

"We aren't getting angry are we Raven?" came the malicious tone. It dripped with a venom that made Raven flinch in shock.

"Shut up Rage" sighed Raven wearily, her eyes returning to their normal violet color. She was letting her emotions get to her and that couldn't lead to anything good.

"I'm leaving" she said to pink cloaked girl "And if you know what's good for you, you'll stop putting ideas and feeling into my head."

"I cannot change what you think" she said quite seriously now "but I will help you by telling you to free me when you feel the time is right."

Raven had turned away before the emotion had finished talking, brushing off her words like flies. As she strode out the door, a pleasant humming came from behind her. Had she known any better she would have thought the caged emotion was happy. Perhaps she was. Or perhaps she was crazy. Love was known to do that to people.